Fall ...... Into a Good Book!
2020 has been and will continue to be a challenging year!! For the publishing industry it has been a topsy-turvy year of changing release dates and a quick shift to online everything (conferences, sales visits and author and publishing events). With an election year focus on politics AND the pandemic it has been quite difficult to predict book sales.

The publishing industry is also weathering some significant challenges to its printing pipeline. And the inability to predict deliveries and shipments are impeded by the retail industry shift to online shopping and home delivery.

We try to anticipate your book interests and the number of copies but as there are so many variables unfortunately mis-calculations can happen!

Our guidance: SHOP as SOON as you can to avoid being disappointed and unable to get your book gifts due to shortages or delays.
Fall is a great time for book buying and reading.
Commonplace Reader supports all readers.
A: PRINT : Books are available for pick up, home delivery, browsing online and in the store.
B: AUDIO Books : We work with Libro.fm for audio books.
C: EBOOKS : We have an arrangement with hummingbird for ebooks.

See our website for more information.
~Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins~
You can read along as we explore other cultures and countries with our Mystery Book Club Reads. We have been to Canada, UK, Egypt, Scotland, France and Sweden with the world's top detectives! This coming round of books will keep the pages turning in your hands!
The Literary Fiction Book Clubs have a great new selection of books that explore relationships, significant cultural shifts, and interpersonal challenges. We read literary authors whose writing makes us think, feel and begin to understand our world.
New Book Club in Yardley
The Social Equity Book Club met for its first meeting and discussion of The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. It was engaging and thoughtful discussion. Please sign up and join our next meeting Thursday October 8, 2020.
~Apples Apples Apples~
How Our Government Works and Why It Matters!
Kids Are Curious.... Tell them what voting means to them!
American History of Voting - Great Choice for Voting Education
~Mums Mums Mums~
Cats of All Colors Rule October!
Celebrity Bios are Haunting!
Love those Birds!
Stephen King is MY Favorite!
~Leaves Leaves Leaves~
Outstanding new fiction; award winners and excellent curation and well read staff recommendations will make selecting your next read easy!
We can order from publishers and our warehouses for delivery of in-print titles in a few days - don't delay!
Small Reads
Shelf Talkers
Local History
~Honey Honey Honey~
Anti-racism and Black Lives Matter are topics that many want to be more educated about. We have a deep selection for you to browse.
Diversity Fiction is a focus this year...... check out our table and suggestions lists on the website.
Our Kids selection has blossomed in the last months as we have stocked up for the fall shopping season. Visit with your young friends to select a book to learn something, contemplate a new idea or work through a trying issue.
Board and Picture Books!
Sesame and Soft Covers!
~Gift Cards~
Support your local business community!
Purchase for a friend and they can choose how much and where to spend your gift as they walk the streets of Yardley Borough.
Commonplace Reader Gift cards can be used online for purchases shipped from our warehouse or for pick up orders. They can also be used in the bookstore after browsing the shelves. A great treat for your favorite book lover.
~Fall ......... Into a Good Book~