12 August 2020
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Couchiching Jubilee House, Orillia
A NEW $100,000
Virtual & Video sermons available
Ministry Partners


We’ve been very busy at CJH. We temporarily closed our offices and suspended many programs March 16 due to COVID restrictions and in an attempt to keep our community safe. We’ve been able to successfully implement a “work from home” program for our staff and have returned to our mandate of helping vulnerable women through transitional housing. We currently have 9 people (3 families) living in our transitional home and have focused our efforts and programs on meeting their needs and helping them build better lives for themselves. The concentration of this has allowed our residents to feel loved, seen, supported and heard through these challenging and isolating times.

In January our property suffered a significant flood, resulting in the loss of our 4th unit and basement apartment. Construction of significant foundation issues was almost complete when Covid struck. We’ve been able to correct this since, however due to the loss of our major fundraising events, the necessary repairs to have this unit returned to a habitable apartment have been out on hold. The postponement and potential entire cancellation of our biggest fundraisers has our income down by 42% this year- a significant impact on what we can offer for housing and supportive programs. 

We are tremendously blessed however by supporters like FaithWorks to be able to continue our needed work in our community. The support of our area Parishioners and churches has been unwavering. The reminder of God plan and path is one close to our hearts and we’re blessed to be able to walk it with His guidance. Thank you for all your support and may you stay well. 
Bre Plue, Program Director (24 June 2020)

Matching Challenge Grant

We are excited to announce that we have been offered a new matching challenge grant of $100,000 for new or increased donations. The challenge is only for parishes, not individuals. In other words, for every increased dollar a parish offers to FaithWorks over last years amount, this generous donor will match it with another dollar up to $100,000.
If a parish increases it's contribution to FaithWorks this year over 2019 by $1,000, it becomes $2,000. If a parish's increase is $5,000, it becomes $10,000. If a parish's increase is $10,000, it becomes $20,000, for those most vulnerable and struggling every day.

There are two ways for individuals to participate in this challenge and contribute to their parish's total.

1) An individual can make a donation directly to their parish designated for FaithWorks, as in the past.

2) To make online contributions easier the FaithWorks website has been modified to give credit to a parish for an individual's donation. Simply go to FaithWorks.ca and follow the instructions to put the parish's name in the Comments section when making a donation.


Virtual and Video Sermons available
We are only gathering virtually. The Director of Stewardship, Peter Misiaszek, and I would normally be visiting parishes in person to speak of FaithWorks. Why not virtually!!! If you would like one of us to speak to your parish during your online Sunday worship please contact FaithWork Speakers Bureau at fwspeakersbureau@toronto.anglican.ca

If you would like the pre-recorded video of my sermon promoting FaithWorks (11 minutes) or the 20th Anniversary of FaithWorks video
(2 minutes) for your Sunday morning services, please email me so that I can make them available to you.
Peter Mentis
FaithWorks Campaign Manager

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Toronto, ON M5C 1L8
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1-800-668-8932 ext.242