Dear Falkland Families;

We are now well into November and a wonderful Fall is just about behind us. The snow will be sticking around sooner than later. If anyone knows of someone interested in donating straw bales for our sliding hill, please contact me. Once found, we will be looking for help to set up the bales against the school at the base of the "sliding area". Also, please send your children to school with the necessary outdoor gear to protect them from the wet and cold. We go outside each recess and lunch unless the temperature reaches -14. A spare change of clothes might be helpful for children who love to explore the wet, mucky puddles.

Supervision starts in the mornings at 8:00AM. Please do not send your children to school before 8:00AM. Supervision ends at 2:25PM. Students are instructed to go home at that time, unless they have a supervising adult present, or wait outside the office for their pick up person. Children are more than welcome to return to school to play but are the responsibility of their parent.

Keeping parents informed is important to us at Falkland School. There are several ways we keep parents informed of the happenings at our school: monthly e-newsletters, weekly emails, our website, and Facebook. Posts on our website automatically go on our Facebook page so please LIKE or FOLLOW US on Facebook. Click here to access our Facebook page . You can find a list of our upcoming events at the end of this e-newsletter. You can always call myself or Dani at the school; we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Mrs. Cull
Staffing Update
Welcome back to Ms. Barker to her position in Division 2 - Grade 5/6. Mr. Endacott will continue in the class one day a week on Fridays. Shawnee Folliott (CEA) accepted a new position closer to
home at the end of October. We welcome and congratulate Kelly Stalker, CEA, on her successful bid to our school. She will also be a Lunch Hour Supervisor.
Childminding will be provided so that your conference time can be a time to focus on just one child. It is recommended that any student at the school during conferences, go to the StrongStart space. Thanks to our generous PAC for funding the childminding. Donations are welcome.
Parent/STUDENT/Teacher Conferences
Early dismissal will take place on Wednesday, November 21st at 11:45 AM to accommodate Parent/STUDENT/Teacher conferences. Our busses will make their usual stops, just approximately 2 1/2 hours earlier on this day.

Parent/STUDENT/Teacher conferences will take place on Wed. Nov. 21st (all Divisions) and Thurs. Nov. 22nd (Div 2, 3, 4, 5) and Wed. Nov. 28th (Div 1). We are hopeful that the November 28th date will accommodate the parents and students in Div. 1 attending We Day.

Please click here to access our information letter that was sent home on Monday, Nov. 5th and emailed on Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Reminders have also been included in our weekly email updates.

Boys and Girls Club activities will be cancelled on this day.
Be an Upstander
Bullying is unwanted, repeated, intentional behaviour to harm someone else, emotionally or physically. Typically there is an imbalance of power. While bullying is unkind, not all unkind behaviour is bullying. We are looking forward to our school's focus on kindness with our Awooga Celebration initiative.

Please click here to access the ERASE website, dedicated to promoting safe and caring schools.

An  UPSTANDER  is someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right. When we stand up for what is right, and do our best to help support and protect someone who is being hurt, we are being socially responsible.

Click here to watch a video about what it means to be an upstander in both bullying and unkind situations.

Follow up with all students involved in a conflict situation typically occurs so students learn their role in contributing positively to our school community. Students can make choices to be an UPSTANDER and more helpful in a bullying/unkind situation. My expectation is that all students will do their part in doing what's right as an UPSTANDER. Keeping parents informed of their child's behaviour at school is important to me as Principal at Falkland School. Thank you for your continued support at home to encourage your child to do the right thing when they observe unkind behaviour.
When students see behaviour that is unkind, they can stop it by getting involved. As an UPSTANDER, they could try:

  • Saying something like, “leave him/her alone,” or “cut it out"
  • Model the use of kind words to others
  • Directing attention away from the unkind behaviour
  • Getting support from friends to stand up against the person acting unkind
  • Reporting the unkind behaviour to adults

Don’t be a BYSTANDER and encourage unkind or bullying behaviour by:

  • Sticking around while it is happening to observe - your presence adds to the problem
  • Laughing, cheering or recording it, even DARING others
  • Forwarding bullying or unkind photos or texts or spreading information about the incident
  • “Liking” mean comments or photos on social media
  • Joining in on the bullying or unkindness
We Day - Thurs., Nov. 22 (Vancouver)
11 students in grades 7 and 8 will be attending the We Day Event in Vancouver at Rogers Arena on November 22nd. Click here to read more about the upcoming experience and fundraising information.
Unfortunately, the fundraising event planned for Saturday, Nov. 17th has been cancelled.
The Falkland School Wolves play Volleyball
Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 have had a few volleyball games so far in preparation for the upcoming Zone Tournament on November 27th at 3:00 PM at Ranchero in Salmon Arm. The following is the proposed schedule (times are approximate) for Falkland:

