March 26, 2021
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Falcon Focus
Photo courtesy of "The Phoenix Area's 5 Most Beautiful Schools" April 2015
McDowell Mountain Elementary School

Dear MMES Falcon Families: 
We’re back in full swing after spring break! Here’s what’s been happening and what’s coming up at MMES:
2021-2022 Enrollment and Registration 
Please keep an eye on your emails for Peachjar flyers with updates on 2021-2022 new student enrollment and existing student annual registration. Enrollment and registration are online only through PowerSchool. If you do not currently have an account, please go to the district website at for directions on how to create a parent account. All returning students must register online by April 16 or we will be unable to assign a teacher for next school year.
3rd Grade AzM2 State Testing
Third graders will begin AzM2 state testing on April 12. We will send home the schedule and information next week. Per state requirements, all AzM2 testing must be in-person at the school. Third grade and FHVA teachers have been in contact with remote students’ families about arrangements for this.
Before testing, we hold an AzM2 Spirit Assembly and AzM2 Spirit Week at MMES to let third graders know that the entire school is behind them and to encourage them to do their best! The AzM2 Spirit Assembly and Trustworthiness/Bobby’s Best Buddy awards video will take place on Wednesday, March 31. We would like everyone to wear their Falcon blue that day to show school spirit, especially since there is no school on Friday, April 2 for Falcon Friday. Then the following week, we have a dress-up day for the entire school students and staff every day:
  • Monday, April 5 - College Ready Day: We’re getting ready for college! Wear college/university colors or shirts or graduation robes.
  • Tuesday, April 6 - Career Ready Day: We’re getting ready for careers! What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress as your dream job.
  • Wednesday, April 7 - Fiction & Nonfiction Day: Learning to read is the key to the future! You can focus on fiction or nonfiction by dressing as your favorite character from a fiction book or dressing as a famous person from history to show how much you love reading.
  • Thursday, April 8 - Rock the Test Day: We’re going to rock that test! Dress up as your favorite rock star.
  • Friday, April 9 - Falcon Friday: We’re showing our school spirit! Wear blue!

3rd Grade Visit to Fountain Hills Middle School 
On April 23, MMES third graders will get an exciting glimpse into their life as a fourth grader by visiting Fountain Hills Middle School! The students will ride the bus to FHMS, arriving around 1:20 pm. They will meet their future principal, Mr. Markle and dean of students, Mr. Dellacona, then visit the fourth grade classrooms while fourth graders are at specials. They’ll get to find out what fourth grade will be like from their future teachers, including all the cool stuff they will be able to do next year. The visit will finish with a tour of the school, coming back to MMES around 2:00 pm. More information will follow. Both the MMES and FHMS staff are looking forward to this exciting visit!
Town of Fountain Hills Stellar Student Awards
The Town of Fountain Hills is recognizing one boy and one girl from each FHUSD school as Stellar Students who are “demonstrating good citizenship through compassion and consideration of others, complying with the rules, encouraging empathy, anti-bullying, and being responsible for their actions in the classroom.” So far there have been four MMES awardees selected by our special area teachers. Congratulations!
  • Month of February: James Good, Kindergarten and Lilliana Perla, 3rd Grade
  • Month of March: Kellen Bryant, 1st Grade and Kaycee Dehaan, 2nd Grade
Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association Art Contest
With the support of their art teacher, Mrs. Tracy Perry and their families, many MMES students entered the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association’s annual art contest, creating a drawing or painting following the theme of “space” or “night sky”. MMES had several winners who received ribbons and monetary prizes! Wow, congratulations to the following students:
  • 2nd Place for K-3: Liliana Viren, 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Place for K-3: Colton Shattuck-Carreno, Kindergarten
Kiwanis Terrific Kids Awards
We have awarded three more sets of Kiwanis Terrific Kids awards before spring break. Terrific Kids is a weekly award with one student from each grade K-3 earning a certificate and prizes sponsored by the Fountain Hills Noon Kiwanis Club. TERRIFIC stands for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, and Capable. Congratulations to the following Terrific Kids:
  • Week of February 22-26: Max Gallardo Rebollar, Kindergarten; McKenzie Doungeva, 1st Grade; Eloise Robinson, 2nd Grade; Troy Ireton, 3rd Grade
  • Week of March 1-5: Kyle Bowman, Kindergarten; Nathan Santibanez, 1st Grade; Regina Jackson, 2nd Grade; Connor Rose, 3rd Grade
  • Week of March 8-12: Kamdyn Welty, Kindergarten; Charlie Schafer, 1st Grade; Sharlene Ireton, 2nd Grade; Ben Percic, 3rd Grade
Upcoming Events
  • March 31: AzM2 Spirit Assembly & Trustworthiness awards video
  • April 2: District recess – no school
  • April 5-9: AzM2 Spirit Week with dress up days
  • April 12-30: AzM2 3rd grade state testing
  • April 23: 1:20-2:00: 3rd grade visit to FHMS
Last, just a reminder to bring water bottles to school every day, especially with the hot weather coming soon.  

