October 27, 2016 
St. Anthony on the Lake Lifelong Faith Formation Newsletter 

Faith Formation Connections
From the heart of our Pastoral Associate... Dr. Kathie Amidei
Answer to Prayer
I witnessed a sweet conversation between two of my grandsons. They were seated at our high island stools sharing a snack. It looked something like a scene out of Cheers except instead of sharing a beer they were drinking water out of Ninja Turtle cups. I heard Mason, age 4 ½, ask his cousin, Natey, age 6, if Maria was his sister. Natey affirmed, "Yes, she is." Mason said, a bit wistfully, "God gives you sisters."
Mason knew this because he had requested one from his mom earlier in the week. She responded to him that indeed, it is God who "gives" sisters. She explained it was not a request she could honor on her own.  But she added, "You can pray for one." Upon hearing this Mason folded his hands, bowed his head and respectfully requested, "God, please give me a sister." He then immediately turned to his mom and asked, "What did He say?"
This is why I listen so intently to the conversations of children. Children get some things as adults we grow out of, like knowing our complete dependence on God and living each moment in trust that God has the answers. How often do I converse with God and expect a clear direct answer? I pray and wait, but what I really want is an answer, a solution, preferably straightway.
I ask God directly and confess I turn as quickly as a child to God and expect to get what I ask for. Though I may have decades of time and experience beyond that of a child, when it comes to the real mysteries in life we seem to be in a similar boat.
Maybe, like Mason, I have to learn to wait in watchful trust. The answers will unfold, maybe not right away, but in God's time. But in the meantime, I might mention the sister idea to God myself.
October is Respect Life Month and the month of the Rosary.
If you are participating in the baby bottle campaign, bottles filled with change, dollars, or checks should be returned this weekend.

November 1 is All Saints Day.
A holy day of obligation for Catholics. Masses at St. Anthony will be at 8am and 7pm.

Honoring Veteran's Day - Wednesday, November 9th 
Are you or someone you care about a veteran? We want to thank and honor all of our veterans! Please join us! All veterans will be recognized at the 7:45 Mass. We then invite our parish veterans and their families to join us for coffee, bagels and donuts in Fellowship Hall. The 8th grade class will be in attendance to learn more from our veterans and thank them for their service.
Molly Ministry; Early Childhood Ministry 

Trunk or Treat, tonight! October 27th 6-8pm
Kids will trick or treat from vehicle trunks in the upper church parking lot. Lot will open at 5pm for trunk decorating. The lot will close at 6pm so the event can safely begin! There will be a portion of the lot outside of the trunk or treat area to park for those not participating in the trunk decorating. Don't forget the treats!
Halloween Fun and Outreach:  Trick or Treat in costume at Mission Creek Nursing Home
Angela Miller, Director of Resident Programs, invited us to bring children in costumes to trick or treat at the Nursing Home, Monday Oct. 31 at 10am.  Have your child bring a bag or bucket as the residents will hand out candy.  Email Angie so we know to look for you. 
Mission Creek
3217 Fiddlers Creek Drive,  Waukesha, WI 53188
Guardians and Angels Playgroup:   Wednesday, November 2, 10:00-11:30  in the childcare room. Moms, dads, grandparents, and caretakers, are all welcome to bring your little angels for play, a faith-based story time, craft and snack.
Molly Ministry Planning Meeting: Mon. Nov. 7, 10-11:30 in the childcare room. Little ones are welcome to come and play while we meet. Your input is valuable to the success of this ministry. 
Moms Group: Tues. Nov. 8, 9:30-11. Childcare is provided, please preregister with Kathy ParoMoms Group is an opportunity for women to connect with other moms while we laugh with, learn from, and support one another in our vocation of Christian motherhood.  
Molly Ministry Field Trip: November 10, 10am: We will be painting pottery at A Touch of Glaze in Waukesha. They have a variety of pottery available for you and your child to choose from to paint with prices starting at $2.99. We hope that you can make it out with us!   
Grades 1-5 Ministry
We have expanded on our Prayer Memorization Program to include all students grades 1-5 in each of our Family Programs. The "Teach your children memorized prayer" handout can be found here.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Middle School Ministry
In  The Spiritual Child; the New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong ThrivingPsychologist and researcher  Lisa Miller, PhD presents research and offers practical advice for parents.  She defines spirituality as a sense of a close personal relationship to God and a vital source of daily guidance, and writes, "our children need us to support their quest for a spiritually grounded life at every age." 

