June 2019
Dear Friends,

I had the opportunity recently to meet with a group of leaders from across the state of Oregon to discuss issues that create the urban-rural divide. It was a wonderful time to make new friends and to share our common interests. Some may say that this is a small effort. But my sense was that we all walked away with more hope for the future, knowing when we turn towards one another, we are better able to face challenges with strength and resiliency.

One of my new friends, from Baker City, sent me a link to a video (made in Denmark) " All That We Share. " It's a heartwarming reminder that our perceived labels do not define us. If we look below the surface, we can find common ground with those we perceive as most different to ourselves.

Jan Musgrove Elfers
EMO President
Criminal Justice Sabbath
Show your support for legal representation for immigrants and refugees
Please take a moment to answer a short survey made available by Multnomah County Commissioner Vega Pederson. You may select up to three areas as your highest priorities for the 2020 Multnomah County budget. We encourage you to express support for immigration legal services and universal representation (using the "other" box on the survey).

Universal representation ensures equitable access to justice for immigrant residents, so they can pursue relief and keep their family united.

Representation makes a difference: Immigrants with legal representation are three-and-a-half times more likely to prevail in their deportation cases than immigrants without a lawyer.
Volunteer drivers needed: Transport refugee clients to appointments
Help new families who have just arrived in the United States!

EMO's Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees (SOAR) needs volunteers to pick up clients from their homes and drive them to appointments at other agencies during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on an as-needed basis. We contact you in advance with appointment details. Appointments generally last a few hours and drivers usually contribute once or twice per month (about 2 to 6 hours). No previous experience working with immigrants and refugees is necessary, but please possess patience, flexibility and a sense of humor. Due to budget constraints, we are not able to reimburse volunteers for their mileage at this time.

If you are interested in volunteering with SOAR , or would like more information, please contact Vum Sian, SOAR Program Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator, at (503) 284-3002 or soar@emoregon.org .
Upcoming Events
To learn more about upcoming EMO and faith community events, visit our Event Calendar . If you would like to submit an event for our website, please fill out an Event Form .
Our Children’s Trust: Rally to Support Climate Justice
June 4, 1:30 - 3:30 pm @ Director Park in downtown Portland.
Join us for a rally for Juliana v. United States Youth Plaintiffs! The youth are suing the federal government, seeking justice through court-ordered actions to mitigate the climate crisis and to prevent climate catastrophe. The Ninth Circuit Court will be hearing their case on June 4. Bring signs (and clergy vestments) no later than 2:30 p.m., assembling in designated area for the faith community (at SW Park Ave. in Director Park). Learn more .
PDX World Refugee Day
June 29, 3 - 6 pm @ Lents Park in SE Portland.
Join us for a celebration honoring refugees! The free event will include performances, food, activities for kids, cultural displays and more!

Cosponsors include EMO’s Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees, Catholic Charities, IRCO, and many other organizations in the Portland metro area. Learn more .
A Disarming Spirit: The Life of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen
June 2, 11 am - 12 pm @ St. Andrew Catholic in NE Portland.
This free forum will include reading and conversation with author Frank Fromherz on his book, A Disarming Spirit: The Life of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen. Books will be available for sale and signing by the author. Learn more about the book .

Collaborating in Care: Ministry & Mental Health
June 14, 8 am - 3 pm @ St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in SW Portland.
Free training provided by Veterans Health Administration Chaplaincy and Mental Health offices seeks to bring clergy from all faith disciplines and all types of mental health providers together to discuss expanding collaboration to help reintegrate veterans and those with mental health issues within communities of purpose and belonging. Learn more .

Emergency Training for Faith Communities in Response to Violent Extremism
June 30, 3 - 6 pm @ Congregation Nevah Shalom in SW Portland.
Church, synagogue, mosque and temple leaders are urged to attend this special emergency training, briefing and live active shooter training to prepare congregations for potential attacks and violent extremism. In light of deadly random attacks on faith communities in other cities, federal, state and local law enforcement partners want to make certain the the Portland area community is well prepared, and they will provide the most advanced intelligence information, data and tools available. Presented by One Congregation, One Precinct , the event is free and open to the public.
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
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