Faith and Families Newsletter
January 25, 2019

In this Issue:
Letter from Robert
Dear Friends,
              Billy Joel, on his “52 nd Street” album sang the words “Honesty, is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue. Honesty, is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you.” (Check it out here ) He had obviously been let down a time or two. I hope that your story isn’t quite so drastic or tragic. Still – I know that all of us struggle with honesty from time to time – whether it is how to be honest in a situation or how to deal with someone who has been dishonest with us.
              In this day of social media and technology it seems that people are having fewer and fewer face to face conversations and more and more conversations via text, email, etc. I think that makes our communication more challenging and we have to be much more intentional to “say what we need to say” (John Mayer)! 
              Honesty has been drilled into me from an early age – from the church, from scouting, and from my family primarily. When you are honest you are trustworthy. You are a person of integrity – doing what you say you will do. Colossians 3:9 reads “Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have stripped off the old self.” Proverbs 10:9 states that “whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” These passages, and others like them, remind us that God’s desire is that we speak truth. This is the way of love and the way of being in right-relationship with others.
              There does appear to be a lack of honesty in many places in our world. I hope that you will do all you can to practice it in your home and in all your relationships. May we teach it to our children and model it to them. It is indeed what we need from one another!

 To God be the Glory!
Mission Opportunities
Room in the Inn Service Opportunities
Join us as we serve our homeless guests through Urban Ministry. The nights are cold but we are providing a warm place for people to sleep, some tasty food, and some good company. Sign up is easy and flexible. Click here to find a Sign-Up Genius by month! There are lots of job possibilities. Thank you!

Souper Bowl of Caring
February 3 rd is the Souper Bowl of Caring. Bring a canned good and/or a monetary donation to church that Sunday and make an offering to help end hunger in our communities. Visit  for more information about Souper Bowl of Caring.

Blood Drive – February 4th
Volunteer to help and volunteer to give blood between 2 – 7 pm on Monday, February 4 th in the DCPC Congregation House. We need you to share the gift of life with those in need. Contact Linda Drimalla at to sign up or visit [click “Give Blood” – “Find a Drive” – and type “DCPC”] to sign-up online.

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at so that we might keep one another in prayer.

Sheila Spack is the mother of Steve Chaffin. Her health has declined and she is in need of our prayers.

We celebrate with Nick, Brittany, Charlee, and Jordyn Kelly as they welcome their new son/brother Declan James, born Wednesday, January 9 th .  
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