Faith and Families Newsletter
March 9, 2018

In this Issue:
Letter from Robert
Dear Friends,
              One of the things that parents concern themselves with is the people that their children hang around. We want our children to have good influences in their lives and so we care who their friends are – what kind of activities their acquaintances are involved in – and the groups to which they belong. When Jenny recently told me that our kids had been to a friend’s home where alcohol was available I immediately wanted to know who it was and what the situation was. While I trust my children I want to help them succeed in life by belonging to groups that will support them in making healthy choices for life.
              The two groups that our children belong to which are most important are their family and their faith community. These two places and people groups have the potential to shape their thinking and their choices in many ways. What does it mean for you that your children belong to your family? What are the unique and special ways that you celebrate that sense of belonging? Is it with birthdays? Hikes in the woods? Trips to a special vacation spot? Visits to grandparents? How can you help solidify this sense of belonging with your children so that they never forget that they belong to your family?
              In the church we accomplish this through worship, special services like Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Easter, and reminders of the story of God’s people in scripture. We remind one another that we belong to God and that we belong to each other in community. When you are part of this, your children feel a stronger sense of belonging! 
              Consider how you can help reinforce this sense of belonging to family and church in the coming days and weeks.
To God be the Glory!
For Parents: Playing for Keeps-
This Sunday all (when youth group meets) parents are invited to gather in the DCPC Parlor with the goal of helping us invest wisely in our children over the course of time. Parents Group meets 5:30-6:30 pm in the parlor (or get started with dinner at 5 pm). This Sunday our topic is “Tribes Over Time!” You can find some other great resources for regaining balance by   clicking here .
Are you expecting or do you know someone who is??
Our New Baby Committee is a team of DCPC members who help provide support to families when a child is born or adopted. If you would like more information about this team or are in need of their services please contact Katie Scruggs at 704-241-3280.

Faith & Families Fellowship Team
Would you like to help plan some social/fellowship opportunities for DCPC Families? We need your help! Please let Robert Alexander know ( ralexander@dcpc.org ) and we will gather in the near future to plan something for the spring. Hope to hear from you soon!
Mission Opportunities
Habitat for Humanity – DCPC House! - Join us for a Habitat work day this spring! Our future work days are March 24. April 21, May 5, and May 19. Volunteer work days are from 7:45 am until 1:00 pm. CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer . Once you log in, you will be able to go to the column for 9814 Psalms and select the dates you want to help. You will also be able to see the type of work that is scheduled for each work day. A different type of work is planned for each day so hopefully there will be something that interests you. Volunteering on these construction projects is a very rewarding activity. We hope to see you at the site.

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at ralexander@dcpc.org  so that we might keep one another in prayer.

Mike Briggs – Mike is the stepfather of Stephanie Shryock. He is recovering from a recent stroke.

Colin Bryan and Family – We pray for Col and his family following the death of his father.

Brian Greene and Family – We pray for Brian and his family following the recent death of his mother.

Margaret Jones – Margaret is the mother of Kelly Pharr. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Dave Malushizky and Family – We pray for Dave and his family following the death of his sister-in-law Michelle.

Glen Mayhorn – Glen is the father of Missy Martin and has been hospitalized with pneumonia.

Jeff Osman – We continue to pray for Jeff and his family as he awaits a possible liver transplant.

Libby Smith and Family – We pray for Libby and her family following the death of her father, Leslie Everett this past week.

Sheila Spack – Sheila is the mother of Steve Chaffin. She is hospitalized with several health concerns.

Bart Tritch – Bart is Rachel Lewis’ brother. He has been dealing with a number of health concerns.
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