Dear Falkland Families;

We are well into the third week back to school since the winter break. Another special thank you to all our parents who helped with our Christmas Concert costumes (Adina Clements and Andrea Szabo), backdrop design (Abraham Tio) and gym set up on Monday, Dec. 17th.

A reminder please that supervision starts in the mornings at 8:00AM. Please do not send your children to school before 8:00AM. Supervision ends at 2:25PM. Students are instructed to go home at that time, unless they have a supervising adult present, or wait outside the office for their pick up person. Children are more than welcome to return to school to play but are the responsibility of their parent.

Our parking lot is a very busy place and is meant for people to use if parking for a good portion of the day. When dropping off or picking up your child from school by vehicle, please do so along Tuktakamin Road. To access our school grounds, students have been instructed to use one of the three openings in our fence (not the gate opening for vehicles) and to stick to our pathways. Students walking to school are advised to use the openings in our fence other than the one nearest our bus stop as this gets pretty congested and difficult to navigate through all the traffic without a parent.

Before the break, the Falkland Community Association donated $1000.00 in gift cards to support families throughout the year. We thank them very much for their support to help keep families afloat during times of hardship. If you hear of a Falkland family that could use a bit of extra support, please contact me.

Keeping parents informed is important to us at Falkland School. There are several ways we keep parents informed of the happenings at our school: monthly e-newsletters, weekly emails, our website, and Facebook. Posts on our website automatically go on our Facebook page so please LIKE or FOLLOW US on Facebook. Click here to access our Facebook page . You can find a list of our upcoming events at the end of this e-newsletter. You can always call myself or Dani at the school; we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Mrs. Cull
Staffing Update
We are pleased to welcome two additional staff members to our school. Welcome to Katelyn Abel, Certified Education Assistant. Also, welcome to Ashely Smirl. Ms. Smirl is the successful candidate for the part time position initally worked
by Mr. Endacott. If you haven't yet heard, Mr. Endacott accepted a postition in a different school district closer to home. Congratulations to Katelyn Abel, Ashley Smirl and Clint Endacott.
Reporting Timelines
As usual, we have a TOTAL of 5 reports planned to communicate student learning. These are 2 informal and 3 formal. The formal reports have been highlighted.

1. October 15 – 18 – Interim checklist
2. November 21 st (early dismissal at 11:45 ) and Nov 22 nd - Parent/STUDENT/Teacher Conference. 
3. February 27 th – written report
4. Student led conference April 24 th or 25 th
5. June 27 th – written report
You will notice on the next report card, no letter grades will be used for students in grades 4 - 8. A guage will be used to communicate levels 1—4 instead. Student can be between levels which means there are actually 7 levels. We feel, as a school and a district, that the 7 performance levels communicates students' learning more accurately in relation to the curricular compentencies for each subject and for their grade.

The following is a description of the levels that wil be used:

1 – Emerging
·       Work does not yet meet grade level expectations
·       May show evidence of progress toward relevant learning standards
·       Requires on-going support
2 – Developing
·       Work meets grade level expectations at minimal level
·       Can understand the learning standards at a basic level or in familiar situations
·       Requires some support
3 – Applying
·       Work meets grade level expectations
·       Consistently applies understanding and demonstrates learning in a variety of situations
·       Generally works independently
4 – Extending
·       Work exceeds grade level expectations
·       Demonstrates superior performance of learning standards
·       Independently takes initiative to extend their own learning and understanding 
Basketball Information
Basketball is well underway. Information has been sent home with interested students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Thanks very much to Coach Barker and Coach Clarke for volunteering their time to provide experience for our students.

Please click here to access the basketball schedule of mandatory practices and games. Click here to access the initial letter provided to students who expressed interest in playing.

