Dear Falkland Families;

I certainly hope that you are all keeping healthy. We are at the end of our 5th week of school and students are adjusting well to the changes in place to help keep everyone safe. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of communication. If you have questions or thoughts about any aspect of our school, please share them with your classroom teacher or myself. Our staff work hard at Falkland School to keep our school safe, caring, and orderly at all times. To review the newest mandate that includes masks for k-3,

Please send your children to school with the necessary outdoor gear to protect them from the wet and cold. We go outside each recess and lunch unless the temperature is colder than -13 or rain is too heavy. A spare change of clothes might be helpful for children who love to explore the wet, mucky puddles. This helps to keep outside time fun. CLICK HERE for a list of suggestions on ways to help your child be prepared for outside time at school. Many classes are learning outdoors so having the necessary outdoor gear to keep learning at the forefront is important.

Supervision starts in the mornings at 8:00 AM. Please do not send your children to school before 8:00 AM. Students are directed to go home immediately after school unless supervised by a parent. If your child's after school plan is different from the norm, please inform Dani at the office (250-379-2320). Children are more than welcome to return to school to play after 2:30 PM but are the responsibility of their parent.

Please remember when your child is absent from school, to please contact Dani at the office by email ( or phone (250-379-2320). Include in your message the reason for their absence. Thank you very much.

We have several new staff at our school this year. Unfortunately we were unable to host a Welcome Back to School Event at the start of the school year due to regional restrictions in place. I am working with staff on completing a video introducing each staff member and their role at our school for parents and students. Please stay tuned.

CLICK HERE to access a glimpse into the many learning opportunities that took place at Falkland School to honour Truth and Reconciliation on Wednesday, September 29th.

CLICK HERE to access a glimpse into our visit from the Falkland Fire Department for Fire Prevention Week.

Keeping parents informed is important to us at Falkland School. There are several ways we keep parents informed of the happenings at our school: monthly e-newsletters, weekly emails, our website, and Facebook. Posts on our website automatically go on our Facebook page so please LIKE or FOLLOW US on Facebook. You can always call myself or Dani at the school; we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend. Be sure to return to school on Tuesday ready for our photo day.

Mrs. Cull
Photo Day - Tuesday, October 12th
Lifetouch Photography will be here on Tuesday, Ocotber 12th to take individual photos of students and staff. Photos will be set up in the gymnasium to ensure adequate spacing. Lifetouch photos will return in the Spring to take group photos of our classes.
Presentation to Students in Grades 5/6/7/8
Students in grade 5/6/7/8 particpated in learning more about our School District Policies to help connect them to the "why" behind our school rules and expectations. Several policies were introduced to students in an effort to help build awareness and encourage positive choices while at Falkland School and beyond. These policies include: Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools; Student Code of Conduct; Student Threat Assessment Protocol; Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; Digital Citizenship; Drug, Alcohol Incidents and Addictions; Weapons; Smoking, Tobacco, and Vapour Products on School District Property; Student Suspensions; Dress Code; Student Attendance; and Healthy Schools/Nutrition. Students and parents are encouraged to talk to myself or their classroom teachers if more questions arise. If you would like to view our district's policy manual, please CLICK HERE. You can find school specific information around expectations for students in our last newsletter which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.
Communicating Student Learning 2021-2022

Parent/STUDENT/Teacher Conferences - EARLY DISMISSAL Thursday, November 18th at 11:16 AM
Early dismissal at Falkland School will take place on Thursday, November 18th to accommodate Student/Parent/Teacher conferences. This date was shared in our SCHOOL CALENDAR provided in our September NEWSLETTER.
Our busses will make their usual stops, just approximately 3 hours earlier on Thursday, November 18th. Dismissal will be at 11:16 AM.
In addition to Thursday, November 18th, depending upon teacher availability, Student/Parent/Teacher conferences will also take place afterschool on Wednesday, November 17 or at some point in the week of November 15 - 19th. If these dates don't work you can request an alternate date. More information will be forthcoming about how to book your virtual conference time online. It is important that your child is present at the meeting as their input is important to setting a goal to work on throughout the year.

As mentioned above, an information letter will be forthcoming from the office and possibly a form from the teacher for you to complete to help in the goal setting process. This is our first of three formal reports for the school year to communicate to parents about student learning. The second will be a new report card using MYED in February and again at the end of June.

In addition to the three formal reports, we have two informal reports. The first one is a checklist scheduled to go home the week of October 18 - 21st. Please contact your child's classroom teacher if you do not receive it OR have questions about its content. The second informal report will occur mid - end April, where we typically do student-led conferencing.
Be an Upstander
Bullying is unwanted, repeated, intentional behaviour to harm someone else, emotionally or physically. Typically there is an imbalance of power. While bullying is unkind, not all unkind behaviour is bullying.

Please click CLICK HERE to access the ERASE website, dedicated to promoting safe and caring schools.

An UPSTANDER is someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right. When we stand up for what is right, and do our best to help support and protect someone who is being hurt, we are being socially responsible.

Click CLICK HERE to watch a video about what it means to be an UPSTANDER in both bullying and unkind situations.

