Faith and Families Newsletter
November 23, 2017
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Letter from Robert
 Dear Friends,
              Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope that you are enjoying this day and that you are able to spend time reflecting over all the blessings you have enjoyed over the past year. Each day I try to consciously give thanks for the new day, the food I am provided, air to breath, water to drink, family, friends, and faith community. 
This year I am particularly thankful for my parents – who are now both officially octogenarians, for my loving and supportive wife and children (and even our pets), for friends who are always there to lift me up when I am down, for music and for my musical friends in Sunday Union and the 9:45 Worship Team. I am thankful for good coffee and good beer and time to enjoy them with a friend or family member over good conversation. I am thankful for mission partners near and far, for opportunities to meet new people in Nicaragua, Kenya, and Kinston, NC. I am grateful for my colleagues at Davidson College Presbyterian Church. I give thanks for the years of service I enjoyed with Lib and Mary Margaret before their departure this year. I am thankful for God’s love and grace and for the promise of God’s presence and guidance that gives me peace and hope.
Thanksgiving as a holiday might seem like a time to rest – and it is – but giving is not sedentary. Giving thanks invites intention, and movement, and commitment, and sacrifice. I hope and pray that as we give thanks this season that we will truly give ourselves to the practice and that we will open ourselves to God’s movement within us. Such commitment may require more from us – more money – more time – more energy – more love – but it will be thrilling and will actually lead to more life rather than less. Remember the words of Jesus, “those who give their life for my sake will find it!”
To God be the glory!
PS – This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday. May the reign of Christ in us as a community of faith and as individuals be more and more evident each day. Hope to see you in worship!
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