Faith and Families Newsletter
March 1, 2019

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Letter from Robert
Leaving Water           
Dear Friends,
              This time last year I was preparing to join Pastor Claire on a border immersion trip with a group of Davidson College students. We went to San Diego/Tijuana and learned about immigration and discussed the many issues that are part of the immigration system. As part of that we learned about how many people risk their lives trying to cross into the United States to find a better life. There are groups that leave water, food, and clothing in strategic places to help those who may find themselves suffering through the heat of the desert sun.
              I was recently thinking about how there are kinds of border crossings among our children as they move from stage to stage in life. They may not find that they are risking their lives to move from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood but it can be a frightening and stressful time. I wonder how we are leaving water behind for them to help them in their journey.
              As you consider the needs of your children it is important to realize that we will not always be there for them in person but that we can leave resources for them along the way to help them in their journey. I want to focus on the spiritual. The best resource I know of is the living water of faith in Jesus Christ. There were times when my children were young that I would leave them random notes to remind them of my love for them. I also want to remind them of God’s love for them. I want them to remember that they are not alone. I want them to know God’s peace. I want them to feel the strength and encouragement that comes from walking with Jesus. So I am leaving them water in the form of notes and reminders – bible verses, encouraging texts, messages on their mirror, etc. Hopefully this “living water” will be helpful to them as they face whatever struggles are ahead of them today and tomorrow.
              Next week begins the season of Lent. A great Lenten practice would be to leave an encouraging note or short bible verse for your child(ren) to read each day. Think about it.

 To God be the Glory!
P.S. Another group of college students is leaving tomorrow for the Arizona/Mexico border. Please pray for their safety and for the safety of those in the desert.
Mission Opportunities

FINAL FINAL PUSH for Room in the Inn Service
WE NEED YOU! Join us as we serve our homeless guests through Urban Ministry. Some nights are still cold and we are providing a warm place for people to sleep, some tasty food, and some good company. Sign up is easy and flexible. Click here to find a Sign-Up Genius by month! We still have holes we need to fill. Thank you!

Habitat Spring Build
On April 6 th we begin building another Habitat house. This is a great parent/child project. Consider signing up for one of the Saturday work days and come help out. Children need to be 16 to operate any machinery. 14 year olds can help with landscaping. All children need to have adult supervision. We will be building at 453 McLelland Avenue in Mooresville. Go to click on the Sign Up Today Button and find the address and date that you want. Then come out and join us in the spring. It promises to be lots of fun!

Loaves and Fishes – Every Sunday!
One great and easy way to make a difference is to share food. Every Sunday the Loaves and Fishes shopping carts are in front of the church. Why not designate a family member each Sunday to bring a canned good or box of pasta to place in the cart on the way into church? Imagine the joy of that family that opens that can of vegetables, fruit, or soup and enjoys the food you have shared.

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at so that we might keep one another in prayer.

The Kissel Family – Please pray for Hattie, Brian, and their children as they prepare for a transition to Nashville, TN later this spring.

The Family of Scott Smith – Please keep Libby, Dylan, and Jaxon in prayer following Scott’s death. 

Sheila Spack is the mother of Steve Chaffin. Her health has declined and she is in need of our prayers.
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