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July 12, 2019

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A Ditch in the Road

Dear Friends,
              Recently, while at a family gathering, a family member enjoyed some time driving one of those John Deere Gators around the farm. It was loads of fun, I’m sure, until she was surprised by a ditch that appeared out of nowhere in the field where she was driving. The Gator and occupants plowed into the edge of the ditch ruining a perfectly good drive through the countryside. After a nervous trip to the hospital, a few stitches and scans, everyone was ok…or will be soon. Thanks to some cool heads and a thoughtful and loving approach to the incident, everyone got through it.
              Sometimes life throws a ditch into our way. We often spend our energy trying to figure out who to blame for the ditch but in the moment of impact what is more important is how equipped we are to deal with the situation and who we can lean on in our time of need. It can be a pretty lonely experience getting out of the ditch by yourself. It can also be counterproductive if all you can do is get angry, scream, and pout. As parents we can provide some tools that our children can use to help them in such moments of crisis. What tools do you think would be most helpful?
              To deal with the metaphorical ditches in life I would hope that I have given my children the following tools: faith, hope, and love first of all. Faith to remind them they are not alone and God will be with them in the midst of their struggle. Hope to see that they can get through it and that there will be a better day. Love to strengthen and guide them to do what is best. I would also hope for them to have a sense of community, a way to be present and to pay attention to greatest needs, and wisdom to make the best choices. I would also hope for stamina, a calm demeanor, and plenty of courage. I suppose a good working knowledge of first aid would be great too!
              Have you ever spoken with family about what kinds of “resources” or tools they think might be helpful? And how do parents provide these for their children? I invite you to spend some time in thought, prayer, and conversation so that we can be as prepared as possible for that next ditch in the road.

 To God be the Glory!
Mission Opportunities

Kenya Prayer Partners Still Needed!!
Our Kenya Mission Team – Robert Alexander, Ethan Bentley, Terry Bentley, Elizabeth Castoral, Karen Castoral, Claire Melton, George Raftelis, Al Sudduth, Charlie Titus, and Laurin Titus – is preparing for their trip to Kikuyu, Kenya to spend 10 days with our mission partners at Sigona Presbyterian Church and Sigona Presbyterian Academy. They will be gone from July 18-30.
You are invited to be in prayer for the group while they are away. We are in need of 10 individuals who would commit to pray specifically for one person on the team. There are a few other duties as well so if you are interested in learning more about this ministry of prayer and what is involved, please contact Robert Alexander ASAP at . Thank you.

Habitat Spring Build – Join us This Saturday for Interior Trim!
Our Spring Build has begun! This is a great parent/child project. Workdays are July 13, July 27, and August 3. Children need to be 16 to operate any machinery.  14 years and up can help. All children need to have adult supervision. We will be building at 453 W. McLelland Avenue in Mooresville. Go to click on the Sign Up Today Button and find the address and date that you want. Then come out and join us in the spring. It promises to be lots of fun!

Loaves and Fishes – Every Sunday!
One great and easy way to make a difference is to share food. Every Sunday the Loaves and Fishes shopping carts are in front of the church. Why not designate a family member each Sunday to bring a canned good or box of pasta to place in the cart on the way into church? Imagine the joy of that family that opens that can of vegetables, fruit, or soup and enjoys the food you have shared.

Family Mission Pilot Project – SEVERAL HAVE RESPONDED – THANKS!
Would you and your family be interested in working with Pastor Robert on a pilot program related to families in mission together? He is looking for several families to volunteer. If you are intrigued, send him an email at and let him know. Then he will be in touch with you to share more!

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at so that we might keep one another in prayer.

Brenda Lovelace, mother of Tina Piephoff as she recovers from surgery.

The family of Jeff Osman. Please pray for Jen, Molly, and Layne following Jeff’s death on July 2 nd .

Kit Piehpoff, mother of Cris Piephoff, as she recovers following a stroke.

Barbara Regen, mother of William Regen and Suzanne Grzeszczak, who is under care of hospice.

Andrea Cruz-Solano and family as she faces a new phase in her cancer treatment.
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