Follow up with all students involved in a conflict situation typically occurs so students learn their role in contributing positively to our school community. Students can make choices to be an UPSTANDER and more helpful in a bullying/unkind situation. My expectation is that all students will do their part in doing what's right as an UPSTANDER. Keeping parents informed of their child's behaviour at school is important to me as Principal at Falkland School. Thank you for your continued support at home to encourage your child to do the right thing when they observe unkind behaviour. We all have a role to report unkind behaviour and bullying to ensure our working and learning environment is safe and caring for all.
When students see behaviour that is unkind, they can stop it by getting involved. As an UPSTANDER, they could try:

  • Saying something like, “leave him/her alone,” or “cut it out"
  • Modeling the use of kind words to others
  • Directing attention away from the unkind behaviour
  • Getting support from friends to stand up against the person acting unkind
  • Reporting the unkind behaviour to adults

Don’t be a BYSTANDER and encourage unkind or bullying behaviour by:

  • Sticking around while it is happening to observe - your presence adds to the problem
  • Laughing, cheering or recording it, even DARING others
  • Forwarding bullying or unkind photos or texts or spreading information about the incident
  • “Liking” mean comments or photos on social media
  • Joining in on the bullying or unkindness
Halloween Activities - Friday, October 29th
On Friday, October 29th, students can choose to come to school dressed in Orange and Black or a Halloween costume. When choosing a costume for school, please remember to keep our dress code in mind. Students need to keep blood, guts and gore to a minimum. Costume masks are allowed in the classrooms but must allow for regular masking to occur. When outside and in common places in the school, costume masks must NOT be worn. Please keep costume props that replicate weapons at home.
In our effort to promote nutrition in school, we respectfully request that candy remain and be consumed at home.

We are excited to host our Funky Vegetable Contest again this year for our Falkland Students. This year, participating students are asked to bring their creations to school to the gymnasium through our outside entrance between 8:00 AM and 8:16 AM on Friday, October 29th. Students will need to bring their creation home at the end of the day. If your child rides the bus, please ensure the creation can fit in their backpack or arrange another way to transport the creation to school and home at the end of the day. Thanks PAC for your financial support. Winners will be announced and prizes provided at the end of the day on Friday, October 29th.
Information from PAC
Thanks to the following parents for taking on executive positions with PAC:

President: Adina Clements
Vice President: Megan Jackson
Treasurer: Pascalle Ellefsen
Secretary: Rebecca McDougall
Directors: Shelby Jacobi, Jodie Gillman, Jill Pruner, 1 more please
DPAC rep: Jill Pruner
Hot Lunch Coordinator: still needed
Child Minding: still needed
Greenhouse: Shelby Jacobi

The next PAC meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 3rd at 12:30 PM in person at the school. PAC is still looking to fill the following volunteer roles: HOT LUNCH coordinator, 1 more director, and Child Minding.

Please contact Adina Clements (250-463-5750) or Shelly Cull (250-833-2806 or 250-379-2320) to discuss ways you can get involved with PAC or the school and contribute to your child's school experience.

CLICK HERE to access information on our PAC's Shuswap COFFEE fundraiser. Orders due Tuesday, October 12th and delivered on Monday, Ocotber 18th.

Wednesday, December 1st (this meeting will be on TEAMS at 7:00 PM)
Wednesday, January 5th
Wednesday, February 2nd
Wednesday, March 2nd
Wednesday, April 6th
Wednesday, May 4th
Wednesday, June 1th

Tell your Friends and Family....
If you shop at Cobs Bread in Vernon and mention that you are supporting Falkland School, 5% of your purchase will be donated back to Falkland PAC.

Looking for an easy way to support the PAC? Just in time for Christmas or everyday shopping online. Download the FlipGive app and continue to shop at your usual favourite stores. Join our team now using our invite code KBQVBV in one of two ways:

  1. CLICK HERE to download the FlipGive app.
  2. CLICK HERE to Join online or to acquire more information.
Davison Apple Orders will be delivered on Wednesday, October 13th. Please come to the school between 1:45 and 2:45 PM to pick up your order. Please access the outside entrance into our StrongStart room - signage will be present. Using the cones as markers, please stand and wait while your order is brought out to you. PAC helpers can help you bring your order to your vehicle.
For additional PAC related information you check out the following Facebook Pages:

CLICK HERE for information specific to parents - parents only page.

CLICK HERE for PAC's community page - anyone can join.
You can also check out our updates on our website Past meeting minutes, agendas, principal reports and treasurer reports can be found HERE or under the PARENT tab.
Foundational Skills Assessment

Students in grade 4 and 7 participate in a Foundational Skills Assessment each year. Please CLICK HERE to access information posted on our website and included in emails home from Director of Instruction - Inclusive Education, Carol Ann Leidloff about the information that our FSA provides to our district and schools.

CLICK HERE to view more information from the Ministry of Education regarding this assessment. If you would like the opportunity to practice, you can CLICK HERE to access practice questions in both booklet and online form. Completed assessment booklets will be sent home sometime before Spring Break, after our local team of educators score them.

If you have questions about the assessment, scoring process, or results please contact Mrs. Cull at the office. Our FSA results have been an important part of our school improvement planning process. All students are expected to write this assessment unless excused by the Principal based on specific criteria. If you prefer your child to not write, please contact the school principal to request a schedule of administration and you can opt to have your child stay home.
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