Faith and Families Newsletter
November 16, 2018

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Letter from Robert
Why, O Lord?
Dear Friends,
           Many of you have been praying for Patrick Braxton-Andrew. Patrick is from Davidson, a Davidson College graduate, and a teacher at Woodlawn. He is known and loved by many in the community. While I did not know Patrick, I know his mom, Jean, and have heard wonderful stories about him from her and from many of his friends and colleagues.
           Patrick disappeared a couple of weeks ago while traveling in Mexico. Many have feared the worst but have held on to a sliver of hope that he might be found alive. Those hopes were dashed when on Thursday the news broke that Patrick had died – most likely due to foul play. There is much news that has not been released and indeed might not yet be known. That is not the purpose of this letter. I am writing about grief and about how we, as people of faith, cry out to God.
           This is certainly one occasion when we might join the Psalmist and cry out, “Why, O Lord?” (Psalm 10:1) Our grief is natural. It can lead us to anger and frustration. It can even lead us to doubt as we wrestle with our faith in the God of all creation that allows such atrocities to occur. The psalmist feels like God is far away but in the midst of praying discovers that God is near, that God cares, and that God, in fact, hears and acts on behalf of those who are hurting. But it doesn’t always feel that way.
           Today is a day to cry out to God. It is a time to stick together and comfort one another in this difficult journey. It is a time to remember that we are not alone and that even when we may feel like God is far away, God has not left us. As we speak with and pray with our children, we have the opportunity to demonstrate that love that brought us into existence. We are called to love each other, to hold each other, and to proclaim that the evil that has brought about such pain in the world and in our lives will not have the last word.
           So may we cry out to God and may we stick close to each other. May we be open to God’s presence and the presence of one another. May we hold Patrick’s family and friends in our prayers. May we offer tears and hugs and hold a candle of hope as we stand alongside them during this dark and difficult time. Let me know if you would like to talk. We are here for each other.
To God be the Glory!
Mission Opportunities

Christmas in Davidson Needs You!
There are lots of opportunities to help provide hospitality at DCPC during Christmas in Davidson. We are hosting lots of people and lots of groups. Having some hospitable, kind, friendly people to welcome them would be wonderful.  Click this link to go to the Sign-Up Genius and help us out! Thanks.

Room in the Inn Needs Your Help!
Room in the Inn is a great way for your family to help those in need. Sign up is easy and flexible. Beginning the second Thursday in December we will be hosting our homeless guests every Thursday and Friday night in the Congregation House. We need meal preparers, overnight hosts, drivers, visitors, etc.  Click here to sign up . Find another family to work with and sponsor a meal! Make a difference.

Are you interested in a Mission Trip to Support Hurricane Relief?
A trip is being considered with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to help with hurricane relief near the Carolina coast. Participants should be 14 and up. This could be a great parent/child mission experience. Let Robert know if you want to be in the loop as plans are being made! Contact ralexander@dcpc.org

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at ralexander@dcpc.org so that we might keep one another in prayer.
  • The family of Patrick Braxton-Andrew
  • Nyree Hughes and family – We pray for Nyree, and her father Dale following the death of her mother Ann Hughes
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