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Mayfair Christian School - Embracing Diversity and Expanding the Family of God
"The Ohio Conference is blessed to have schools that are incredibly diverse and have missions that impact many people all across their regions," shares Rick Bianco, superintendent of education.

According to Miriam Troup, principal of Mayfair Christian Schoo l , "We have had 27 students commit to learning more about the love of Jesus Christ through Bible studies."

"We have students from varying backgrounds. We have Karen* students, we have students from the continent of Africa, we have some students that have a Spanish background, African-American background, but they don't see the race," said Troup. "All they see is that this is my friend."

Watch this video to learn more about this culturally diverse and growing school in the Akron area, and how they share their love for Jesus. Thank you for your continued support of Adventist Education and the positive impact it has on our students and their families.

*The Karen (pronounced Kar-Ren, emphasis on second syllable) are indigenous to the Thailand-Burma border region in Southeast Asia and are one of the many ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar), many of whom fled Burma due to religious and ethnic persecution by the government.
By Michael Stough II, Pastor Delaware, New Carlisle, Springfield First District
I’ve been listening. What I’m hearing is making me concerned. In between the lines of our conversations, and maybe far too many times just simply right out in the open, I’m hearing a narrative which speaks volumes to the condition of our hearts as God’s people. The thing I am hearing, and even seeing is pride.

Now in our society, pride is something which is typically viewed as a positive. Yes, the negative is also present in the definition, but often pride is talked about in ways such as being proud about what we do or who we are. Turn to the Bible however, and pride or being proud is almost unanimously associated with sin.

In 2 Kings 5, the story of Naaman sheds a huge spotlight on the problems of pride. This man, who was commander of Syria’s armed forces, was afflicted by the living death sentence of leprosy. But hope came to the hopeless through a young Israelite girl’s faith, that in her homeland, the true God and his prophet existed who could heal Naaman of his disease.

Making haste, Naaman enters Israel and encounters Elisha. There, he is told to go wash in the Jordan River. Naaman’s initial response exposes his pride, “The Jordan? There are better rivers in Syria, ones far more suited to my position in this world.” His pride made him forget the leprosy that was even then gnawing away at his body. Naaman’s pride and arrogance made him believe Elisha should come out and perform some mystical magic act to heal the leprosy.

Fortunately for Naaman, some humble and wise assistants reminded him if Elisha were to prescribe some great, self-aggrandizing task he would rush to do it. Now, he was simply being asked to go into a small humble river and take a bath.

Now this is where I believe many of the today’s problems related to pride are affecting us, the church. Where there is a conflict between our wills and God’s. God says, “Go take a bath!” We respond, “I will not!” Overstepping the proper bounds, we announce to our Father that we know a better way. Unlike Naaman, we simply refuse to humble ourselves and submit to God’s will.

Jesus says, “And many lepers were in Israel in the time of Elisha the prophet, and none of them was cleansed except Naaman the Syrian.” [1] Immediately after this, the church was so filled with prideful anger they grabbed Jesus and would have crucified Him then and there by throwing Him off a cliff.

There was once another who became so full of pride, he thought it possible to kill God. Who said his ways are better than God’s ways. Once Lucifer, the light bearer, he is now Satan, the accuser. Sadly, I wonder, are we so full of pride today, so set in our own way of salvation and doing things, so self-deceived, we are more like the Satan than Jesus? Lord, I pray, heal our hearts.  

[1] The New King James Version . (1982). (Lk 4:27). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.
Directions for a Path Forward
By Vince Waln, Pastor of the Hamilton Church
No matter what opinion you hold, one thing is certain, no one wants to stay where we are now. But the question still remains... How do we make our way through this pandemic as individuals, as a family, and as a church?

Turning to the wisdom from the Scriptures,  Dr. Luke in his writings in the Book of Acts, gives his account of the fast growth of the early church and all the challenges and issues it faced. Paul and Barnabas' first missionary journey endured so many struggles, but one thing is for certain... they kept going... they had clear directions for a path forward 

Here are four Power Phrases we can learn from Paul from that first missionary journey...

1. Spread the Word.  Acts 14:21  After preaching the Good News… 
We are hearing a LOT OF NEWS right now. Much of it is conflicting, but the Gospel is the only good news that everyone needs to hear. 

2. Stay the Course.  Acts 14:22  …They encouraged them to continue in the faith…  
Paul and Barnabas, in retracing their trip, maintained contact with the churches they planted, providing ongoing counsel and encouragement. They encouraged the disciples to stay the course.

3. Practice the Presence.  Acts 14:23  Paul and Barnabas also appointed elders in every church. With prayer and fasting, they turned the elders over  to the care of the Lord, in whom they had put their trust.
Those early Christians practiced the presence of the Lord, engaging in practices that demonstrated their faith in the Lord. 

4. Open the Doors.  Acts 14:27  …they called the church together and reported everything God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, too. 

Upon their return to Antioch, Paul and Barnabas gathered the church together and reported all the things that God had done with them. Paul and Barnabas had a clear path forward on their first missionary journey, in spite of their many challenges. 

Whatever challenges we face today,  we can have a clear path forward, if we only entrust it to God. 
We may not be able to see what is ahead, but He can.  He is already there.

Adapted from Pastor Waln's weekly "Monday Morning ReCap" e-blast. Waln is also chair of the Ohio Conference Finance Committee, a member of the Ohio Conference Executive Committee, and member of the Columbia Union Executive Committee.
Dashers Travel Over 20.09 Times Around Ohio's Buckeye Trail
by Joel Greve, Centerville Youth/Young Adult Pastor
After 37 days, participants have traveled 29,016.64 miles!

This means that we have walked around Ohio and the Buckeye trail 20.09 times. Since the state of Ohio is 220 miles wide, our Dashers have walked across Ohio 132.89 times. The USA is 2,800 miles in width; this equates to walking 10.36 times across America!
Mohaven Peacemakers: 2020 Camp Staff
Our summer camp season began this week with Family Camp I, and will continue (carefully) for the next few weeks.

Running a COVID-19 compliant camp has been challenging, but our incredible summer camp team is up to the challenge. "Meet" Edward Marton and his team in this youth-produced video.

Registration Open for Junior, Tween & Teen Camps at Mohaven
Attention Digital Missionaries: New Resource Available
This comprehensive resource is packed with practical “how-to” nuts and bolts that will help you establish or grow your digital ministry. This guide seeks to act as a catalyst for a cultural shift toward prioritizing technology in the Church at all levels, by which ministry can be revolutionized using innovative technology to reach the world.  
Get your copy at (digital/Kindle) (hard copy/print)
Developing a Church Media Ministries Plan
Looking to grow your church media presence? Wondering what equipment to purchase? Kasper Haughton Jr, Ohio Conference media specialist, shares the basics in this three-part series.

Photo of the Week
Recently, the West Salem Amish Mission Church celebrated four adult baptisms and the dedication of 12 children to the Lord.

Abe and Jenna Schrock along with Andrew and Rebecca Hershberger, were baptized by Ohio Conference Youth Director Edward Marton, who also shared an inspirational message that Sabbath. West Salem continues to "growing young," and had an all-youth weekend the week following the baptisms and dedications.

Photo credit: Doreen Vaughn
Verse of the Week
Read the Current Issue of Mission Ohio in the Columbia Union Visitor
Highlights of this issue include the Worthington Church growing younger as they fuel a warm community, and Kettering Church youth leadership uniting during a crisis.

Read these articles and more in the current issue of Mission Ohio in Visitor magazine.
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