Faith and Families Newsletter
January 11, 2019

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Letter from Robert
Join us Sunday and Take a Dip
Dear Friends,
              We are already almost half way through January and I still want to say “Happy New Year!” The New Year is a great time to renew your commitment to your church family. It warmed my heart recently when one mom told me, “The kids thought a good New Year’s Resolution would be to come to church more!” You know I love to see you here every Sunday. I have said it before – the worship leaders are like chefs serving up a good meal with the hope that it will feed you, satisfy you, and help you grow in faith. When you don’t show up for dinner we really notice. Anyone who has prepared a meal knows how it feels when people don’t come to the table. So – come on!
              This Sunday we celebrate Baptism of the Lord! We will renew our Baptismal Vows and Baptismal Covenant. This is a great time to pull out old pictures of baptisms from the family – talk about special memories from that day and talk about what it means to be welcomed into the family of faith. Presbyterians tend to focus on God’s initiative and grace in baptism.  Other traditions focus on the believer’s response. Both are important – so talk about both. God loves us first – and we respond in faith.
              Remember your baptism and be thankful! Water helps us remember that we are washed clean by God’s grace and love. Immersion in water reminds us that we are dead to sin and alive to all that is good through the power of God in Jesus Christ. Rising from the water we remember the gift of the Holy Spirit who descended upon Jesus amidst the declaration, “This is my Beloved Son with whom I am well pleased!” We are also God’s beloved. Let’s live in that good news!
              Come take a dip in the waters of baptism this Sunday – and – well – every single day! Remember your baptism and be thankful!

 To God be the Glory!
Mission Opportunities
January 21st is a Service Day for 4th and 5th Graders
4 th & 5 th Graders are invited to join Pastor Robert and Jenny Alexander for MLK Jr. Mission Day! Monday January 21. It’s a day off school, but a day ON for learning and serving. Contact Jenny for more details. jalexander@dcpc.org .

Room in the Inn STILL Needs Your Help! Especially for overnight stay and van drivers!
Join us as we serve our homeless guests through Urban Ministry. The nights are cold but we are providing a warm place for people to sleep, some tasty food, and some good company. Sign up is easy and flexible. Click here to find a Sign-Up Genius by month! There are lots of job possibilities. Thank you! http://images.acswebnetworks.com/1/855/RoomIntheInnwithLinks.pdf  

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at ralexander@dcpc.org so that we might keep one another in prayer.

Sheila Spack is the mother of Steve Chaffin. Her health has declined, and she is in need of our prayers.

We celebrate with Nick, Brittany, Charlee, and Jordyn Kelly as they welcome their new son/brother Declan James, born Wednesday, January 9 th .  
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