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“Gathered faithfully to love and serve God and all others.”
Faith's Friday Update
March 5, 2021
Sunday, March 7, 2021
Third Sunday in Lent
This Week's Readings:
Exodus 20:1-17
The commandments are given at Sinai

Psalm 19
The commandment of the Lord gives light to the eyes. (Ps. 19:8)

1 Corinthians 1:18-25
Christ crucified, the wisdom of God

John 2:13-22
The cleansing of the temple
Holy Week Schedule:
March 28: Palm Sunday 8AM & 10AM
April 1: Maundy Thursday 7PM
April 2: Good Friday 7PM
April 3: Easter Vigil 7:30PM - NEW TO FAITH! Join us for a candlelight vigil as we await Jesus' Resurrection!
April 4: Easter Sunday - details coming soon
Services will be LIVE-STREAMED with the exception of the 8AM service on Palm Sunday.
LIVE-STREAMING: Join us live on Sundays at 10AM on our website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel!
If you plan to attend in person, please sign up in the registration section of this email. Thank you!
Our pastor is in the unique position of being able to speak to members of the congregation or the community about specific needs and aid they might require. This fund provides him the means to help financially when necessary.
Easter Lilies with dedications are now available to order for $10 each. You may sign up online (CLICK HERE) or by completing an Easter Lily envelope at church. Dedications will be listed in the Easter bulletin and email update.

If you sign up online, you may pay for your order online (instructions here), at church by placing an Easter Lilies envelope in the offering plate, or by mailing a check to Faith. Please make checks payable to Faith Lutheran Church and indicate ‘Easter Lilies' in the memo.

Thank you for making Faith Lutheran’s altar beautiful for Easter!
It's BACK!!!
Faith Lutheran
Sunday, MARCH 14

THERE REMAINS A DESPERATE NEED FOR BLOOD AND BLOOD COMPONENTS and we were asked to move our drive up to March 14, 2021.

Please CLICK HERE to schedule your desired donation time. You will be notified for confirmation the week of March 7.
We realize there will not be the usual numbers of Faith donors who can sign up, but ANY number over zero is a success in this time of great need!

WALK ON donors are welcome, so spread the word to your neighbors and friends. For this reason, we will locate the blood-mobile closer to Beneva Road to make it more visible to passing traffic.
A message from Ann Greenwood, Faith Council President

I have been touched recently by the immense generosity and abundance we have at Faith Lutheran Church. I have witnessed incredible acts of kindness, of reaching out to others in compassion and support. I have experienced many people stepping forward to be part of committees and initiatives to strengthen our ministry to God’s people. We have people who are generous with their time, talents, and financial resources. They openly support our building capital improvements or future opportunities for enhanced programming and outreach. I hear of individuals who are calling others to check on them, buying groceries, or helping with projects for another person. 

I am honored to serve with such a loving, caring group of people. Thank you, warmly, for all that the Holy Spirit is calling you to do.

And, if you still want to find a way to be involved, WE NEED YOU! Nothing is too small an act of kindness or a gift of leadership to share. 

We are glad you are part of our church family!
New and Improved Faith Lutheran Church Website #1

Have you visited the Faith Lutheran Church (FLC) website lately? You can access the website anytime, anywhere on any device. It is visible via a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. You do not have to join and sign in. It is a convenient way to access church services and information outside of your email account. The website has expanded its function and services related to worship services and church information during the past year. In this series, you will learn how to use the FLC website to facilitate your participation in our church community. 

First, here are some things you may not know about how the FLC website can help with weekly worship.

Did you know?
There are three different ways you can enjoy worship services, which include attending in-person, viewing services live from your device, and viewing videos of past services from your device. The website assists in all three options. Under Worship on the main menu, you can:
  1. Register for in-person services on the Service Registration page. Registration is still required for attendance.
  2. View live streaming of a service from the website. Simply go to the Live Service page at the date and time and enjoy!
  3. View the recorded worship services. All live services are recorded and made available on the Recorded Services page. You can play and even share the video with other people. The videos are also searchable by date. Tip: You can also view past services on the Live Service page.

Please take a peek at the website at If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact Ladd Skelly at
The ELCA offers daily Prayer Ventures, which may be found on their website, The prayer for today is below. Visit the website if you would like to follow the daily prayers!

5 During our Lenten journey, pray that God will help us reflect on aspects of our life and faith that we find difficult to examine and confess, and that we will remember we are always loved and made new through the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — our Savior, redeemer and source of hope.
Click on the buttons below to register for each service you plan to attend. NOTE: The sanctuary is sanitized between the 8AM & 10 AM services.
Easter Sunday (April 4) details coming soon!
Click on the desired icon to view/visit the item.
Office Tel: 941-924-4664
Weekly office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Pastor Geoff Coupland
Tel: 941-924-4664, ext 306
Pastor office hours: 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Faith Lutheran Values – Mutual Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Service, Forgiveness, Commitment,
Perseverance, Faithfulness, Compassion, Flexibility