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Worthington Church Hosts Hybrid Vacation Bible School for 75 Children
"We had about 75 children participate in our Knights of North Castle Vacation Bible School program this year," said Brooke Wong, chaplain of Worthington Adventist Academy. "Approximately half came in person, while [the other] half watched at home via recordings that were posted each night."

Precautions were taken to ensure the health and safety of those who attended the hybrid VBS in-person at the Worthington Adventist church, which included social distancing and masks for leaders. Those attending from home followed along with activities, which were pre-packaged and picked up by families from the church prior to the start of VBS.

"We enjoyed singing, Bible stories, puppet shows, a special Bible story 'podcast' by two of our young adults in addition to creating our own full set of armor, creating and eating snacks and so much more!" shared Wong.

"The highlight of the week was probably 'Christmas in July,' complete with hot chocolate, Christmas music and presents," she said.

Video credit: Kelvin Hux
Powered by the Spirit
by Michael Stough II, Pastor, Till Plains Fellowship
Electricity can be a very exciting thing. Sometimes too much so. Over the years I’ve had my share of experiencing the power which lies behind this powerful force. Some of it was fun, like putting your hands-on Van de Graaf generator and watching your hair stand on end, others potentially deadly, like accidentally touching the live current of an electrical outlet and getting thrown across the room by the surge of electricity through my body, or completely awe inspiring, like watching the lighting illuminating the clouds and night sky as it surges through the thunderstorm. The key lesson, electricity is a powerful force, with unlimited potential if harnessed.

And still, there is a force far more powerful than millions of lightning bolts joined together, the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of Till Plains’ small groups is studying J. L. Shuler’s, Power for a Finished Work, which deals with the latter rain experience. Throughout his book, Shuler elaborates on the reality that God is not limited in the power He can bestow upon each one of His disciples to complete His work.

While at times it seems like the latter rain will never fall, there are some key things which can be learned in looking at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the work of the latter rain.

  • As long as we are lukewarm Laodiceans, the latter rain will not fall on individuals. “It is left with us to remedy the defects in our characters, to cleanse the soul temple of every defilement. Then the latter rain will fall upon us as the early rain fell upon the disciples on the Day of Pentecost.”[1]

  • We have some fantastic tools to use in growing God’s kingdom, but they are nothing without the “fullness of the Spirit in the latter rain.”[2]

  • Ultimately the true purpose of the latter rain is to empower God’s people with the righteous life of Christ. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” [3]

In moments of introspection, I struggle with the facts of my lukewarm nature. I know it is very simple in theory to surrender all to Christ, but much more difficult to live the words of Paul and say, “I die daily.”[4] Still, there is a great promise with which God encourages me. That promise is the power of the Holy Spirit to surrender self on a daily basis, to seek God’s will in meeting His appointments throughout the day, and to finally finish His work in my life. 

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VBS Offers Way to Meet Needs of Young People During Pandemic
by Debbie Hall
As summer comes to an end and the children are preparing to return to school, the Delaware
Seventh-day Adventist church brought to the community a special two-day vacation bible
school (VBS). The event took place this past weekend, August 15 and 16.

“We knew we wanted to do something for the kids, and we wouldn’t be able to hold our usual
week-long event,” said Debbie Hall, a long-time volunteer for the VBS programs at the church.
“It was good to see the kids. I’m looking forward to when things return to a normalcy again and
we can get to work on our next one. We have big plans that we are really excited about.”

As a special gift to the kids, church members donated school supplies and they were all able to
take a bag home full of items for the coming school year. “During a meeting with VBS
volunteers, we decided that school supplies would be a great gift for the kids to take home and
a wonderful ministry for their families,” Rachael Hall said. “The kids seemed to enjoy the
supplies.” Rachael has been the VBS director for the past seven years.

The Delaware church is part of the new Till Plains Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship lead by
Pastor Michael Stough. “Even though it was brief and followed restrictions, VBS offered a great
way to meet the needs of young people during this difficult time,” said Stough.

The leaders are looking forward to taking the kids on the Rocky Railway: Jesus’ Power Pulls Us
Through next year.
Clifton Church Hosts Revival to Kick-Off School Year
"Last weekend Clifton had an in-person back to school revival to allow the youth to see each other before some went to boarding school, and the “hecticness” of school began," said Kojo Twumasi, youth pastor of the Clifton church in Cincinnati. "It was also utilized as an opportunity to recharge and refocus them spiritually," as the school year began.

A total of 16 high school students attended on Friday, August 14 while eight middle school students attended on Saturday, August 15.

Ever mindful of the health and safety of his students, Twumasi and his team took precautions while socializing, including:

1. Meeting outside 
2. Wearing masks at all times 
3. Serving prepackaged food 
4. Checking temperatures 
5. Making hand sanitizers available, and requiring everyone to sanitize their hands before congregating 
6. Keeping seating six feet apart

"The Lord blessed this gathering as the youth and church leadership charged the students to trust in the Lord and lean not on their own acknowledge God in all their ways, as He directs their paths," shared Twumasi.

Prior to leaving, students were also given food and school supplies to take with them.
Kyoshin Ahn Named North American Division Secretary
by NAD Communication
Earlier today, August 20, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s General Conference Executive Committee met virtually to receive the name of Kyoshin Ahn, the recommendation for division secretary, from both the North American Division’s standing nominating committee and executive committee. Ahn was confirmed in a vote of 118 to 2.

"Dr. Kyoshin Ahn brings to the position a wealth of knowledge and experience he has garnished through various assignments,” said G. Alexander Bryant, NAD president. 
Opening for Administrative Assistant at Ohio Conference Headquarters
The Ohio Conference announces an opening for the position of Administrative Assistant for their headquarters in Dayton. 

Visit for details about position requirements. Resumes will be accepted until August 26, 2020. Please express interest to Elder Oswaldo Magaña at the office at: 740.397.4665 and send resumes to
Opening for Accountant at Spring Valley Academy
Spring Valley Academy has an opening for the position of Accountant.  The preferred candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Accountant or its equivalent and at least 2 years of experience in the related field. 

Interested candidates should send their resume to the Business Manager at email  Also, for more details about the position you can email the Business Manager. 
Remaining Connected During a Pandemic
Who doesn't love to receive a card in the mail? A text from a friend? Maybe even a call from a dear family member.

Many of us found unique ways to reach out to our church family during quarantine. Though many of our church facilities have reopened, not everyone has returned to in-person worship. Are we staying connected to those who are worshipping from home?

Please consider reaching out to a member or two (or three or more!) and let them know you're thinking about them and praying for them! Drop a card in the mail to a senior member, send a text to a college student and see how the new school year is going for them, or call a dear friend just to say hello.

What a blessing you will be to them, and a blessing you will receive in return.

Photo of the Week
Earlier this month, the Evergreen church family welcomed their latest brother into fellowship. "We witnessed brother Christopher White take his baptismal vows as a sign of accepting the Lord as his personal savior," said Mark Sitch, an elder at Evergreen located in Boardman, Ohio.

Sitch explained, "Chris was searching for the truth and came to Evergreen, since it is nearby his home in Struthers, Ohio. He originally grew up in a Christian home in Modesto, California, coming to the greater Youngstown area about nine years ago."

"Tired, he spoke of going down the wrong paths, hanging with the wrong crowds, taking a lot of lumps, bumps and hard time to think and deciding that Jesus is the way!" said Sitch. "We are incredibly happy he gave his life to Jesus, and it is up to his new family to support his continued walk with Christ."

White was baptized by Robert Dunn, lay pastor at Evergreen. Dunn himself was baptized into the Evergreen church in the spring of 2013.

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