How can you do that for a middle school youth?  One simple thing to do is to help them recognize the energy that comes with early adolescence as "quest energy, spiritual in nature."  You might tell them that feelings of edginess, frustration, wanting more have been called a holy longing.  St. Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in you."  Talk about this with your son or daughter; listen to what their own inner wisdom has to say.

We see that energy in the family program classes and at our Middle in the Middle gatherings, and offer that time as another opportunity for youth to ask the big questions in life.   Our next Middle in the Middle is on November 16 at 6:15.  

Our family program classes on November 6 & 7 will help youth see the Sacraments as a source of Grace; an occasion to deepen that close personal relationship with God.  Discussions at home about what we covered in class is another way you can support your child in their spiritual quest.  See the middle school class   blog This is updated every Tuesday after Family Program.                             Ann Fons
High School Ministry
Mission Trip Registration is OPEN!
Have you heard about the life-changing experiences of a youth mission trip?  Do you want to find out more?  Did you miss the meeting on Oct. 2? Find out meeting details here and register today for a 2017 summer Mission Trip.  See the website for images from our trips last summer.

Did you know the Archdiocese sponsors a recreational Basketball League for high school youth?  It is called CYM (Catholic Youth Ministry) Basketball.  Our parish will once again participate, and new this year, we are preparing to have both male and female teams.  The registration is now open. Register here or Learn more. If you have any questions regarding CYM Basketball registration, please contact Mary RossiWe will be looking for volunteers to coach the teams.  Please contact the Faith Formation office if you are interested.  
Confirmation Preparation
Upcoming Wednesday night sessions for Confirmation Preparation are November 2nd for grade 11 and Nov. 16 for grades 9 and 10.    

Fall Service Day: Nov. 6 is almost here!
Nov. 6 service day permission slip  for 9th and 10th grade Confirmation.  Please remember to bring a bag lunch to eat after family program if needed, as well as gloves and rakes.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament designed especially for teens and young adults, but all are welcome . J oin us! 
Nov. 14,  5:30-6:30pm in the Chapel.
Adult Formation
A Home for All: Are you an adult interested in becoming Catholic, or an adult baptized in the Catholic Church wanting to complete your initiation in the faith through First Communion and Confirmation? St. Anthony R.C.I.A. (Right of Christian Initiation of Adults) team is here for you! Contact Ben Brzeski and begin the conversation.

Forming the Catechetical Spirit: Do you wonder: What are the ways we come to know God? How were the books chosen for the Bible? How do Catholics interpret Scripture? Come for a presentation and discussion on our Catholic understanding of Scripture on Saturday, Nov. 5, 8:15am-noon. All are welcome! Please contact Ann Fons if you plan to attend.

Men of St. Anthony Mission Statement:
To provide opportunities for the Catholic Faith development and fellowship for the Men of St. Anthony.
Kick-Off Event- Fr. Tony to speak followed by Bourbon Tasting!  Wed. Nov. 9, in Fellowship Hall at 7pm. Come take part in an evening featuring Fr. Tony, who has prepared a special presentation for our faith community on male spirituality. After his presentation, socializing and fellowship will follow featuring Bourbon tasting with a specialist.  $20 donation is asked to help cover costs.