Coach Barker is also providing some beginning basketball experiences for students in grades 4 and 5 on Thursdays at lunch.
Drivers are always needed to get students to away games. Please ensure that you have a police information check on file at the school in order to drive children other than you own. This is school district policy for volunteering at any school related activity. A driver's abstact is also required. This can be obtained from Dani at the office. Thank you for your cooperation.
MDI - Middle Development Instrument (survey for students in Grades 4 and 7)
On February 12th, Mrs. Cull will be administering the MDI to students in grades 4 and 7. An information letter was sent home before the break about consent. Click here to read more information about the instrument. Click here to access the passive consent letter sent home before the break. Click here to watch a short video to learn more.
Our School Improvement Plan -
Update on our Numeracy Goal
Teachers and students are working hard implementing and learning about the critical concepts identified specifically for our district by our District Numeracy Committee. We have started a school wide numeracy assessment of the critical concepts that will be administered twice a year. Once in the fall using standards from the previous grade and again in the Spring, using standards from the current grade. This information helps teachers to plan their instruction. Click here to learn about the critical concepts for each grade level. As indicated in our school improvement plan (click here), we are looking to plan a session for parents to learn more about numeracy and ways to support learning at home. More information to come soon.
Grade 8 News
Spirit Wear for our Grade 8s arrived recently. In case you didn't already know, all students in grade 8 at Falkland School receive a hoodie as a grade 8 grad gift. Part of the funds rasied from our annual Purdy's Chocolate fundraiser are used to purchase hoodies for our grade 8 students each year.

Grade 8s have their first transition visit to PVSS today, Thursday, Janaury 24th. Students will experience a variety of courses to help them with the course selection process. Click here to access the rotation schedule for their visit at PVSS. Course Selection forms will be due before March 8th. Mr. Kocsis, a teacher from PVSS, will be visiting Falkland on at least two occasions before March 8th to also assist students with the selection process.
Me to We - WE GO GREEN
Students on our Me to We team will be introducing our new composting buckets to classrooms this week. Students will be asked to place any compostable items left over from their snacks and lunch in the compost bucket.

Karoll Brosnan will be helping the student leadership team collect the
buckets each week to empty into a bigger bucket that will be taken to even larger bins on site at the school.
Thank you very much to Karoll for her passion with this school improvement poroject.

Carmen Fennell from the CSRD will be at our school on Wednesday, Jan. 30th to assist students with a garbage audit and discover ways to reduce waste at our school. An assembly is planned on Wednesday at 12:30 to review findings of our garbage audit.

In addition, we are currently working on building the soil for our
greenhouse. Once our compost program is up and running, we will be looking into ways to improve student recycling at our school. Our Me to We students recently completed a grant to access funds to support the purchase of more suitable recycling containers to assist with sorting.
Sexual Health and the Renewed Curriculum
We are excited to have the support of our community health nurse, Wendy Morgan, help with the sexual health curriculum for students in grades 4 - 8. To access the concepts that will be introduced in each grade, please click here. Click here to access the ministry policy on alternative delivery of sexual education. If you have questions about alternative delivery, please contact Mrs. Cull. If, after reading the policy, alternative delivery is the choice you make for your child, please contact Mrs. Cull to develop a plan for how your child will demostrate their knowledge of the required learning standards.
Unplug and Play
Sat., Jan. 26 - Sat., Feb. 2
Click here to read more about Unplug and Play. Be sure to view the calendar of activities available all around the Okanagan/Shuswap. Click here to access a passport and calendar of activities. Visit for more information.

Students have been provided passports and completed passports must be returned to the office by Feb. 6th to be eligible for a prize.
Information from PAC
Thanks to the following for taking on executive positions with PAC.

President: Yvonne Logan
Vice President: Adina Clements
Treasurer: Jill Pruner
Secretary: Rebecca Budac
Directors: Jody Boland, Karoll Brosnan, Christine Leclerc
DPAC rep: Yvonne Logan and Jill Pruner
Hot Lunch Coordinator: Jodi Boland

Next PAC meeting is Wednesday, February 6th at 2:30 in the Staffroom. All parents welcome and babysitting will be provided.

Please contact Yvonne Logan (778-930-0224) Adina Clements (250-463-5750) or Shelly Cull (250-833-2806 or 250-379-2320) to discuss ways you can get involved and contribute to your child's school experience.


