FaithLines 15 July 2020
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A NEW $100,000
One Roof Community Centre - Peterborough
Fr. Phil flatfoots for FaithWorks
(Wisdom from Fr. Phil's blog)
Virtual & Video sermons available
Matching Challenge Grant

As we saw we were drawing near to our previous goal much earlier than expected, the Director of Stewardship, Peter Misiaszek, made inquiries about a new matching grant for the remainder of the year. We are excited to announce that we have been offered a new matching challenge grant of $100,000 for new or increased donations. But this time the challenge is only for parishes, not individuals. In other words, for every increased dollar a parish offers to FaithWorks over last years amount, this generous donor will match it with another dollar up to $100,000 in total. 
If a parish increases it's contribution to FaithWorks this year over 2019 by $1,000, it becomes $2,000. If a parish's increase is $5,000, it becomes $10,000. If a parish's increase is $10,000, it becomes $20,000, for those most vulnerable and struggling every day.

There are two ways for individuals to participate in this challenge and contribute to their parish's total.

1) An individual can make a donation directly to their parish designated for FaithWorks, as in the past.

2) To make online contributions easier the FaithWorks website has been modified to give credit to a parish for an individual's donation. Simply go to and follow the instructions to put the parish's name in the Comments section when making a donation.



(A Ministry of St. John's Anglican Church)
One Roof Community Centre continues to serve the needs of Peterborough's most vulnerable residents during the pandemic.

Although the Centre has been closed to visitors since mid-March, the meal program continues. Every day, rain or shine, a nutritious meal-to-go is served at 1:00 p.m. from just outside the door. Guests are asked to line up in the parking lot and along the sidewalk observing physical distancing. As they approach the serving table in a temporary shelter, they are handed a meal to eat at that time. They are reminded that when everyone has been served, guests may come back for a second meal to take home for later, or to give to someone else

Two months ago, One Roof was serving about 60 people and 100 meals per day. That number has risen to 80 people and 120 meals daily. We observe that the growth is primarily in new guests: people we haven't seen before. When we ask them about their situation they tell us that the ongoing pandemic has put them in a precarious financial situation. People who never had to worry about where their next meal was coming from are now standing in line at One Roof for food.

In addition to the meal, the staff and volunteers provide access to hygiene, health, and food products from our cupboards through physically-distanced interactions with guests.

We are able to meet the need for meals for every guest who comes to One Roof Community Centre because of the amazing generosity of our local community and FaithWorks supporters. They have risen to the challenge to help us adapt to the changing circumstances of COVID-19 and have made it possible for us to continue this ministry of hospitality and meal provision. Without our donors, our ability to meet the growing need would be compromised. We are grateful for the generous support of people who help us make sure no one goes hungry.

Rev. Canon Brad Smith
Rector, St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Peterborough

From the Church of the Ascension in Port Perry

Father Phil flatfoots for Faith
Over the summer I am committing to walking 1000 kms. Our appeal to you is that as you are able you sponsor my walk and all moneys raised will go towards our parish response to the FaithWorks appeal. I want to make this project as interesting and engaging as possible so I will maintain a “Follow Fr. Phil” blog throughout the summer. ."

Great idea and God give you strength Fr. Phil

Wisdom from Fr. Phil's blog ...

"This week, as I journal my FaithWorks walk-a-thon, I can tell you that I am learning patience ... again."
"Each walk gets completed by walking. I cannot take two strides at once. Undoubtedly this would be obvious to a smarter person! I believe, six weeks and 500 kilometres in, I am just now seeing this. I can do no more than take the next step. That's it. I have a plan and a schedule (more fool I) but all I can really do is make the next stride. Even its success is a matter of providence." (10 July)

For details and to sponsor Fr. Phil, link to:


 Virtual and Video Sermons available
We are only gathering virtually. The Director of Stewardship, Peter Misiaszek, and I would normally be visiting parishes in person to speak of FaithWorks. Why not virtually!!! If you would like one of us to speak to your parish during your online Sunday worship please contact FaithWork Speakers Bureau at

If you would like the pre-recorded video of my sermon promoting FaithWorks (11 minutes) or the 20th Anniversary of FaithWorks video
(2 minutes) for your Sunday morning services, please email me so that I can make them available to you.
Peter Mentis
FaithWorks Campaign Manager

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