October 8th, 2022
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“Is Our Humanity Sacred?"
Listen to the latest thoughtful conversation in a series of topics that explore what is sacred in society today.

Bob Bruttell, InterFaith Leadership Council’s Vice-Chairman and host of the Faith & Works series, discusses "Is Our Humanity Sacred?".

Joining Bob are special guests Rev. Dr. Jimmie Wafer- Board member of InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, co- chair of Bridging to Belonging, an IFLC program, and Pastor of New Mt. Zion Mission Baptist Church in Detroit and Rachel Cannon- Co- chair of Bridging to Belonging, an IFLC program, and board member of Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit.

Listen in as we discuss how we are living in a tremendously unsettled world right now. It is a time when we are more likely to treat others as a commodity. Others are seen as being with us or against us; as serving us and our desires or not. We are wary of each other.
In this state of mind, we have made it very difficult to recognize the preciousness of others, and to view humanity as sacred.
InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit Co-Sponsors Interfaith Panel on Refugees

The Waterford Refugee Welcome Alliance and the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit’s Education Committee will co-sponsor an Interfaith Panel on Refugees on October 30th.

Hear a refugee tell their story and share about their background, transition to America, and what has been or would have been helpful to aid in that transition.

Several panelists will represent agencies that work to assist refugees and at-risk immigrants adjust and settle into new lives in this unfamiliar environment.

Join us for an in-depth conversation surrounding the experience of a refugee.

When: Sunday, October 30th 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Where: Central United Methodist Church in Waterford- 3882 Highland Rd, Waterford, MI 48328
Long-Time Interfaith Advocate Publishes
a Memoir of His Life

Howard Brown, author of "Shining Brightly", has been a friend of IFLC since he moved to Detroit. His new book is a memoir of resilience and hope by a two-time cancer survivor, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and interfaith peacemaker.

"When I moved to Michigan in the summer of 2005 and joined the board of AJC Detroit (now JCRC-AJC Detroit), I was introduced to Brenda Rosenberg, Sheri Schiff (of blessed memory), Victor and Shahina Begg (of blessed memory), Padma Kuppa, Dr. Yahya Basha, and others that started my lifelong passion and journey of interfaith / interethnic relations. I was invited to an event sponsored by the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metro Detroit and its Vice-Chairman, Bob Bruttell. I learned of the very important role IFLC plays in connecting and nurturing our diverse communities in southeastern Michigan.

We must cherish and embrace our diversity of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindu, Chaldean, Sikh, Jain…and welcome the stranger into our tents because we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers. IFLC teaches that we are united and there’s no place left for hate as all the great religious traditions teach peace, respect, harmony and tolerance." 
Howard Brown


Shining Brightly 
Upcoming Events in Metro Detroit

The Faith and Public Education Forum welcomes Bob Bruttell, Vice-Chairman of IFLC, as a guest speaker.

Join us as Bob discusses “Are Our Children Sacred" and the many challenges of raising children in today’s society.
This event is free to attend; but registration is required.
Celebrating Diversity
Religious Holidays This Month
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