Wednesday, February 13th
Wednesday, March 6th
Wednesday, April 17th
Wednesday, May 8th
Wednesday, June 12th


Wednesday, Feb. 6
Wednesday, Mar. 6
Wednesday, April 3
Wednesday, May 1
Wednesday, June 5
Dinner and Dance
PAC Cookbook
PAC is looking for recipes from parents and the community to compile into a cookbook for an upcoming fundraiser. Click here to access further informaiton. Click here to access the form to submit a recipe. Thanks Megan Jackson for leading this fundraising initiative for PAC. The cost per cookbook is yet to be determined and will depend on the amount ordered. Please indicate on the form if you plan on purchasing a cookbook.
Lunch Time Activities
We have a variety of activites planned at lunchtime to help keep students positively engaged. On Mondays the gym is open on a rotational basis (Div. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) with Mr. Sandy, our Indigenous Education Worker. On Tuesdays, Mrs. Cull hosts Dodgeball with students in grades 6, 7, 8 (sometimes grades 5s too) and a parent volunteer (Lisa Colebank) has lego and looming available for students on a rotational basis. On Wednesdays, there is basketball practice for students in grades 6, 7, 8 with Ms. Barker. On Thursdays, there is basketball for students in grades 4 and 5 and a Games Club (led by students) for students in Div 1 and 2, supervised by Mrs. Cull. On Friday we have homework club with Kelly Stalker (LHS) and gym activities on a rotational basis (Div 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) with Mr. Sandy. If there are lunch time activities that you would like to offer students at our school, please contact Mrs. Cull. Parent volunteers are welcome in our school.
Silver Star Whole School Tubing Day - March 1, 2019
As per tradition (for at least the last number of years), the fourth and final Winter Recreation day is a whole school tubing day at Silver Star Mountain Resort. A permission form with information will be sent home soon. The cost is the special rate for schools and the same as last year, $12 per student. While the PAC has covered the cost of one bus, we will be looking for parent drivers to help with transportation to the mountain.
Please indicate on the permission
form if driving is a possibility. A completed police information check must be on file in order to drive children, other than your own, for school related events.
Gymnastics - back by popular demand
PAC has agreed to cover the cost of gymnastics for all students again this year. We are excited to have Shawnee Venebles and her team from Momentum Gymnastics return to Falkland School. They will be here at our school on the following days: Tuesday, May 7th, Wednesday, May 8th and Thursday, May 9th and again on Tuesday, May 14th and Wednesday, May 15th.
The following dates have been booked at the Vernon Recreation Centre for our annual swimming at school program. Students attend 8 times. PAC is working hard on raising funds to hopefully fund transportation for this fabulous opportunity for our students.
Swimming - Grades k-5
Lesson are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are scheduled from 9:30 - 10:30 AM.

May 28th and 30th
June 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th, and 20th

Permission forms and more information about cost and bussing will be ssent home closer to the date. Cost is typically around $40.00.
Artwork from the students at Falkland School and other schools in SD 83 will be displayed at the Picadilly Mall from Thursday, February 28, to Friday, March 8th. Selected students throughout the district, including Falkland School, will have a chance to participate in art workshops on Wednesday, March 6th at the Picadilly Mall as well.
A Parent Information Session - Feb. 6th
Upcoming Events at Falkland School
(can only be viewed on your desktop)
Please take note of the upcoming events and record them in your calendars. While an email is sent home weekly as a reminder of upcoming events, this list will always be much more comprehensive.   Unfortunately this list cannot be viewed on a mobile device.
Fri., Jan 25
Jan 26 - Feb 2
Tues., Jan 29
Wed., Jan 30

Fri., Feb 1
Mon., Feb. 4
Wed., Feb 6

Fri., Feb 8
Tues., Feb 12

Wed., Feb 13

Thurs., Feb 14
Fri., Feb 15                 
Mon., Feb. 18            
Wed., Feb 20

