December 1, 2016 
St. Anthony on the Lake Lifelong Faith Formation Newsletter 

Faith Formation Connections
From the heart of our Pastoral Associate... Dr. Kathie Amidei
The Gift of Care
The dad who came up to me in the soda aisle of Sentry probably doesn't know he made my day. As I pondered the kind of seltzer water I was supposed to buy, smiling, he approached me and said, "Did you see the Amazon commercial?" I knew exactly what he meant... "Yes, the knee pads and the priest and the imam?" "Yes!" he said, "I couldn't believe I saw it right after Family Program!" "I know, isn't it great that we are on the same page, the same message from Family Program and Amazon! " And inside I am cheering, "Yeah, when Church is relevant!"
A little background... the adults in Family Program just had a Parent Café discussion on the question,  How do you raise children who are strong in their Catholic identity but also can relate to those of other faiths? A challenging question, don't you think?
The commercial the dad was referring to depicts a visit between two old friends, a priest and a Muslim imam.  As they each get up from their discussion, they privately (they think...) note their aching knees. In the next scene, you see the priest and the imam both are visited by Amazon delivery, having each sent the other, knee pads. In the last scene, each of them is using the gift as a cushion kneeling in prayer.
Of course, I loved the commercial. But beyond that good will message sent into the world, my heart was lifted to witness a dad in our community integrating faith and life. Isn't that what we all hope for? That our faith, our deepest beliefs and longings, are integrated into our everyday lives and that the messages from our Christian faith community are relevant to the myriad of issues that fill our days?
And I wonder what would happen if we more often took a page from that playbook of that commercial? We all hurt in some ways, often in more similar ways that we realize. And despite our differences if we choose the small acts of care can we change the world, one knee pad at a time? Watch the commercial.
Welcome Advent- a season of preparation!
See Dr. Kathie Amidei's article in this coming week's bulletin for ideas to bring Advent to life in your home.
Click here for several offerings at our parish this Advent.
New! We are doing an Advent Preaching Series. By interpreting the "signs of our time" in light of the weekly Sunday scriptures, and in a continual and common theme, it is our hope that our message will be more relevant, practical, and intentional. If you missed Fr. Tony preach last weekend, you can listen to his homily here.

I. Now is the Time to be Present  Be. Here. Now

Reflection questions to ponder:
How has social media nurtured me to feel distracted?
What changes am I willing to make in order to remain more focused and connected to my family and friends?
How connected do I feel to Jesus and His mission?
What action steps must I take to improve this?
Christmas Mass Times and Parking

Christmas is on a Sunday! What will the Christmas Mass schedule be?

December 24:  3pm** (PLC and Church with children), 
5pm, and  10pm (carols with the choir at 9:30pm)

December 25:  8am and 10am

** additional  parking will be available thanks to  Western Lakes Golf Club, for the 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve.  Shuttle busses will be provided from Western Lakes to St. Anthony and we will have volunteers directing traffic.

Molly Ministry; Early Childhood Ministry 
Thank you to the moms and children who joined us for Holiday Fun and Outreach at Mission Creek Nursing Home this morning.   Joy fillled the air as the children and residents made ornaments together.  
Molly Ministry Planning Meeting:
Mon. Dec. 5, 10-11:30 in the childcare room. Little ones are welcome to play while we meet. Our focus will be O Come Little children. 
Guardians and Angels Playgroup:
  Wednesday, December 7, 10:00-11:30  in the childcare room. Moms, dads, grandparents, and caretakers, are all welcome to bring your little angels for play, a faith-based story time, craft and snack. New friends are welcome!
Mom's Night Out:  Monday, Dec. 12 at 6:00 PM

Carrabba's Italian Grill, 18375 West Bluemound Road, Brookfield, WI 53045. Please RSVP so we know to expect you. If a name shows up on evite, just click not you. All are welcome!

Moms Group: Wednesday, Dec. 14, join us for the Women's Morning of Reflection. Register Here.Moms group will meet again Dec. 20. 
O COME LITTLE CHILDREN: Dec. 11 , following 9:00 Mass for this a nnual event to share The Nativity Story. Join us for songs, a play, crafts, and a simple brunch.  Register Here
Advent Song 
(tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Advent is a time to pray, time to pray, time to pray.  Advent is a time to pray,  while we wait for Jesus.
Advent is a time to share,  time to share, time to share.  Advent is a time to share,  while we wait for Jesus.
Advent is a time to love,  time to love, time to love. Advent is a time to love  while we wait for Jesus.
Author Unknown
Grades 1-5 Ministry
First Reconciliation Parent/Child Session is tonight, Dec. 1, 6:15-7:45. 

