September Checklist

Stay safe with the popular game Pokémon Go: Avoid playing after dark. Don't trespass, loiter near private homes or enter public areas when they are officially closed. Watch your valuables. Don't use the mobile game while crossing the street, driving or bicycling. Don't interfere with traffic to make Poké Stops. Play with a buddy.

Just do it! Tuesday, September 6, is Fight Procrastination Day. Plan to tackle just one neglected task-but be sure to share your plans with someone who wi ll hold you accountable. Choose a reward to give yourself immediately upon completion. 

Set limits to violent news ­exposure: Designate certain times to "check in" instead of getting constant updates through social media or 24/7 news channels.

Think ahead: Reserve accommodations for fall foliage trips. Make plans for holiday travel. Establish your holiday gift budget - and buy early to avoid expensive last-minute choices. 

Register for free pollen alerts: Minimize discomfort during the "sneezin' season" by signing up for two-day pollen and weather forecasts. 

Try yoga for health: More than 1,500 studios and teachers offer some free classes during September, which is National Yoga Month. 

Protect against wasp stings: Yellow jacket wasps are most numerous in late summer, when they become especially aggressive. Instead of swatting at them, just let them fly away. Avoid wearing fragrance. Keep outdoor food-­especially sugary items-and garbage cans tightly covered.  

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Paralysis patients regain sensation, muscle control through brain machine

A study published in Scientific Reports reveals that eight people with spinal cord injuries - many of whom have been paralyzed for several years - have regained partial sensation and muscle control in their lower limbs following training with brained-controlled robotics.
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Aetna, one of the country's largest health insurers, is ditching 70% of its  
Obamacare business

Aetna, one of the five largest health insurers in the US, announced on Monday evening that it would be pulling out of nearly 70% of the counties in which it offers coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
What Your Nose Knows
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Sense of Smell and Your Health

Your sense of smell enriches your experience of the world around you. Different scents can change your mood, transport you back to a distant memory, and may even help you bond with loved ones. Your ability to smell also plays a key role in your health. If your ability to smell declines, it can affect your diet and nutrition, physical well-being, and everyday safety.

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The Truth About Yogurt
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Don't be fooled by these 5 common misconceptions...

Yogurt has long been a favorite of Europeans, but this creamy treat is now a staple in more American households than ever before.

Trap to watch out for: With yogurt's increasing popularity in the US, consumers must now be alert for trumped-up claims about the food's healthfulness.

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