We love our MMES A+ Falcon Family and Community!

Valerie Dehombreux
McDowell Mountain Elementary School
Fountain Hills Middle School

Happy Falcon Focus Day!

Good Afternoon FHMS Families,

We are back up and running here at the Middle School and have enjoyed a great first week back with students. It is hard to believe that we are in Quarter 4, but time moves quickly and we are focused on finishing the year strong. We had a great week doing a PBIS re-boot here at the middle school, we took time each day in each class to go over our 4 pillars of PBIS, Responsible, Respectful, Safe and Kind and how each of those should look in the various parts of our school. This was a great reminder for our Falcon Family of how we want each day to look and feel as we navigate this last quarter.

Along the lines of responsibility, here are a few things to keep in mind for Quarter 4.

Library Books
We have some that have been checked out this year and a few that were checked out last year Quarter 4, please check around the house and have your student turn back any library books they might have and are not currently reading.

Please make sure to check and double-check that students are coming to school with their masks. We do have some at the main office to give out in an emergency, but I need students to come to school prepared with their masks.

We have had an uptick on Chromebooks coming to school not charged, please have your student plug them in at night so they are ready for the day. Students will need to have fully charged Chromebooks when we hit testing season for sure.

Water Bottles
Please make sure as things begin to heat up that students come to school with water bottles, we have fountains they can refill them if they need to, but it is important to have their own water bottle for the day.

Other Important Items:
AZM2 testing: These state-mandated tests are going on as scheduled this year. Our official testing schedule will be coming out after spring break, but all students will need to take these assessments and they will need to take them on campus here at Fountain Hills Middle School. Please mark your calendars for April 12-16 as testing dates. As we get closer to these dates we will let option B and Virtual Academy students know where and when to report to FHMS for testing.

8th Grade Continuation
Last year FHMS started a new tradition and we are going to continue with it this year. We will have a drive-thru continuation for our students on May 27th. This is our last day of school and we will hold our ceremony that evening. Final plans are being worked out but I wanted to get you that date.

Good Luck to our Middle School Basketball Teams. They have begun their season and we are excited to see them in action as they represent themselves and our great school.

Just a reminder next week is a four-day week with no school on Friday.

In Partnership,

Jeff Markle
Fountain Hills Middle School
Fountain Hills High School

Hello Falcon Families!

In-Person Learning
As the COVID numbers in the state and in our town improve, and as more of us receive the vaccine, we want to encourage all of our students to return for in-person instruction. While we understand that there may be some who feel it would be best to remain home for a bit longer, we would love nothing more than to have all students back on campus and encourage you to do so. There are numerous benefits related to in-person learning and with our mitigation strategies we have in place, we feel confident that all members of our school community will remain safe. Additionally, vaccines are available for anyone 16 years of age or older. If you have any questions or concerns and wish to discuss this with an administrator, please feel free to contact the front office.
AzM2 & AzSCI Field Test in April
Below you will find the testing dates for the AzM2 and AzSCI Field Test. These tests MUST be completed in person, on campus by students. We will be sending out more detailed communication around this next week but please feel free to contact the front office if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Tuesday, April 13th - AzM2 Writing (10th grade only)
  • Thursday, April 15th - AzM2 Reading (10th grade only)
  • Tuesday, April 20th - AzSCI Field Test (11th grade only)
  • Tuesday, April 27th - AzM2 Math Part 1 (10th grade only)
  • Thursday, April 29th - AzM2 Math Part 2 (10th grade only)
STUGO Charity Event
Our wonderful Student Council is putting on a charity event for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). They’ve put together a flyer that you can view below with more details.
Football Fundraiser Car Wash
The Falcon Football program will be hosting a car wash this Saturday, March 27th at the high school to raise money to attend team training up at ASU’s Camp Tontozona this summer. Please come out and support the team if you can! Please see the flyer for details.
Congrats to Our Art Winners!
The following students placed in the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Art Contest.
  • Daniel Gonzalez - 1st (Digital Arts)
  • Sophia Dehombreux - 1st (Art)
  • Julia Owers - 2nd (Digital Arts)
  • Joshua Ball - 3rd (Digital Arts)
We were told that our students amazed the judges with their skills and creativity. It was also shared that the competition was tough and the judges struggled to select the finalists, so they all can be proud of their entries.
Congrats to Mrs. Jacobson!
Mrs. Jacobson was recognized as the Four Peaks Rotary Teacher of the Month this past Thursday. Mrs. Jacobson does an outstanding job of preparing her students to think critically and engage in her lessons. She is an immensely positive influence on our campus. Mrs. Jacobson pours her heart and soul into her students. She cares deeply for her students, which shows through the relationships she has cultivated with them. We are delighted for her to receive this well deserved recognition.

Kris Alexander
Fountain Hills High School
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