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New Video Message from Elder Bob Cundiff,
Ohio Conference President
"I am happy to tell you that I have made it to Ohio. I have been on site for 36 hours, and have been made to feel so welcome," begins Elder Bob Cundiff, Ohio Conference president and "chief servant."

Cundiff goes on to address the reopening of church buildings here in the Ohio Conference. "As we have wrestled with this as an administration, as we have listened, as we have prayed, we have tried to understand the best timing to open churches," he said. "We met with the Executive Committee yesterday, and administration gave a report where we talked about the timeline and the level of engagement we as an administration have had on this complicated issue. I am very hopeful that within one to three weeks we're going to be giving the okay to formally open all of our churches or to begin staging those churches open."

"I want to sincerely thank you for your patience with us, as we have wrestled with this issue, as we have tried to find the sweet spot, as we've tried to find the balance between an Adventist people that care about the health and the wellness of our members and community...against the need that we have to worship in person with each other. Until that time, we have asked all of our pastors to continue online services."

Watch this sixth installment of our weekly video series from conference leadership to learn more.

Family Camp Coming to Mohaven:
June 28 - July 5 & July 5 - July 12
Our Ohio Conference Youth department is very excited to offer Family Camp this summer, and we hope you are too.

Feeling a little stir-crazy after months in quarantine? Wondering how you can salvage your summer? Come and make new memories, enjoy the outdoors, and fall in love with Jesus...all at Camp Mohaven!

Enjoy Mohaven's has freshly updated cabins. Our COVID-19 trained and certified staff will provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

Visit for Family Camp details and to register.

Still Small Voice
By Michael Stough II, Pastor Delaware, New Carlisle, Springfield First District
The still small voice. Most of us have probably experienced it sometime throughout our lives, that moment when God speaks, and the stillness of His voice is deafening.

I remember a time when I was eight or nine years old. At the time my family lived in Tucson, Arizona. Many Sabbath afternoons were spent enjoying nature in the surrounding areas. One place we enjoyed, was Mt. Lemmon. At over 9000’ high, the mountain forests provided a nice change of scenery from the desert valley below.

On one of these Sabbath afternoon adventures, I had finished eating lunch, and while my parents and grandparents sat at the picnic table I began exploring the picnic ground area. Wandering up a slope on the side of a dry streambed, I started back down to cross over to the other side. As I got to the edge of the streambed, the still small voice said, “Stop.” Now being a kid, I wasn’t just moving at a leisurely pace in my explorations but was coming at a brisk pace down the slope. Also, being a kid, listening to the still small voice was probably not what I would do, but that day I did, and how glad I was.

Stopping, I looked around. Why stop? Looking across to the other side of the small path which led up the sloped bank and into the pine trees, I noticed the tops of the dried grass blowing gently in the breeze. Wait! There was no breeze to move the grass in that fashion. As if my guardian angel was taking my head in his hands and moving it to look further down, I saw the black body with white bands of a snake crawling where I would have been a few short moments later. Of course, what got my heart racing even more were the rattles of that Arizona Black Rattlesnake slithering up the path I wanted to travel on.

After running back to my family, dealing with their disbelief I had actually seen a rattlesnake, and getting a few pictures of it, both the snake and my family went their separate ways to enjoy the remainder of the Sabbath.

I’ve heard God speak many times since then in the still small voice He uses. At times it was an event like this one, where my physical life was in peril, and was I ever glad I listened that day. More frequently, when He uses His still small voice it is my spiritual life which is even more in peril. While we may not always want to stop and look and think, and I know I’ve had my fair share of not heading His voice, God speaks to each one of us. When He does, it is important to listen. The message reveals more to our understanding of our Father’s character and His deep love for His children. I don’t know what God is saying to you right now, but won’t you stop and listen, it just could save your life. 
Beginning a Podcast in Your Church
by Kasper Haughton Jr, Media Specialist
Looking to begin and grow a broadcasting ministry in your Church? Setting up a high quality video stream in order to engage modern audiences beyond your core church members is an expensive endeavor. There is another option for high quality broadcasting that has just as much potential reach as video broadcasting, and you can start up basically for free. Podcasting is a great free option for your church to begin engaging and growing audiences beyond your core members. For many of our Church situations, the return on investment and audience reach will be exponentially greater than starting with low quality video productions.

This is a three part series of videos cut from our April 22, 2020 Pastoral Tech Videoconferencing call.

In Part 1 , we introduce what a podcast is, talk about its broadcasting value for churches, and discuss with former Kettering young adult pastor Paddy McCoy about his experience starting a podcast in the last couple weeks and the impact it has had in his ministry.

In Part 2 , we go through a beginner's tutorial on the steps for setting up, recording, and distributing a podcast.

In Part 3 , we take questions from conference pastors on podcasting and other church tech related problems. 

