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Online Bible Course Leads Man to Mansfield Church
"Joe has attended probably every church in the Mansfield area," shared Darrin Thurber, pastor of the Mansfield church. "Almost everyone knows Joe. We would often have our Bible studies in a coffee shop or restaurant, and we would always see someone there that knew Joe and said 'Hi' to him."

The Joe in question is Joe Bellard. Bellard took an online Bible course through Amazing Facts . " I had received his interest in baptism from them [ Amazing Facts ] in the mail and followed up with him. He and I have studied for the past few months." Bellard has also been attending the Mansfield church regularly.

"Joe is a really nice young man who has always had a passion for studying Scripture, particularly Revelation. After he learned some new Biblical truths through his studies, he wanted to get rebaptized," said Thurber.

Joe was baptized into the Mansfield Adventist church last Sabbath, January 11.
Importance of Intentional Relationships with Our Young People
Richard A. Bianco, Superintendent of Schools
Noted Christian author Philip Yancey states that, “Prayer is a declaration of dependence upon God.” 

This simple sentence is so profoundly powerful in our lives as Seventh-day Adventist Christians each and every day of our existence. Prayer is a direct link to our relationship with God. Today’s young person, who has diversions all around them, have a more difficult time than ever to see the significance of this link, needing mentors, both intentional and tangential in nature, to assist them in seeing the value of such links. 

Society today states that we are in total control and that we “need” no one else in our lives to succeed. Think about that for a second; our young people hear this all the time, through dozens of different outlets and mediums (and it is not possible to shield them from it all). To counter this, our families, our churches, our educators, etc., must have intentional relationships with our young people, showing them what it means to have a meaningful connection with God (and thus showing a dependence on Him in a positive light), so that they know that it is not only possible, but beneficial to do so. Our positive actions must be the narrative and we as individuals can control that with the assistance and guidance from the Holy Spirit. 

Our young people today are in desperate need (even if they don’t know it) for this type of mentoring. Will you take up the opportunity to be that person in their life? What can you do to show a young person that depending on God, having a strong prayer life, and being confident in His will for your life leads to immeasurable happiness and self-worth? Have we declared in our lives, through our actions, that we are dependent on God? Do others see that? If not, what can we do to be sure that is the person that is seen? 

Let us use the example of Jesus as our guide and allow Him to work through us as we work alongside our young people. Remember, they are watching…..and learning from us daily.
Finding Momentum
By Pastor Michael Stough II
I like model railroading. Ever since I was a little kid, trains of any size have fascinated me. When I moved into my teens, my dad and I belonged to the San Diego Society of N-Scale, which made its home at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. There, many a Sunday was spent enjoying running model trains, but one of the things we always needed to do was make sure the track, locomotives and equipment was in tip-top shape. This was especially important when running trains of 70-cars or more, as any problems would often see things coming to a dead stop, or worse, strings of cars and locomotives would derail, sometimes crashing to the cement floor below. It was at this time flywheels began making their appearances in these diminutive locomotives (N-Scale is at a ratio of 1/160 their full-size counterparts). The brass flywheels added mass, and when powered up, this in turn added momentum, allowing for smoother starts and stops and for the long string of cars to avoid unexpected jolts. At this point you may be wondering what all this has to do with discipleship.

Recently, I have had some discussions with pastors and church leaders who made some important observations about a principle observed in my model railroading experience, mainly the challenges which exist in starting and maintaining growth in the local congregations. In the world of physics, this is expressed in the formula p=mv, where p = momentum, m = mass, and v = velocity. 

So, let’s plug some values into this equation to see how it works, in this case we will use evangelism meetings as the example.

For this meeting, we will say “m” equals you and me, that is disciples, and that “v” equals the Holy Spirit. Now we want the results of these meeting to carry on down the road, we want momentum. For that to happen both “m” and “v” must be present, otherwise there is no momentum. But it should be noted, if there is very little of either “m” or “v” present, you will also have very little momentum to maintain the results of the meetings. This helps explain why Jesus says to “pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” [1]  But, it also helps explain why Jesus also said, “whatever you ask in My name, that I will do,” [2]  and then goes on several verses later talking about how the Holy Spirit cannot move upon the hearts people who are not disciples, and how Jesus Himself will come to us. If few of us show up to the meetings, then there is a lot less for the Holy Spirit to work with. Conversely, if hundreds of us do show up, and there was not asking for the presence of Christ through the Holy Spirit, then it is merely a gathering of people. 

