The Falcon Flyer Email Newsletter - November 2017- Edition #26
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A Message From The Superintendent's Office...

Dear Falcon Community:
During the past two years, I have noted the issue of our growing student enrollment in the Falcon Flyer, at Board of Education meetings and during Back to School presentations. As I have previously stated, our student enrollment has grown by over 1,200 students in the past eight years, which has caused our aggregate school enrollment to exceed the functional capacity of our schools by 1,500 students. We are expecting another 1,500 students in the next five years, which will result in over 3,000 unhoused students.

In a series of presentations at Board meetings over the last two years, and in a participatory and public process with the Student Growth Advisory Committee, we have reviewed the enrollments, the facilities, available sites and the curriculum, explored alternate solutions and developed a best solution to meet our immediate needs. That solution is a new middle school.

The Board of Education approved a resolution to hold a special election on March 13, 2018 for the purpose of placing a Referendum Question before voters. This Referendum, if approved, authorizes the District to raise funds through the sale of bonds to finance the construction of a new middle school. The Referendum proposes a new 152,315 square foot, 1000-student middle school, which would alleviate the over-crowded conditions in our current middle school and provide equity in programs offered to students. 

The Board of Education and the District Administration understand the financial implications of a Referendum on the taxpayers in Monroe Township. That is why we have continued to pursue our fair share of state aid, which resulted in an additional $458,000 in state aid this year. And, we are still working to increase that amount.

The Monroe Township Public School District is a leading academic institution in Middlesex County. This reputation is created by hard-working students, great teachers and supportive families. Whatever our students choose to do, they not only succeed, but they succeed at the highest level. Wonderful musicals, brilliant stage performances, elite level STEM and business programs and championship athletic programs are all annual achievements that, while lauded, are never taken for granted. It has been my pleasure to witness to all of the great things that your children accomplish every day.

We all know how special Monroe Township is, which is why so many have decided to raise their families among our caring and growing community. Growth is wonderful, but with it comes challenges. In spite of seven consecutive years of two percent budget increase limits, the Monroe Township School District maintains one of the lowest per pupil costs in all of Middlesex County, while continuing to rank among the best school districts. It is only a matter of time before our exorbitant class sizes negatively impact the rankings, property values, and most importantly, the overall education of the Monroe Township students. For $10.21 per month on the average house assessed at $312,219, these challenges are resolved for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Please review the Referendum information, soon to be uploaded to the District website.  Familiarize yourself with the wealth of data there, save the date on your calendars, and come out and vote on March 13, 2018.  Click here to view Fast Facts about the Referendum

On behalf of the Monroe Township Board of Education and the entire staff of the Monroe Township Public Schools, I thank you for the opportunity to work with your children on a daily basis.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Michael G. Kozak
Superintendent of Schools
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Congratulations to the MTHS Girls Volleyball Team for winning their second consecutive
GMC White Division Championship!
Fall 2017 Community Education
The following classes are starting in NOVEMBER:  
  • November 14th -- Hallowed Ground-Putting the Civil War Read to Rest
  • November 16th -- Holiday Pie Premiere-Take 2 home for yourself or give as gifts!
  • November 30th -- Holiday Cookie Party-Music and Refreshments ALL NIGHT during class!!
Registration is open as seats are still available
Bring or make new friends and have a fun evening out 
Call Linda at (732) 521-2111 ext. 7 or e-mail
Want to offer a class in the spring? Plan ahead!
We need instructors in areas of technology, hobbies, gardening, and home improvements!  * Click here for course proposal form (or call Linda to have a course proposal form forwarded to you)
Want to receive our spring program booklet?
Call Linda and leave your contact information.
Congratulations to the MTHS Boys Soccer Team for winning their  second consecutive division championship and to  Matt Hoyt for setting the school assist record!
Exciting Educational Technology Solutions
Come Explore Some Exciting Technology-based
Educational Solutions!