Marriage Enrichment: Did you know there is a Marriage Moment post on facebook every Monday? Like us on facebook.
Family Program
Praying with ACTS:  
Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication

Summary of ACTS and other resources are located in our blog

Are you still in Kindergarten in your faith?
Take some time this week to ponder:
What do you think about the idea of God answering prayer?
Have you ever had a time when a "coincidence" happened relating to prayer?
Do you feel you are in kindergarten in your prayer-life or in your faith?

Looking to complete your payment for Family Program? You should have received an email from Maureen Michaels letting you know how much you still owe and how to make that payment. You can send in a check or to pay online, click here  and scroll down to payment options.

Upcoming Dates
Nov. 6 & 7, the adult speaker wil be  Chad Griesel, the Director of Adult Faith Formation at Old St. Mary parish in Milwaukee, who will speak on Mary and the Saints.  
Nov. 20 & 21, A family favorite every year - we will be packing food boxes for The House of Peace. Be sure to check your folders at the next family program for your assigned items to bring for this family activity. Lists will be available on the family program blog if you are absent or misplace the list. 
In the Classroom 
Prayer and hands-on activities give our children experiences to connect with and learn about the God who cares for them.

Middle School youth discussed Grace and the 7 Gifts of  the Holy Spirit.  When we receive a gift, one of our first responses is to thank the giver of the gift. Reflect quietly now on one thing for which you would like to thank God for today.
Family Inspiration 
Here is the poem Bob Bluhm recited during his witness talk. The depth of this poem became real to him when he heard a Veteran who had lost limbs in the war, and was in a wheelchair, radiating joy as he read this.
La Petite Family Program
Children in LaPetite participated in Learning Centers this past week. One of the Centers was learning about the Penitential Rite, or the Confiteor, by playing a game with their parents about "what they have done" and "what they have failed to do". The other Center was on Praise and Worship, and the children got to make a maraca and praise God in their singing!
The PreK & K Centers also focused on the Mass. In one of them, the children made "hosts" out of wonder bread and repeated Jesus' words, "Do this in memory of me" with the help of their parents.
In This Issue
Upcoming Dates
Parish Connection
Oct. 27:  NO  Children's Choir  rehearsal.

Oct. 27, 6-8pm: Trunk or Treat.

Oct. 29/30: Return Baby Bottles to Gathering Space of Church!!

Oct. 31, 10am:  Molly Ministry visits the Nursing Home.

Nov. 1, 8am and 7pm:   All Saints Day Masses.

  Nov. 2, 10-11:30am:   Guardians and Angels .

Nov. 2, 6:30pm: Memorial Mass.

Nov. 2, 6:45-8:15: Gr. 11 Confirmation Session.

Nov. 3,  2:30 and/or 4:30pm:   Children's Choir rehearsal.

Nov. 6/7:  Family Program.

Nov. 6, 12-3pm: 9th/10th Gr.  Fall Service Day.

Nov. 7, 10-11:30am: 
Molly Ministry Planning Meeting (CCR).

Nov. 8, 9:30-11am:

Nov. 9, 7:45am Mass
Veterans Honored

Nov. 9, 5pm SCHOLA rehearsals begin

Nov. 9, 7-10pm:  Men of St. Anthony Bourbon Tasting Kick-off Event (FH).

Nov. 10, 2:30 and/or 4:30pm:  Children's Choir rehearsal. Gr. 3-8 can join the choir at anytime!

Nov. 10, 10am-12pm:  Molly Ministry Fieldtrip, Touch of Glaze Pottery Studio, Waukesha.
Make a Difference
sign ups available for several upcoming activities.
Families with children in the 5th grade and up are invited to volunteer at the Hope Center in Waukesha on Sat., Nov. 19 from 9 am-12 pm.  We will be sorting and hanging clothes and assisting those in need to find clothes.  Sign up 
House of Peace Food Boxes - Check & Deliver
Help check our packed holiday food boxes to ensure they're complete, on Nov. 21 or 22, 9-11 am. Then you can deliver the boxes to the House of Peace in Milwaukee on Nov. 22 or 23 at your convenience. Sign up  

Nov. 6th 12-3pm all 9th and 10th grade teens and their Confirmation group leaders will serve senior citizens by doing yardwork.  If you know of a friend or neighbor that could benefit from this Fall Service Day, please contact  Laura Smyczek , 262-691-9170 x1103.

