President's Message

I don’t need to mention the name of the virus that is affecting all ages, ethnicities, and faiths. More than ever, it is a time to join forces with people who care about basic human rights and needs—healthcare choices, education, and social services—that help the most vulnerable. It’s the practice of our faith that is a guaranteed right in our country, and our faith is what guides us in every decision we make, from where we give our charity to how to use scarce hospital resources.

At CCF-LA, we are protecting the safety and health of our employees by working remotely and learning the meaning of the term “social distancing.”

Ensuring the wellbeing of our staff is first and foremost. Our corporate culture recognizes that our employees are critical to our mission success. So, we have initiated and tested systems to ensure that our clients continue to have exceptional services and the personal attention of our staff while they operate from their homes. 

To that extent, we have provided online capability, equipment for home use, and stepped up our security to ensure that our operating systems stay protected and virus-free. We have daily call-in staff meetings, and we are using online resources to manage workload, think strategically, and problem solve.  

We pray that these are very temporary measures, not the least because we miss working together in the same environment. As we like to say at CCF-LA, we are the power of one and the power of many, which is part of our philanthropic network. Every employee at CCF-LA is a very important person, and together we have created a team that lives our mission.
— Kathy Anderson, President and Executive Director