Round One (3:00 PM) Falkland Vs Grindrod
Round Two ( 3:40 PM) Ranchero Vs. Falkland
Round Three (4:20 PM) Falkland Vs SilverCreek
Round Four (5:00 PM) Potential tie breaker

Coach Endacott will be sending permission forms home soon requesting drivers as well.
Falkland School has a Greenhouse
Thanks to PAC, specifically Karoll Brosnan and her team, for our new Greenhouse. Our school received a $3500 grant from Farm to School. An application was put forward to fund the Greenhouse to incorporate local food, community and sustainability education for our students.
Karoll and our classroom teachers are exploring ways to get students involved. We are currently working on building the soil by implementing a composting program at our school. Karrol will be visiting classrooms soon to talk to students about our Greenhouse project.

Click here to learn more about Farm to School BC.
Celebrating Learning
A visit to the Falkland Fire Hall

On October 12th, ALL students visited our local fire hall to learn more about fire safety for Fire Prevention Week. Thank you to the wonderful crew at the Fire Hall who showed us around. Above is a picture of students in Div. 3 posing on a fire truck at the Falkland Fire Hall.
Division 4 - Outdoor Education

Division 4 has been exploring their community. Students have developed their observation skills and sense of safety in this place-based learning experience. Students are learning about water systems, plants, ecosystems and indigenous ways of knowing.
Online Safety Presentation

On Wednesday, Nov. 15th students in Div 1 and 2 participated in an online safety information presentation by Safer Schools Together at LenWood Middle School. Please invite your children to share with you what they learned from this presentation. Students learned more about their online presence (netiquette) and how to deal with inappropriate behaviour they may encounter online.
Implementation of Core Competencies

Students in our kindergarten and grade 1 class are learning about animals for the upcoming field trip to the Wildlife Park. Students referenced nonfiction books to co create a scavenger hunt of animals they might see on their visit. After this collaborative activity, students discussed the core competency they felt they developed further as a result of working with their partner.
Information from PAC
Thanks to the following for taking on executive positions with PAC.

President: Yvonne Logan
Vice President: Adina Clements
Treasurer: Jill Pruner
Secretary: Rebecca Budac
Directors: Jody Boland, Karoll Brosnan, Christine Leclerc
DPAC rep: Pending
Hot Lunch Coordinator: Jodi Boland

Next PAC meeting is Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 2:30 in the Staffroom. All parents welcome and babysitting will be provided.

Please contact Yvonne Logan (778-930-0224) Adina Clements (250-463-5750) or Shelly Cull (250-833-2806 or 250-379-2320) to discuss ways you can get involved and contribute to your child's school experience.

Wednesday, Dec. 5th - Grilled Cheese and caesar salad (order forms will be sent home on Thursday, November 22nd)
Wednesday, Dec. 21st - Breakfast for Lunch (last day of school)
Wednesday, Dec. 5
Wednesday, Jan. 9
Wednesday, Feb. 6
Wednesday, Mar. 6
Wednesday, April 3
Wednesday, May 1
Wednesday, June 5

Tell your Friends and Family....
If you shop at Cobs Bread in Vernon and mention that you are supporting Falkland School, 5% of your purchase will be donated back to Falkland PAC.

Also, on Nov. 23rd, you can support our school by shopping at Vernon Teach and Learn. 25% of your purchases on that day will go to Falkland PAC in the form of a store gift card.
Looking for an easy way to support the PAC? Just in time for Christmas or everyday shopping online. Download the FlipGive app and continue to shop at your usual favourite stores. Join our team now using our invite code KBQVBV in one of two ways:

  1. Click here to download the FlipGive app.
  2. Click here to Join online or to acquire more information.
PAC Christmas Basket Fundraiser
Poinsettia - Orders due Fri., Nov. 23
Click here to access information about our annual Poinsettia fundraising initiative. The student who has the most in sales gets to go for lunch with a friend and a staff member of their choice. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of technology in support of our school Improvement Plan. We are still saving to purchase 3 more amplification systems as well as 5 chrome books and 5 ipads for student use to support learning in our classrooms.
Grade 8 Legacy Bench
In case you have not seen the finished project... With the help of Miss Minchenko and parent, Abraham Tio, last years grade 8s completed this legacy bench at their year end sleep over. Travis Hurren, Curtis Leclerc, Levi Conquergood and Travis Platts recently put the last coat of protective varathane on it. Thanks to Christine Leclerc and again, Abraham Tio for their volunteer supervision of this. The boys mentioned are the initial builders of the bench. The positive messages on it connect well to last school year's focus on Only One You , by Linda Kranz AND our focus on kindness for our Awooga Celebration this school year.
This years group of grade 8s are excited to create their very own legacy bench as well at the end of the school year.
We have started our whole school rock painting project and are looking forward to finishing that soon with a connection to another book by Linda Kranz, You be You.
Christmas Concert - Wed., Dec. 21st @ 6:00 PM
Set in the North Pole, students from the School of Reindeer learn an important lesson in order to magically fly.

Doors open at 5:30PM. Students must be in classrooms at 5:45PM. Performance to start at 6:00PM.

A rehearsal will take place on the same day at 12:40 PM.

Boys and Girls Club activities will be cancelled on this day.
Upcoming Events - can only be viewed on your desktop
Please take note of the upcoming events and record them in your calendars. While an email is sent home weekly as a reminder of upcoming events, this list will always be much more comprehensive.   Unfortunately this list cannot be viewed on a mobile device.
Mon., Nov. 19
Tues., Nov. 20

Wed., Nov. 21               

Thurs., Nov. 22             

Fri., Nov. 24
Wed., Nov. 28

Tues., Dec. 4
Wed., Dec. 5

Thurs., Dec. 6
Wed., Dec. 19
Fri., Dec. 21                

Dec., 24 to Jan. 4          
Mon., Jan. 7 (2019)      
Wed., Jan 9

Mon., Jan 14
Tues., Jan 29
Mon., Feb. 4
Wed., Feb 6

Thurs., Feb 14
Fri., Feb 15                 
Mon., Feb. 18            
Fri., Feb. 22
Wed., Feb. 27              

Wed., Mar 6

Thurs., Mar 14
Fri., Mar. 15                
Mar., 18 to Mar. 29       
Mon., Apr. 1                
Wed., Apr. 3

Mon., Apr. 8
Fri., Apr. 19                 
Mon., Apr. 22              
Tues., Apr. 23              
Wed., Apr. 24
Wed., May 1

Mon., May 6
Wed., May 8
Thurs., May 16
Fri., May 17                 
Mon., May 20              
Wed., June 5

Fri., June 14
Wed., June 19              
Thurs., June 27            
Assembly 11:15 AM
School Spirit Day - Moustache Day
Vision Screening (Kindergarten)
Parent/STUDENT/Teacher Conference (First Formal Report) – early dismissal at 11:45 AM
Boys and Girls Club afterschool program cancelled
Me to We students leave to Vancouver 1:00 PM
Parent/STUDENT/Teacher Conference cont’d afterschool (Div 2, 3, 4, 5)
Me to We students arrive home from Vancouver
Poinsettia Orders due to office
Parent/STUDENT/Teacher Conference cont’d afterschool (Div 1)
Poinsettia Orders arriving
Pick up Poinsettia Orders
Hot Lunch (PAC) - Grilled Cheese and Caesar salad
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
School Spirit Day - Team Jersey Day
Christmas Concert 6:00 PM
Last day of school before Winter Break
School Spirit Day - Pajama Day
Breakfast for Lunch (PAC)
Winter Break – no school
School Reopens after Winter Break
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
School Spirit Day - Hat Day
School Spirit Day - Hawaiian Day
Performance: Runaway Moon Theatre, 8:50 AM
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
School Spirit Day - Red and White Day
Non Instructional Day – no students
Family Day Holiday – no students
School Spirit Day - Twin Day
Second Formal Report sent home
School Spirit Day - Pink Shirt Day
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
Spring Carnival 4 - 7 PM (PAC)
Last day of school before Spring Break
Spring Break – no school
School Reopens after Spring Break
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
School Spirit Day - Book Character Day
Good Friday Holiday – no school
Easter Monday – no school
Non Instructional Day – no school
School Spirit Day - Super Hero Day
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
Music Monday - Assembly 11:00
School Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day
School Spirit Day - Cowboy Day
Non Instructional Day – no school
Victoria Day Holiday – no school
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
School Spirit Day - 80's Day
Atlantis Waterslides – entire school to attend
Last Day of school for students – early Dismissal
Third and Final Formal Report Card sent home 

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