March 2022
For our Lenten journey in 2022, we will do well to reflect on Saint Paul’s exhortation to the Galatians: “Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up. So then, while we have the opportunity (kairos), let us do good to all.” (Galatians 6:9-10).
Pope Francis' Lenten Message Introduction
March beckons us …

The beginning of a month that is tragically living up to its name. We support the suffering people of the Ukraine resisting Russian aggression, and we accompany the grieving Ukrainian community here in Oregon. We encourage everyone to accept the invitation of Pope Francis for Ash Wednesday, March 2, to be a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine.

The beginning of a month when we start to honor the women in this nation who made a difference. We shall share herstories of the women in our families, our communities, our churches and faith and spiritual groups. And we shall also honor the cisgender and transgender women and girls of all generations and ages now making a difference in our lives and society.

The beginning of a month that starts a 40-day Lenten journey into the wilderness with a mark of ashes on our foreheads foretelling our impermanence. We shall reflect deeply, ponder, pray, wrestle with all that occupies our hearts and minds, confess, forgive, do and undo our thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, response and pro-action about so many areas of our lives.

March transforms us.
The Rev. Andrea R. Cano (she, her, ella)
Interim President
Begin the season with the Lenten devotional "A Grounded Faith"
Dig deep this Lenten season. Go below the surface into rich engagement with your place in God’s good creation. A Grounded Faith: Reconnecting with Creator and Creation in the Season of Lent, is a Lenten devotional featuring seven thoughtful writers brought together in collaborative partnership with EcoFaith Recovery, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice. Together, we will discover what new life may take root this Lent.

You may download a PDF version of A Grounded Faith. Purchase it today for $3 at Barclay Press.
Help end gun violence in Oregon
Four years ago, we heard the devastating news of the loss of 17 lives and 17 more injured by a 19-year-old with an assault weapon at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. Out of that tragedy, Lift Every Voice Oregon was formed.

Since the Parkland tragedy, injuries and deaths due to gunfire have not ceased; instead, they have risen dramatically in this country by over 23 percent. In Oregon, shootings have multiplied many times over. In Portland, the number of shootings has tripled to more than three per day.

Lift Every Voice Oregon (LEVO) has filed two statewide initiative petitions to reduce gun violence on the November 2022 Oregon ballot. IP17 and IP18 will reduce the proliferation of semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, like the ones used at Parkland.

In order to get IP17 and IP18 on the ballot, LEVO needs your support.

Lift Every Voice Oregon is a coalition of faith-based communities: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and other people of goodwill. With thousands of members from all over the state, LEVO advocates for safer schools, houses of worship and communities, as they push to reduce gun violence in Oregon and the nation.
Allen Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church celebrated its re-opening on Monday, Feb. 28, with a press conference and ribbon cutting ceremony (photo).

Senior Pastor and Presiding Elder The Rev. Dr. LeRoy Haynes felt it was appropriate to celebrate the restoration of this historic African American church on the last day of Black History Month.

“This was a journey of faith,” said The Rev. Dr. LeRoy Haynes Jr., the church’s senior pastor. “We had our ups and downs, our mountains and our valleys, our sunshine and our storms. What we had was God’s promise to trust in that journey.”

On Feb. 7, 2015, the 100-year-old historic church suffered a devastating fire. Two electrical fires caused major damage to the roof and interior of all levels of the church. It has been a challenging journey to rebuild, overcoming many barriers of construction, budget and impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The church is now open holding in-person and live-streaming services.
Upcoming Events
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Tuesday, March 8, 2022 @ 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
This event on International Women's Day will kick off AARP Oregon Women’s Summit. The event will bring together thought leaders for a conversation about the impact women have in their community and workplace, and public policies. Hear about the issues that matter to 50+ women, gain insights into their growing power and how they are shaping the future of our communities. Speakers include AARP Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer Nancy LeaMond, Multnomah County District 2 County Commissioner Susheela Jayapal, EMO Interim President The Rev. Andrea Cano, and Oregon State Sen. Deb Patterson. Register and learn more.
Employment Opportunities at EMO
Join EMO's talented team making a difference in Oregon! EMO offers a generous benefits package. Visit our employment page for more details about the positions below and how to apply.

Assistant Program Manager, Northeast Emergency Food Program. Assist the Program Manager in the daily operations of the program. Full time, open until filled.
Case Manager (Bilingual English-Russian), Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees: Provide effective case management services to refugees. Full time; open until filled.
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