When:  Evening of November 14, 2017

Where:  Monroe Township High School

Leading technology companies such as Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard will provide you with the high-impact learning and strategic direction necessary to guide our students and staff towards an innovative, 1:1 technology-based future-focused educational environment.  
We believe our students, community, and the global society will benefit from our mission to create a 21st century environment for learning that promotes inspiration, motivation, exploration, and innovation.  
Attendees will be able to interact with the vendors and ultimately complete a survey regarding their impressions.
Booster Club Calendar Raffle
The Monroe Township High School Booster Club is the only organization that provides support for ALL Monroe Township High School athletes. The funds that the club collects through membership dues and fundraising activities are used to provide financial support to recognize our student athletes.
In each of the last two years we award over $5300 to graduating Senior Athletes through 32 scholarships.  5 Scholarships are awarded at Senior Awards Night and the other 27 are given to a Senior MVP for each Varsity sport at our Senior Athletic Luncheon.  You can see a list of last year's recipients' on our website,  Our goal is to increase the number of scholarships awarded each year.  In order to help us achieve this goal we are running a Calendar Raffle.
Each raffle costs $15 and you have 90 chances to win between January 1st, 2018 and March 31st, 2018.  One winner every day!  Prizes range from $25 to $75.  Over $2,900 in prizes will be awarded.  If you win, your ticket will be put back in so you can win again!!!
They make great stocking stuffers, holiday gifts or just some fun for you.  Get them before December 25th, 2017.
We would really appreciate your support!
If you would like to purchase a Calendar Raffle respond to this email or email:
Nancy Schieda at
Thank you for your support!
Monroe Township Booster Club
Brookside Makerspace Think Lab

Imagine a unique learning space where students are encouraged to explore, discover and create? In the process of making, students will try, fail, learn and try again? Thanks to the generous donation from BB/BS PTA, Brookside Makerspace Think Lab is about to be launched in full force! It is an exciting place where our children will have the opportunities to learn and have hands-on experience to use different materials, tools and technology. They will be given challenges and have to figure out solutions or even invent some prototypes through the process of open-ended inquiry and hands-on making.   

Some of the highlights of our Makerspace are:
  • Upcycled Prototype Station: With a variety of recycled/craft materials, students could invent and tinker to make models, solve challenges and present ideas.
  • Take Apart Station: With some simple tools, students could take apart old hardware such as an alarm clock or a computer speaker and explore the mechanics inside.
  • Lego Floor Station: With Lego plates snapped on the floor, students could face challenges such as to build a Lego bridge that holds the most books or assemble a simple machine that you could use in real life.
  • High-Tech Exploration Station: 3D printer, OSMO kits, Little Bits Electronic Kits, Makey Makey and green screen are set up for teachers and students to try their hands on these popular maker gadgets while learning cross curriculum subjects.
Once our Makerspace is fully set-up, we cannot wait to invite our students in so we could ignite the makers in all of us. We cannot wait to play, tinker, imagine and create!


What's Happening at Woodland School?

Ms. Kutcher's 5 th grade class designed a "Feel Good-ism" poster to display in the hallway of Woodland School.  On the poster, students wrote positive messages to help other students "Choose Your Attitude". The goal of this project was to "Make Their Day", which is part of the Fish Philosophy that is embedded within our school culture. 

Fifth grade classrooms are studying weather and utilizing fun and exciting recourses.  Mrs. North & Mrs. Brunotte's class are using hygrometers to find the relative humidity of their classrooms while Mr. Reinhold & Ms. Troiani's  classes began using Google Expeditions (virtual-reality teaching tool) with their science classe s.  They used augmented reality to go inside clouds using their iPads to see how clouds are formed and what they look like.

Upcoming Woodland Events
  • In celebration of American Education Week, parents will be invited to visit on Thursday, November 16th.  
  • Monroe Township schools will have a 4 hour session day on Wednesday, November 22nd (dismissal at 12:10PM) and school will be closed Thursday, November 23rd & Friday, November 24th in observance of Thanksgiving Day.
  • Picture retake day is scheduled on Monday, November 27th

Ms. Evans' 5
th Grade Class Uses
Math & Problem Solving Skills to "Escape the Classroom"
At Applegarth Elementary School, the students in Miss Evans' 5
th grade class used their math and problem solving skills to complete a Halloween themed "Escape the Classroom!" This fun and engaging activity had students working collaboratively to decipher clues and riddles in order to "escape" the witch that would put a spell on them if they failed....and all within 45 minutes!

The riddles started before students even entered the classroom when they needed to find their group members. In the cafeteria, students had different pictures taped onto their backs and needed to find similarities between their picture and their classmates' pictures in order to determine who their group members were.

The groups then entered the classroom to solve their first clue and begin the "escape." Each group went to a workstation began analyzing the clues. Finally, students were given what appeared to be jumbled letters, but what was actually a math problem spelled backwards!

Congratulations to our two groups escaped the witch in time! Congratulations to these victorious problem solvers! 

Diwali Celebrated in 
Mrs. Patel's 4th Grade Class at Applegarth School
Mrs. Patel's class celebrates Diwali! 
Students dressed up and shared about the popular festival.
Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia.