Celebrate life   in October with our Parish by taking part in the Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraiser.  Bottles filled with change, dollar bills or checks should be returned at any Mass this weekend.

Families needed to be Hospitality Greeters
Here at St. Anthony, "All are Welcome!" and...let's all be welcoming!
Come welcome our visitors and parishioners before Mass.  Sign up as a family to h elp open the doors and prepare the way for what will happen in the sanctuary during Mass!  
More details and sign up

Mass Servers are needed!  Sign up here
Children's Choir is open for all 3-8th graders. Join us for rehearsals on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 or 4:30-5:30. Contact Julie Farrell to register.

Childcare Volunteers
help care for our little ones 
Mass Helpers Sign-up
St. Vincent DePaul Meal Servers are needed every 4th Sunday.  This is a great opportunity for all, individuals, families, teams etc.  Children 8 or older may help if supervised. More...
Come Along on the Faith Journey of our Children
Feeling called to share your faith? Contact our faith formation department for opportunities. 
Prayers and Celebrations
We pray together in...

We see your glory, Creator God in all the beautiful fall colors.
Loving God 
Almighty God
Forgiving Father
Unconditional Love
I'm sorry for...
not listening
being impatient
being sassy
using mean words
begging for things
spreading germs.
Please forgive me.
Thank you, God for... 
healthy life
horse-back riding
We pray for...
a cure
for a friend to get better
the hungry to be fed
for all who are sick
papa's health
please make my grandparents safe
for the homeless and people in need
for my parents' marriage
Lord, hear our prayers.
We add thanks...for all the families who served this past weekend. You made a difference packing lunches and decorating envelopes! 
Did you know?
You could be a saint!  In the Bible, all the followers of Jesus Christ are called saints.  Saint Pope John Paul II encouraged all youth to strive for holiness; he said, " The Church needs saints. All are called to holiness, and holy people alone can renew humanity" ( John Paul II, Message to the Youth of the World on the Occasion of the 20th World Youth Day . ). 
So, we are all called to be small s saints, followers of Jesus Christ who share his love with the world.  The Church also recognizes Capital S Saints, men and women who have lived lives of extraordinary virtue.
These are the Saints who are lifted up to us as examples we can follow in our own lives.  The process by which a person is declared a capital S Saint is called canonization.  Want to learn more?   How you can be a saint  or    Reflections on Saints

St. Anthony 
Memorial Mass
November 2nd 6:30pm
All those who have lost a loved one during the past year are invited to attend the Mass and reception. Please sign-up in the Gathering Space of church, or call or email the Parish Office (691-1173).  Bring a photo of your loved one to be displayed at Mass.  A keepsake booklet will be prepared so please rsvp with names of your loved ones by October 31st.

St. Anthony 2018 Mid-Winter Gala
Planning has begun for the 2018 Mid-Winter Gala!  If you are looking for a fun way to connect with others from our Parish and would like to help plan the fundraiser that supports our Lifelong Faith Formation at St. Anthony, come to the planning meeting on Tuesday, November 15th at 7pm, or click here to sign up.
Schola,  the singing group for ladies in grades 6-12 will soon have its first rehearsal on Wed. Nov. 9 at 5:00.
This group only sings for the seasons of Christmas (Lessons and Carols Dec. 4, and Christmas Eve) and Easter (Good Friday and the Easter Vigil), so we hope many of you will consider joining this very select group. Schedule 
Interested in Catholic High School?
Open Houses are being held now and process for admissions under way. 
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