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Seeds of Christ's Love Sown at Summer Camp
by Edward Marton, Ohio Conference Youth Director
Summer camp is one of the most effective ministries in reaching our children, youth, and young adults. Summer camp is one way that our churches may grow young. All effective ministries are very relational and have a foundation of mentoring and discipleship. Summer camp ministry is all that and so much more. It is at summer camp that children, youth, young adults, and adults come together for the purpose of drawing closer to Jesus through nature activities. And it is at summer camp that one could witness an intergenerational ministry of mentoring and discipleship.

These two pictures illustrate the effectiveness of summer camp ministry. The first picture (left) was taken during tween camp of 2016 at Camp Mohaven. Matthew Taulbee (top left) and Zack Macomber (top right), were two amazing counselors at Camp Mohaven. They ran activities during the day, shared the love of Jesus through Scripture, music, skits, and their genuine care for their campers. The six campers in their cabin had the privilege to see Christ in Matthew and Zack, and to really long to be like them when they grew older. And that is exactly what happened, five out of six campers in that picture work at Camp Mohaven in 2020.

Charles Ames (second person in the back from the left), is a counselor, canoe director, and lifeguard. He loves being at Camp Mohaven and impacting the lives of campers for Jesus. Next to Charles, to his left is Andrew Jones. He works for camp manager Carrie Brown, making sure that all our campers have a beautiful, functional camp to learn about Jesus. Then next to Andrew is Joshua Fahey, he is a counselor and lifeguard at Camp Mohaven. Joshua not only makes sure that campers are safe in the pool, but he also helps campers learn more about Jesus. In the front row on the left side of the picture is Mark Ames, the younger brother of Charles. Mark is also a lifeguard and a staff-in-training this year. His hard work, enthusiasm, and example is contagious and a great witness for our campers. And then there is Jed Williamson, our sports director and counselor this year. Jed’s love for sports and praising and living for Jesus is a powerful example to campers that there are young adults who love Jesus and live joyful lives.

And this is why summer camp ministry is so effective. Young adult counselors are mentored by pastors and the administrative team to share Jesus through the gifts God has given them. Whether their gifts are in being lifeguards, horsemanship, archery, canoeing, crafts, sports, music, and many other activities, they use those gifts to touch the lives of campers. Campers in turn see Jesus in their counselors. They see Jesus as their counselors sing enthusiastically, pray with them, have cabin devotions, and lead out in activities. And in turn, these young campers look up to these young adult counselors and make the decision to follow Jesus. Furthermore, some of them decide to grow up and be like their favorite counselor who showed them how to live for Jesus. 

This is why the second picture (right) is so powerful. For in the second picture is Charles, Andrew, and Joshua in the back, with Mark and Jed in the front. Five young men whose lives were touched by two counselors during the summer of 2016, and this summer they are touching the lives of many campers for Christ. The seeds of Christ’s love they are sowing will truly bear fruit. I can’t wait to see how many campers will follow in their footsteps, working at Camp Mohaven in the future, and touching the lives of campers. 
Couple Baptized Nearly Four Years After First Bible Study
"Gosh...we met way back...probably three or four years ago," shared Beth Anne Jones, bulletin secretary for the Blooming Grove church. Jones and her husband Jesse explained how they first met Corwin and Lora Tuttle, after dropping off some literature at their apartment one day.

Lora remembered Beth Anne from her youth, while Corwin connected with Jesse over the ups and downs of property management, as they both own apartment complexes. Gradually over the course of many months, the Tuttles began to visit the church sporadically. The couples then began to read through a rather advance theological book before exchanging that for better Bible studies provided by district pastor Marcellus de Oliveira.

Several times the couples were forced to discontinue Bible studies. First, Lora had suffered a stroke, which kept them away from church for an extended time. Not long after resuming the studies last year, Corwin was admitted to the hospital and placed on life support as he battled sepsis. The first time Pastor de Oliveira met Corwin was while he was in the hospital and was praying over Corwin along with the Joneses.

