May 26, 2017 
Dear (Contact First Name),  

"There is no aloneness. There is only unawareness." a message from my book Unfolding the Mystery of Self means we can find guidance and support every day, every moment. We are surrounded by loved ones, ancient beings, guardian #angels, guides, teachers, and ancestors all patiently present. Ask for a sign. Ask for guidance. Ask for assistance. Then watch for the signs. It can be something a simple, small symbol and can also be a synchronistic event that stuns. Either way ask for confirmation that you are heard. We are #loved, supported and never alone.

This year I've been thinking about #faith . How do we increase it? How do we build it in the places or situations where we don't already have it? When I am troubled, I practice  having faith, it gives me strength and courage. To increase my faith, I move my attention to the god #consciousness within. Also, I remind myself of previous times that my connection with the Totality made me feel safe and hopeful causing my problems to dissolve. This is also one of the situations where studying psychology helps; I practice positive self-talk. For instance, telling myself, "Lean into God Lynne. Do what works. You've done it before. Do it now." Focus on faith reminds me I am part of something greater than myself. With faith, I am fortified. I face the same challenges yet feel more capable. The god consciousness whether I look for it within or outside myself always  is present, always comforts, always bring peace.

Check out the changes in my website - especially the information about the new Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshops - available in Phoenix and coming soon on line.

Shawn and Natalia became
ThetaHealer Practitioners in May.

Upcoming events:

Access Bars : June 1, Phoenix, AZ

Basic ThetaHealing : June 14 - 16, Phoenix, AZ
Embrace Your Journey Expo : Readings & #ThetaHealing:
July 9, Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Phoenix, AZ
Advanced ThetaHealing : July 12 -14, Phoenix, AZ
Payson Book Fair : July 22, Payson, AZ
Dig Deeper ThetaHealing :  July 18 - 19, Phoenix, AZ

Nov. 9-12, Lugano, Switzerland


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