Fri., Feb. 22
Tues., Feb. 26

Wed., Feb. 27              

Fri., Feb. 29 - Mar., 8

Fri., Mar. 1
Tues., Mar. 5
Wed., Mar. 6

Wed., Mar. 13
Thurs., Mar. 14
Fri., Mar. 15                

Mar., 18 to Mar. 29       
Mon., Apr. 1                
Wed., Apr. 3

Mon., Apr. 8
Wed., Apr. 17
Fri., Apr. 19                 
Mon., Apr. 22              
Tues., Apr. 23              
Wed., Apr. 24
Apr., 24 - 25
Wed., May 1

Thurs., May 2
Mon., May 6
Tues., May 7
Wed., May 8

Thurs., May 9
Fri., May 10
Tues., May 14
Wed., May 15
Thurs., May 16
Fri., May 17                 
Mon., May 20              
Tues., May 28
Wed., May 29
Thurs., May 30
Tues., June 4
Wed., June 5

Thurs., June 6
Tues., June 11
Wed., June 12
Thurs., June 13
Fri., June 14
Tues., June 18
Wed., June 19              
Thurs., June 20
Thurs., June 27            
Winter Rec Day #1
Unplug and Play
School Spirit Day - Hawaiian Day
Basketball Game @ Falkland School (SilverCreek)
Assembly 12:30 PM - WE GO GREEN
Winter Rec Day #2
Performance: Runaway Moon Theatre, 8:50 AM
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
Basketball Game @ SilverCreek School
Parent Presentation on Grad Program Changes with Pat Duncan @ the DESC - 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Completed Unplug and Play Passports to office
Winter Rec Day #3
MDI (Middle Years Development Inventory) Administration for grades 4 and 7
HOT LUNCH (PAC) - Chicken Noodle Soup
School Spirit Day - Red and White Day
Spaghetti Dinner and Dance (PAC) 5:00 PM
Non Instructional Day – no students
Family Day Holiday – no students
Sexual Health Lessons (Gr. 5 - 8) Wendy Morgan
Basketball Game @ Falkland School (MVB)
School Spirit Day - Twin Day
Tentative Movie Night (PAC) - Ralph Breaks the Internet (more info/confirmation to come)
Second Formal Report sent home
School Spirit Day - Pink Shirt Day
Sexual Health Lessons (Gr 5 - 8) Wendy Morgan
Basketball Game @ Ranchero
Art Fair at Picadilly Mall in Salmon Arm- student work displayed
Winter Rec Day #4 - Whole School Tubing
Ready, Set, Learn 9:30 - 10:30 AM - Falkland School
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
HOT LUNCH (PAC) - Macaroni and Cheese w/veg
Sexual Health Lessons (Gr 4 - 8) Wendy Morgan
Basketball Finals - more information to come
Art Fair Workshops for selected students at Picadilly Mall in Salmon Arm
Sexual Health Lessons (Gr 4 - 8) Wendy Morgan
Spring Carnival 4 - 7 PM (PAC)
Last day of school before Spring Break
School Spirit Day - Green Day
Spring Break – no school
School Reopens after Spring Break
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
School Spirit Day - Book Character Day
HOT LUNCH (PAC) - Pizza and garden salad
Good Friday Holiday – no school
Easter Monday – no school
Non Instructional Day – no school
School Spirit Day - Super Hero Day
Student Led Conferences - more info to come
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
PVSS Band Performance 9:30 - 10:15 AM
Music Monday - Assembly 11:00 AM
Gymnastics Session #1
Gymnastics Session #2
HOT LUCNH (PAC) - Hamburgers and fruit slices
Gymnastics Session #3
School Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day
Gymnastics Session #4
Gymnastics Session #5
School Spirit Day - Cowboy Day
Non Instructional Day – no school
Victoria Day Holiday – no school
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Centre
HOT LUNCH (PAC) - Pulled Pork and coleslaw
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Centre
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Centre
PAC meeting 2:30 PM Staffroom - babysitting provided
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Centre
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Centre
HOT LUNCH (PAC) - Chicken Caesar wrap w/fruit
Swimming (Gr. k- 5) - Vernon Rec Centre
School Spirit Day - 80's Day
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Cenre
Atlantis Waterslides – entire school to attend
Swimming (Gr. k-5) - Vernon Rec Centre
Last Day of school for students – early Dismissal
Third and Final Formal Report Card sent home 

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