A Few advent resources you might enjoy with your family:

From Heaven to Manger is one of the resources available in the gathering space. Families already using this are enjoying it.
Middle School Ministry
Middle in the Middle, Dec. 7, 6:15-8pm. This is a group for youth in grades 6 - 8; We will meet in Fellowship Hall for Advent fun and service.     
Please RSVP .

Want more infomation on some Advent traditions: the Advent wreathe, the Jesse Tree, the nativity set, Lessons and Carols, the O Antiphons, etc. Two resources that may be helpful are: The USCCCB website and Creighton University's Online Ministries 
High School Ministry
Register now for summer Mission Trips!
Have you heard about the life-changing experiences of a youth mission trip?  Do you want to find out more?  Did you miss the meeting on Oct. 2? Find out meeting details here and register today for a 2017 summer Mission Trip.  See the website for images from our trips last summer.
Confirmation Preparation
Upcoming Wednesday night session for Confirmation Preparation is Dec. 7 for grades 9 and 10 and Dec. 14 for grade 11.

COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES!!! High school teens will be making Advent/ Exam time care packages for the college students of St. Anthony. If you would like a package sent to a college student please sign up in the Gathering Space or email We need their name and complete address! We will be packing the care packages December 7.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament designed especially for teens and young adults, but all are welcome . J oin us! 
Dec. 12,  5:30-6:30pm in the Eucharistic Chapel.
Adult Formation
Open gym for young adults:  Sundays, 7-8:30pm 

Forming the Catechetical Spirit: December 3, 8:15am
Do you wonder: What are the major themes of the Old Testament?  How can we understand the Creation accounts in the book of Genesis?  How does the New Testament connect to the Old Testament?  Come for a presentation and discussion on our Catholic understanding of The Old Testament and the New Testament, Dec. 3, 8:15am-noon. All are welcome! Please contact
Ann Fons if you plan to attend. 
Women's Advent Morning of Reflection with Mary Matestic will be Dec. 14, 9-11:30AM  Register

There will be a Women's Retreat held January 14-15 at the Redemptorist Retreat Center. More information and registration will be available soon on weshare. Give the women in your life this gift of retreat for Christmas.
Packing Food Boxes:
On Nov. 20-21, our Family Program and school families donated food and packed 183 food boxes for the needy. Fr. Perry visited us from the House of Peace to tell us about the good work they do there and how much our holiday food boxes are appreciated. Then, we had numerous families come to help check all the boxes, shop for more food, and drive them down to the House of Peace last week. Thanks to all who donated, helped and served. You helped to ensure that many families have a nice Christmas dinner this year!

At Family Program we focused on prayer in action. 
We closed with a video reflection on holiness. Watch it here.
The adult session was a Parent Cafe, with the topic question of: How do you raise children who are strong in their Catholic identity but also can relate to those of other faiths? 

Check out this link for more info from the last session; ideas to continue the discussion at home and catching up if you were not able to be there. 

Upcoming Dates  
Dec. 4 and 5: 
Dr. Doug Meske will be the adult speaker. All adults are welcome on Monday evening from 6:25-7:25. 

Need to sign up for snacks or check on your sign-up? Click Here   
In the Classroom 
The First Graders on Sunday morning learned about scripture and that the Gospel, or "Good News" comes from the Bible.  

Our Sunday morning group of 3 & 4 year olds focused on Thanksgiving and what they were thankful for.

The middle school classes explored "Why Water, Bread, Oil, Light & a White Cloth?"  Read more   here . Thank you all the parents that helped us have the multiple stations!
Family Inspiration 

Discuss at the family dinner table what your family favorite memories are of Christmas's past. What is one thing you are looking forward to in the coming month.  
La Petite Family Program
Packing food boxes for the House of Peace was one of the Learning Centers during our last session. The children love this hands-on service learning project.