The Day One project at Monroe Township High School was a huge success! This was the first project the Peace Ambassadors sponsored this year. The Day One project was an initiative to spread anti-discriminatory messages around the school. This was accomplished by hanging up posters in every classroom on campus to remind students that the high school is a place of positivity and acceptance. We also gifted each student a wristband that reads "Kindness Matters. " The Peace Ambassadors also sponsored a visit from Mykee Fowlin who is a psychologist who spreads his peaceful message through a series of powerful skits. His performance was put on for the freshmen class.  The performance left a lasting impact on the freshmen students that they can carry with them for the next four years.

The Peace Ambassadors also have a variety of projects scheduled for the rest of the school year. The next project is called Challenge Day; a full day activity that students can partake in to learn more about each other and show compassion to their peers. This activity promotes a positive atmosphere that follows the students for months afterwards. We are also bringing an anti-bullying curriculum to the elementary schools, specifically 2nd and 5th grade. This, along with a variety of other  peace promoting events sponsored by the Peace Ambassadors, will encourage a more accepting and positive future.

What's Happening at Mill Lake School !?


The staff and students are off to a great start this school year in large part to the heightened focus on Growth Mindset and Mindfulness. Interfused into all academic subjects, teachers and students are thinking about how goal setting and empowering students to think about how they can affect their own progress. Additionally our guidance team has focused on creating lessons on these topics to spark students to not focus on what they cannot do, rather, students are encouraged to think about what they can do or what they can work on to help them grow in a particular area


The 3 rd Grade Student Council members started their year in a big way with creating a "Ghostly Greetings" program where all proceeds will be donated to the people of Puerto Rico. Our entire Mill Lake School Community continues to commit themselves towards philanthropic efforts to help programs or persons in need. We are very lucky to have students who are civic minded who have a great deal of compassion!


Free of Charge
Text CULTURE to 56512 for more details.

Join us in commemorating the 100th anniversary of America's involvement in WWI. Explore the story, from the battlefield to the homefront, in this milestone exhibit showcasing an array of artifacts. The World War I Drum and Bugle Music Group will be there for your entertainment and light refreshments will be served.

The Cornelius Low House/
Middlesex County Museum
1225 River Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
TTY: 732-745-3888

The Exhibit will run through December 30, 2018
Tuesday - Friday: 1 - 4pm
Sunday: 1 - 4pm
Closed Mondays, Saturdays and Holidays
Monroe Township Middle School PTO

Dear Parents and Staff,
Thank you for your support with the MTMS PTO Fall Fundraisers!  We just received our totals for our 1st Box Tops Collection of the year. In just 2 months of school being in session, our students and staff, have brought in $525 in Box Tops!  Keep clipping your box tops and be on the lookout for more information about our next Box Tops contest!  
Below are some reminders and information about some of our upcoming events and fundraisers:
Adult Wine Glass Paint Night: The PTO is hosting the event on Friday, November 17 from 7pm-9pm at Forsgate Country Club!  Our event is going to be led by Vice Principal Higgins, who was an Art teacher at one time.  Come join us in painting a Mr. Higgins "original design" on wine glasses! Please visit for more information or email at  Don't miss out, send in your payments and reserve your spot today!
David's Cookie Dough Order Forms:  Cookie dough order forms have been sent home with your students via homeroom. If you haven't received the brochure, please check your child's backpack!  All orders are due by November 3rdPlease note: The frozen cookie dough pick up night is Wed, Dec 6 from 6pm-8pm at MTMS. If you are unable to pick up that night, please make arrangements with a friend.
The Rt. 9 Community Discount Card:  Start your holiday shopping through the MTMS PTO. They make great holiday gifts!  Each discount card costs $20, of which 50% goes directly back to the PTO. The number 1 benefit of this discount card is that it is  reusable, and not a 1 time coupon! You can use this card as often as you like, until December 2018. This card can be used at places such as Modell's, TGIF, Chili's, etc. from Old Bridge to Howell. There are many local places in Jamesburg and Monroe such as Baker's American Grill, Bagel Bazaar, Vine, Bella Italia, Tuscany, etc. Please check our website for more information on places the card can be used.  If you don't have a child in the Middle School, and would like to purchase a card to support the MTMS PTO, please email
Stop and Shop Rewards:  Please register your Stop and Shop card by following the steps located under "A+ School Rewards" on our website at  Another easy way to earn the PTO some extra cash!
PTO Spirit Wear $2 Fundraiser Day:  Mark your calendar for our 2nd $2 PTO Spirit Wear Fundraiser Day on December 19th.  Our PTO Student Representatives have chosen to wear Disney attire for the day.  Show your school spirit and help support the PTO!  In lieu of magazine and snack fundraisers, we have added a few PTO $2 Spirit Wear Days throughout the year.   
Fall Bookfair:  Our Fall Bookfair will be held from November 27 - November 30 during the school day. All proceeds from the bookfair go back to enhancing the school and classroom libraries.
Our fundraising efforts bring so many great events/activities for our students and staff.  In addition to all that we fund each year (dances, bingos, etc.) for our students and staff, one of our fundraising initiatives is to purchase and enhance the MTMS Gymnasium Speaker System. The speaker system is used for 8 thGrade Graduation, future pep rallies, Volleyball Madness, Athletic Breakfast and any other school events that take place in the gym.
With the Holiday season approaching, please continue to help support the MTMS PTO by shopping through our Amazon link at  Another easy way the PTO earns some extra monies.  Stay connected by checking our PTO website frequently, "liking" our MTMS PTO Facebook page, and checking your emails. If you would like to join a PTO Committee, please email