Do we want to see our churches growing? I would hope we all answered “Yes.” But if we are lacking momentum, what can we expect to take place? It takes you, me and the Holy Spirit to see the work go forward with strength. Miss either one in the equation and the efforts will be fleeting at best. So let’s get ourselves plugged into the equation, let’s pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit, and God will provide the momentum we so desperately need.

[1]   The New King James Version . (1982). (Mt 9:38). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.
[2]   The New King James Version . (1982). (Jn 14:13). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.
Image credit: Canva
Summer Camp Staff Applications Now Open for Youth & Young Adults
Calling all youth and young adults. Looking for an exciting, fast-paced job this summer?

Our summer camp program at Camp Mohaven is just around the corner!

If you’re between the ages of 16 and 17, consider becoming part of our team as a staff-in-training.

Are you between the ages of 18 and 25? We are looking for counselors, lifeguards, and staff in sports, canoes, crafts, gymnastics, high/low ropes, photography, and videography.

Help make a difference in the life of a child this summer!

Fill out an application today:

Questions about working at Camp Mohaven?
Contact Ohio Conference Youth director Edward Marton at 567.274.7087.
Save the Date: Ohio Conference One-Day Camp Meeting June 6, 2020 at Camp Mohaven
Both the Village Church in Mason and the Hamlet Church are seeking a qualified Bible Worker.

The Village position is a three-month commitment, while the Hamlet position is for a full year. Applicants for either position should be trained in Bible work and possess some experience. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Interested individuals should send their resume or CV to Pastor Ashton McFall at . Please direct all inquiries to McFall.
Presidential Search Updates Available Online
Interested in remaining informed as we begin our search for a new conference president? We will post updates as they become available on our website .

Please continue to keep this search process and our Presidential Selection Committee members in prayer.
Does Your Church Need Tithe Envelopes?
When it comes time to replenish your supply, please call the Ohio Conference and speak with Livny Beans, membership clerk and assistant to the ministerial/secretariat departments. 

740.397.4665, ext 115 or email .
How to Order Sabbath School Supplies
Wondering how you can order Sabbath School supplies for your church?

These items are available at AdventSource, and the price is nominal (.09 to .25 per item in most cases). 

A local church account may be created if your local church treasurer or pastor authorizes the account creation and sets it up. Otherwise anyone may purchase these items online.

Photo of the Week
"The students from Northern Ohio Adventist Academy are future artists," shared NOAA principal and teacher Rita Sukola.

The students' art lesson included detailed instruction in creating animal eyes. A sampling of their creations are pictured (right).
This week's inspirational quote from
Kettering Young Adult Pastor Paddy McCoy:
Verse of the Week
New Pastoral Assignment
As part of the proverbial great "Adventist Movement," we share with you a few new pastoral assignments around the Ohio Conference:

Michael Stough II is pastor of the Delaware and New Carlisle churches, which is now part of the newly formed Springfield - Delaware - New Carlisle district.
Centerville Church Hosts Free Personal Finance Seminar
You are invited to attend a free personal finance seminar, "Dollars & $ense" on Sunday, February 2 from 1:00-6:00 pm, sponsored by the Centerville Adventist Church.

Guest speaker Dennis Millburn, BS, MSM and has lectured in the US and abroad.

Topics presented include:
  • Getting debt free
  • Buying, selling, maintaining your home and car
  • Investing
  • Children & money
  • Retirement planning
Upcoming Events Around the Ohio Conference

January 18
Marietta and Beyond
(Marietta church event)
January 18
Springfield First Church

February 18
Mount Vernon Hill Church &
Mount Vernon Adventist Elementary
Have an event you would like to share with the Ohio Conference? Let us know!
Read the Current Issue of Mission Ohio in the Columbia Union Visitor
Highlights of this issue include Ron and Buffy Halvorsen accepting call to Pacific Northwest and the launch of a new church plant in the Lorain area.

Read these articles and more in the current issue of Mission Ohio in Visitor magazine.
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