On Dec. 4, while the children are in their peer- level classes, parents will have a guest speaker. Pam Olsen, a trained facilitator in "Parenting with Love and Logic", will give insight to how to be a better parent without always feeling like you are exhausted from giving in just to get the peace you are looking for in stressful situations.  
A favorite poem for this time of year:
What Shall We Give The Children?
The Holidays are almost here.
Toys and games and playthings,
As we do every year?
Yes, for the magic of toyland
Is part of the Holiday lore
To gladden the heart of childhood,
But I will give something more.
I will give them patience,
A more sympathetic ear,
A little more time for laughter,
Or tenderly dry a tear.
I will take time to teach them
The joy of doing some task.
I'll make time to answer
More of the questions that they ask.
Time to read books together,
And take long walks in the sun.
Time for a bedtime story,
After the day is done.
I will give these to my children,
Weaving a closer tie,
Knitting our lives together
With gifts that money can't buy.
Author - Unknown
In This Issue
Upcoming Dates
Dec. 1, 6:15-7:45 First Reconciliation Parent/Child Session 2

Dec. 4 & 5
Dec. 4, 4pm, Annual Concert of Lessons and Carols

Dec. 5, 6:30-7 Vespers

Dec. 7, 6:15  Middle in the Middle 
6:30 Confirmation 9/10 

Dec. 8, Holy Day Masses at 8am and 7pm for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Dec. 9, 10am Annual "Anticipating" Christmas Party Registration in last week's bulletin

Dec. 10, 10am Communal
Reconciliation Service at Queen of Apostles Church

Dec 10 & 11, Choir Cookie Sale, Bring in giving tree items

Dec. 11, after 9:00 Mass: O Come Little Children

Dec. 12, 5:30-6:30pm SPARK
6:30pm Vespers

Dec. 13, 6:00 RCIA
7:00: Women's Bible Study, SVdP Mtg, Prayer Shall Ministry,
Divorced and Separated Group
7:30 Men of St. Anthony

6:30pm Communal Reconciliation Service at St. Anthony 
6:30pm Confirmation Prep, grade11 

Dec. 15, 6:30 School Christmas Concert

Make a Difference
sign ups available 

Treat Bags for Seniors   -  

On November 27, about 50 people came to decorate treat bags for seniors!  They filled 100 bags with donated items of tissues, lotion, pens and notebooks, treats and a handmade craft and card, wishing them a Merry Christmas!  The bags went to the Aging and Disability Resource of Waukesha County, where they will be distributed to seniors in Pewaukee, Hartland, Sussex and Merton for the holidays!
Take a tag(s) from the tree. A list of  the eleven agencies supported along with suggestions is available in the Gathering Space. Gift cards can be purchased from the  Scrip  table. Please bring the NEW and UNWRAPPED items with the tag taped to it by Dec. 11.
Immediate Need:
Families needed to be Hospitality Greeters
Here at St. Anthony, "All are Welcome!" and...let's all be welcoming!

Ministry Schedules for the Christmas season are in the gathering space.

Childcare Volunteers
help care for our little ones Dec. 18?
Mass Helpers Sign-up
St. Vincent DePaul   Dec. 13, 7pm. For more information about our services please contact Vickie or Patty  
Children's Liturgy of the Word
Teachers and helpers are needed for this popular program during the 9:00 Mass, liturgy of the word. Contact  faith formation  
Prayers and Celebrations
At the Thanksgiving Mass last week, Fr. Tony demonstated and suggested we use a prayer method at our family tables that he learned from one of Ann Lamott's books. Offering three essential prayers of help, thanks, and wow. 
-all those suffering with Cancer, other ailments and disease, their families, doctors and care-takers
-all people to follow You closely and be more like your Son Jesus 
-us to remember You, Lord in this Advent Season as we prepare for Christmas
-for our amazing community at St. Anthony on the Lake
-for all of our families who so generously share their time and talents in so many ways
-for the wonder and awe the children share with us
-183 boxes were packed for the House of Peace
-the giving tree is full of ornaments
-the adoration chapel was overflowing with adorers last Monday for SPARK
-new experiences, made possible by stepping out of comfort zones
-we are so proud of Heath Brozovich for receiving the Vatican 
II John Paul II Youth Award
Did you know?
December 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and is a Holy Day of Obligation. Masses at St. Anthony are at 8am and 7pm.
2018 Mid-Winter Gala
December 6th, 7:00pm offsite, a brainstorming party to set the theme for the 2018 Faith Formation Fundraiser. Contact Suzanne Kain to get directions to this fun gathering!  Can't make it on December 6th? Send her your ideas for entertainment, décor, general theme.  Also,  click here  for information on the type of help needed.
Now-December 16 (or while supplies last), there will be a limited number of special small denomination gift cards available, perfect for stocking stuffers and holiday gift-giving!
Evening prayer held Monday evenings at 6:30pm during Advent in the Chapel. 
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