Questions about this topic? Contact Kasper Haughton Jr, media specialist for the Ohio Conference, at kasper@ohioadventist .org.

Read the April 23, 2020 issue of Faithpoints discussing podcasts, what they are, and two Ohio pastors who have started their own.
How the Visitor Reported the 1918-1920 Pandemic
by Celeste Ryan Blyden, Columbia Union Visitor
Columbia Union Visitor archives from 1918-1920 provide a snapshot of life and ministry for members of the fledgling Columbia Union Conference, which was only in its 11th year at the onset of the “Spanish Influenza Pandemic.” During a deadly two-year period, some 50 million people perished globally, including 675,000 in the United States. Conference and school reports in the weekly, eight-page Visitornoted its impact on members, ministry, frontline workers and the community at large.

“If there was ever a time in the history of the world when we needed to offer incense (pray) to God for help it is now. All our churches are closed, and some lines of the work are at a standstill. The plague … is raging everywhere and there are many dead bodies in every place,” wrote West Virginia Conference President T.B. Westbrook in a November 7, 1918, front-page call to prayer.

At the height of the scourge, October 1918, a reported 195,000 Americans died. In her October 31, 1918, update from the East Pennsylvania Conference about the work in Philadelphia, Louise C. Kleuser wrote (pp. 4-5), “The influenza epidemic has visited us with a violence before unknown in our land of sanitation. We can truly say, ‘Death is come up into our windows, and is entered into our palaces, to cut off the children from without, and the young men from the streets,’ (Jer. 9:21). It has been no time for the wise doctors to glory in their wisdom or for the rich to glory in their riches, for death has claimed many from both classes. The Health Department has been brought face to face with a most critical condition, the instructive and pacifying placards in street cars and public buildings tell of the fear and anxiety of the people. ‘We have heard the voice of trembling and of fear, and not of peace’” (Jer. 30:5).

Reflecting on the impact in Philadelphia, where 20,000 people died during the pandemic, she added: “Many of our people are growing fainthearted over the conditions.”

In that same issue, a West Virginia Conference news note revealed, “At this writing, the influenza is still raging in West Virginia. All of our churches are closed. Two of our members have died from the disease and there is no sign of the quarantine being lifted” ( Visitor , Oct. 31, 1918, p. 5).

Worth Saving?
by Staff Contributor
There was a plant my best friend from childhood gave me that was sprouted from her spider plant. Somehow I managed to keep it alive all these years - until recently. 

I’d taken it indoors for the winter and it was starting to look a little sickly, so the moment it was warm enough I put it out back where it would get (what I thought was appropriate) sunlight. In two days the fairly large plant that spilled over the sides of its container died. And I mean it was a brown, crisp. 

I was five seconds from pitching the whole thing but something told me to pick away all the dead leaves and vines, move it to the steps, and let it sit. Just dirt. 

This morning I looked out my back door down to the steps and saw what you see in the picture. It was a powerful moment for me because I was reminded of God’s restorative power. Sometimes I feel like that plant - I’m too far gone and I’ve messed up too much to be worth anything. 

But that’s what God’s love always does. It tells us we’re still worth saving. It reminds us it’s never too late and we’re never too far out of His reach. He can pick away our dead leaves and reveal the person underneath. He can pull us from any depth or darkness if we let him. 
The Seventh-day Adventist Church Wants You to be a Digital Missionary
The global Seventh-day Adventist Church is gearing up to launch what might become the largest digital evangelism series in history. Every Adventist is being challenged to become a ‘Digital Missionary’ as church leaders are hoping to  recruit 5,000 digital missionaries in 5 days

Digital missionaries will receive daily emails with “missions” involving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Messenger, Quora, Wikipedia and many other platforms. They will use their own personal accounts to inspire family, friends, colleagues and everyone in their circle of influence to engage with Adventist content.

To sign up, visit  
Photo of the Week
"Graduations in 2020 will be something that will go down in history," began Ann De Mange, school board chair for the Piqua Seventh-day Adventist Christian School.

Wednesday night, Piqua eighth-grader  Katarinia Burger, graduated during a socially distanced celebration which was live-streamed for her extended family, friends and church members who watched from their cars in the parking lot. Burger was the first student to complete all grades, K-8, at the school.

Ohio Conference Education Superintendent Richard Bianco was asked by Burger to be the speaker for her graduation. Addressing Burger's class motto and scripture verse contained in Jeremiah 29:11-13, Bianco said "Kat, your future starts right now. And God has said He has great plans for you...Your mom and dad have dedicated their lives to allowing you and your siblings to have an opportunity to get a Christian education, because they know the importance of having God interspersed in your life at all times."

Bianco closed by assuring Burger, "Whatever it is, I know that God's plans for you are the best plans. And I know He is going to lead you to places that you never imagined that you would go. Keep your chin up, keep your eyes on the prize, and always keep the faith."


Verse of the Week
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