February 2019 Newsletter 
Faithfulness over Success
"I first learned about His Mansion in December 2014 through my church, Quaboag Baptist. I was sold instantly to the idea of serving, but it wasn't until January 2016 that the desire actualized. My initial one year commitment became two and a half years, first as a Servant Leader, then as a staff member. I can say in all sincerity that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
     From my very first week at His Mansion, I realized that the Lord was committed to transforming me as much as He was to using me. He was calling me to serve, but His agenda was much greater. The beauty of The Hill is that healing is for all: staff, residents, and visitors alike."

Servant Leaders
Are you or someone you know a young adult (18-35) who desires to  SERVE THE BROKEN  and wounded while being  CHALLENGED TO GROW ?

During the one-year commitment, you will receive mentoring and equipping in how to be a faithful, Christ-centered leader. 
This hands on experiential learning is critical because it allows you to use and develop relational skills that will prepare you for work, ministry, marriage, and life.