Thank you for your ongoing support!
If you have any questions, please contact one of the PTO officers.

Rupa Siegel                                                    

Chrissy Skurbe
Vice President 

Domenica DeSalvo

Lisa Pedulla

Check Out What's Happening At The

  Oak Tree Gives Back
"Wall of Hope"

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

A simple quote by Anne Frank speaks volumes of what the kids have been doing here at Oak Tree Elementary.  During the whole month of October, students have been donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  This society is known for funding and research to find better treatments and cures; however, the organization, as a whole, is so much more.  They provide hope to children, families, and communities.  The success rate of those diagnosed with the terrible disease of cancer has increased thanks to this wonderful society, and thanks to the amazing contributions of students and people from all over.  

To make donating fun, LLS has set up a "Pennies for Patients" and "Pasta for Patients" program at various schools.  The class who donates the most money can receive either a Domino's party or an Olive Garden pasta party!  Aside from feeling good about giving to those in need, students are also getting rewarded for it - how awesome!  But the donations don't stop in the classroom...oh no!  There is also an online fundraising page where people can donate to the wonderful cause all year long!  Oak Tree's goal is $3,000 for this school year, which exceeds last year's collection.  To help this happen this year, Oak Tree has decided to create a "Wall of Hope" displayed outside of the cafeteria, where children's names who have donated are displayed on bloodlet papers to show hope for a cure to cancer.  It's amazing to see students go the extra mile and give extra donations.  Every time one passes the "Wall of Hope," it can remind us of the good we can do for others and ignites the fire of hope within.  

The saying, "a little bit goes a long way" really comes to life when it relates to providing life!  Great job to the students, staff, and parents of Oak Tree School, as well as those outside of our community who showed generosity and gave back to those in need out of the goodness of their hearts.  Because of you, hope for those affected by cancer can exist indefinitely. 
Congratulations to our budding high school AP artists whose artwork was accepted into the Annual Community Juried Art Show!

Sponsored by the Monroe Township Cultural Arts Commission, an opening reception was hosted by the Monroe Township Patrons of the Arts as part of the eight day exhibit.

Mrs. Walton's Class
is Making Waves and  Suggestions  at Oak Tree

For Columbus Day the students in Mrs. Walton's second grade class worked in groups to create boats like Columbus and his crew may have sailed by using only tin foil. The students tested their creations in water to see if they would float. Then pennies were added to represent Columbus and his crew mates to see how many each design could hold.  Four groups held the maximum 20 pennies and two groups ships sank with only a few pennies. The class discussed what made the ships successful or unsuccessful. The STEM challenge was videotaped and  made into an iMovie that was shared with parents on Class Dojo.

Mrs. Walton's class also learned about how tax money is collected and used to pay for government services. The students wrote letters to Mayor Tamburro giving him suggestions on what they thought he should spend the money on in the community. Mayor Tamburro wrote back to the class and is planning a visit to their classroom in the coming weeks!

J amesburg Recreation Floor Hockey 2018 Registration

Come join the fun as it's time to sign up for the Jamesburg Recreation Floor Hockey league which is played at the Grace M Breckwedel middle school gym in Jamesburg.  This is for ages K-8 th grade.  No experience required.  We have extra equipment if needed.  Registration will be at the Jamesburg Borough Hall (131 Perrineville Rd) on Thursday, 11/30/17 from 7pm-9pm.  The league will start on Saturday, January 6 th and end on Saturday, March 3 rd .  The cost is $25. Don't miss it!  Any further questions please contact Greg at


We are excited to present to you the 
2nd annual  MTHS Hall of Fame induction.  

We would like to pay tribute to the many individuals from our high school who have been a part of the MTHS athletic programs and part of the Monroe Falcons .
If you would like to nominate or re-nominate anyone who you feel is qualified, and meets the criteria, please click the link below.
MTHS College & Career Counseling Center (CCCC)
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