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Principal's Message                                     August 25, 2017
Starting the day off in a positive, productive manner can start with being in first period class, on time. Preparing backpacks, instruments, sports gear, and lunches the night before can save valuable minutes when transporting your student to school daily. Getting back in the groove of the school year may mean choosing clothes before bedtime and setting alarms ten to fifteen minutes earlier. Three tardies per week results in an after school detention, so consider modifying your preparation routine to take advantage of learning time (and to avoid detention).

Fountain Hills Middle School has high expectations of our students and our staff. Please reinforce with your students that taking care of your work or eating area is a responsibility that supports independence and demonstrates respect for self and others. In that same line of thinking, if students observe issues of concern (bullying, damage to property, or disrespect) we highly encourage our Falcons to reflect on what was observed and to make contact with a trusted adult (teacher, health aide, coach, or parent) to share what was witnessed. We can then investigate the issue and develop solutions or consequences to impact change on our campus. FHMS strives to be the safest place for our students, so please encourage your student to identify a trusted adult with whom he/she can confide.

Families, please take some time to review the FHMS school/events/game schedule and compare it with your own. Include your student in the process so you are aware of activities and timelines: calendar these days electronically or on a hard copy for the family to see. You can also have your student take a photo of the month "at a glance" for reference! Speaking of photos/cell phones, remind your student that cell phone use is allowed only before school, during lunch, and after school (and in class at the teacher's discretion for academic needs). "Pulling the plug" through the day may be a challenge, but having this conversation and even reviewing your students' time on their devices during school can be eye-opening. Engaging students in active learning can be difficult when students are gaming, listening to music, or on social media during instructional time. We are grateful for your support, have a wonderful weekend!

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Homework Lab is Back

PTO-sponsored Homework Lab meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school for one hour. Students in grades 6-8 will meet in Ms. Price's room (307). Students in grades 4 and 5 will meet in the library with Ms. Hare. 

Students must turn in a signed permission slip to either Ms. Price or Ms. Hare in order to attend. Permission slips are available at the front office or you can download one here for grades 4/5 or grades 6-8. Students attending homework lab may take the activity bus home at 4:10 p.m.

Encouraging Responsibility

In an effort to reduce interruptions of instructional time, as well as promote responsibility and accountability with our students, FHMS only allows lunches and/or water bottles, glasses, and medically required items to be dropped off at school for students.

Forgotten athletic equipment, homework, backpacks, projects or musical instruments cannot be dropped off at the front office for students. Classes will not be interrupted to notify students. Middle School sports equipment may be dropped off to a waiting student upon dismissal at 3:10 pm.

Please make any changes of after school pick-up plans with your child before they arrive at school. Messages for students are for emergencies only and will be given at the end of the school day.

Beginning of the day and end of day procedures are also important components of your student's learning process. For this reason, we ask that students arrive by 8:25 am and remain at school until 3:10 pm. Students who are not in their first hour class at 8:30 am will be marked tardy, and three (3) tardies in one week will result in a 30-minute, after school detention. Further, if a student must be signed out early, this should be done prior to the last 15 minutes of the school day.

Thank you for promoting responsibility with the students at Fountain Hills Middle School.


Plans for the annual 7th grade trip to AstroCamp October 16-18, 2017, are underway. This week Mrs. Kelly sent home information packets with all 7th graders. A signed letter of intent and deposit are due on or before September 1st. Space is limited, so get your deposit in asap. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kelly at tkelly@fhusd.org.

Spanish Club at FHMS

This year we are offering 2 Spanish clubs at FHMS, both of which are open to students in grades 4-8:

Spanish for Beginners will meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:20 - 4:00 pm. This class is for students with no prior Spanish knowledge or skills. Registration forms, which may be downloaded HERE, are due to the front office by September 1, 2017. Students in this club may take the activity bus home at 4:10 pm.

The second Spanish club is for students with prior Spanish knowledge or language skills.  This club will meet on Fridays before school from 7:45 - 8:25 am. Registration forms, which may be downloaded HERE, are due to the front office by September 15.  

Family Dodgeball

The Fountain Hills Parks & Recreation Department is hosting a family-friendly dodgeball event on Saturday, September 9 at the FHMS gym. This event is open to kids and adults ages 6 years and up. You can register at www.fh.az.gov/recreation or call Bryan at 480.816.5132 for more information. 

Open Gym Night

The Fountain Hills Parks and Recreation Department is hosting an open gym night on Friday, September 8 at FHMS. Students can hang out with friends, shoot hoops, play dodgeball and enjoy two hours of free play with friends. You can register at www.fh.az.gov/recreation or call 480.816.5100 for more information.

Chess Club

Chess Club, Sponsored by Chess Emporium, begins this week! Chess can help students increase their math, verbal skills and their creative and critical thinking abilities. Chess also helps students develop self-discipline, concentration, critical insights, analysis, and writing skills. For more information and to sign up, see the attached FLYER.

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Soccer Game @ FHMS 4:00 pm

08/31/2018 Soccer Game @ Pecos Park 3:30 pm

09/04/2017 Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

09/05/2017 Volleyball Game @ Scottsdale Christian Academy
B Team 4:00 pm; A Team 5:00 pm

09/11/2017 Above That Club Meeting
3:15 - 4:10 pm in the MPR

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