Knowing how important finishing the studies and being baptized was to him, Beth Anne told Corwin, "You can't didn't finish your Bible studies!" Beth Anne said she is certain it was Corwin's will that pulled him through his health crisis, and it "showed his dedication to these studies that he (Corwin) only missed one Bible study."

The Tuttles finally completed their Bible studies with the Joneses, and were eagerly awaiting baptism, only to learn that the church buildings were now closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They patiently waited, and on July 11, both were baptized into the Blooming Grove church, with Beth Anne and Jesse in attendance. "It was such a joyous event," said Beth Anne. "I was bawling. If I feel this way, imagine how God and His angels must have felt watching them get baptized!"

Joining them that day was Nathan Dehring, who chose to be rebaptized. According to de Oliveira, "Nathan felt he was too young when baptized, and he did not understand the the real meaning of having a close relationship with Christ." 

Pictured (L to R): Beth Anne and Jesse Jones, Corwin and Lora Tuttle, Nathan Dehring with his uncle Ken Beitzel, and Pastor Marcellus de Oliveira.
Photo credit: Cisa de Oliveira
Ohio Conference Women's Ministries Hosts Free Three-Part Event
Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed? Alone? We understand the past months have been excruciating.

We would like to offer you an oasis: A time for fellowship, encouragement, and most importantly, prayer.

The Ohio Conference Women's Ministries department would like to provide you with a much-needed respite. A time for you to hit the "reset" button.

Join us for a three-part event: "You Are Enough," based on the new book by Tamyra Horst, "Enough: Discovering A God Who Is Enough When You're Not."

This is not a "book club," nor "another" Zoom meeting.

We encourage you to come as you are...bedhead and jammies and all.
Join us via ZOOM for three Sundays:

  • August 16 - Prizes for those wearing their favorite pajamas.
  • September 13 - Brew a cup of your favorite tea and grab a scone while we come together.
  • October 11 - A very special guest will join us!

Registration opens next week. This is a free event. Purchasing a copy of Tamyra's book "Enough" is not required, but will help you as we discuss the sections each Sunday. 

Health Sabbath: July 25
Each year, the North American Division designates one Sabbath a year as Health Sabbath. This is an opportunity for our churches to focus their Sabbath services on the importance of good health and how the health work enhances the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It can be an ideal week to invite neighbors, friends, and coworkers to your church.
New Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia Available Online
ESDA is a global church project which aims at completing approximately 8,500 articles with accompanying photographs, media, and original documents. ESDA is a great tool, not only for those seeking to learn more about the church, but also for those looking to witness to others. ESDA Online, the church’s first online reference work, launched on July 1st, 2020.

Ohio Conference Pastor Celebrates Recent Nuptials
The Ohio Conference is pleased to share the somewhat-delayed news that Catherine Wheatley Morgan from Millsboro, Delaware and Pastor Tom Hughes from Reynoldsburg, Ohio were married February 14, 2020 at the Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Salisbury, Maryland by Pastor Greg Carlson. It was an informal ceremony with a dozen relatives in attendance.
Cathy is a professional musician and Tom has been an Adventist pastor for four decades. He is currently serving as an evangelist for the Ohio Conference. Cathy will be assisting Tom with his work.

Due to social distancing restrictions attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, a reception will be held at a later date to celebrate their union. They are building a home in Tennessee and plan on retiring there next year.
Spaces Remain Available for Teen Camp
Teen Camp is for ages 15-17. Campers will enjoy various activities, time with friends, good food, and morning and evening worships in a safe and healthy environment.

Spaces still available, register soon to claim your slot. Only $255 for the week!

Photo of the Week
Running a COVID-19 safe summer camp requires additional work and unique challenges.

As a way to thank the camp staff, Ohio Conference Youth Director Edward Marton (left) continued his annual tradition of making crepes for his entire team last Sunday.

"A big shout out to spouses that help out every year. Thank you!" said Mariya Marton, Stillwater pastor and wife of Marton. The crew enjoyed "so much goodness and deliciousness."
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