St. James the Greater - Faith Enrichment
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Question to discuss as a family about the Gospel:
Read today's Gospel, Mark 4:35-41.
  • Why were the disciples worried about the storm?
  • Why wasn't Jesus worried about the storm?
  • When we bring our worries to Jesus in prayer, Jesus can help us see things from God's perspective.

Invite family members to name again a worry or concern and pray together that Jesus will help us have faith in God's love and protection.

Conclude in prayer together by praying the Lord's Prayer.
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Background on the Gospel Reading
As we continue in Ordinary Time, our reading today is taken from the Gospel of Mark, the primary Gospel reading in Lectionary Cycle B. Mark's Gospel presents a vivid portrait of Jesus, whose words and deeds show that he is the Son of God. Today's Gospel describes the end of a day of teaching in Jesus' ministry. Jesus taught the crowd in parables and then offered explanations of these parables to his disciples. Jesus then led his disciples away from the crowds and into the boats that they will use to cross the Sea of Galilee. The sea and its surrounding area are the settings for Jesus' teachings and miracles in this part of Mark's Gospel. Today's reading describes how Jesus calmed a storm at sea. It is the first of four miracles that are presented in sequence at this point in Mark's Gospel.

So whoever is in Christ is a
new creation
Still - Hillsong United Lyric Video | Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41)
Jesus Calms the Storm Video
Kid's Corner
Psalm 107

They who sailed the sea in ships,
   trading on the deep waters,
These saw the works of the LORD
   and his wonders in the abyss.
R. Give thanks to the Lord, his love is everlasting.

His command raised up a storm wind
   which tossed its waves on high.
They mounted up to heaven; they sank to the depths;
   their hearts melted away in their plight.
R. Give thanks to the Lord, his love is everlasting.

They cried to the LORD in their distress;
   from their straits he rescued them,
He hushed the storm to a gentle breeze,
   and the billows of the sea were stilled.
R. Give thanks to the Lord, his love is everlasting.

They rejoiced that they were calmed,
   and he brought them to their desired haven.
Let them give thanks to the LORD for his kindness
   and his wondrous deeds to the children of men.
R. Give thanks to the Lord, his love is everlasting.
The miracle attributed to Carlo Acutis'
CNA Staff, Oct 10, 2020 / 09:15 am
The beatification of Carlo Acutis took place Oct. 10 after a miracle attributed to his prayers and the grace of God. In Brazil, a boy named Mattheus was healed from a serious birth defect called an annular pancreas after he and his mother asked Acutis to pray for his healing.

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