Get ready for cooler weather

Fall Season is winding down!

It's hard to believe we have only about a week left of fall play! Many of our teams have had great success this fall. We are proud of everyone's effort and hard work this fall season. We look forward to more technical training in the winter months as we prepare for the spring seasons. Congratulations to the following teams that were Champions at the Indy Premier Halloween Classic this past weekend:

2010 Boys Green

2011 Girls Premier

2012 Girls Premier

On the Academy side, we had two teams finish at the top of their brackets! Congratulations to the 2014B McKennie & 2014B Pulisic teams!

Reminder that winter training starts soon! We will be in various locations around town and Nick has communicated with teams over the past week. Team managers are working to enter training information into SportsYou ASAP.

Let's finish our fall seasons strong. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime! 


Barnaby's Fundraiser Results

Our fall fundraiser was incredibly successful! Thank you for your support! You helped raise over $18,000 for the club. We plan to use that money towards facility improvements and additional planning in our capital expansion project. Thank you!

Our winning team.. U11 GIRLS (2013) Premier team! They sold 670 tickets and win a pizza party at Barnaby's! Congratulations!

Individual Winners & Prizes:

  1. E. Stone (back to back winner!) sold 300 tickets - $100 gift card
  2. C. Ditsch sold 260 tickets - $75 gift card
  3. L. Bryan sold 171 tickets - $50 gift card

GREAT JOB! We will be mailing your winning gift cards in the next 2 weeks! CONGRATULATIONS!

End of the Season Survey

We are always looking for ways to improve as a club and we need your feedback! Please take a few minutes to complete this fall 2023 season survey. Jr. Irish is committed to being the best club in the area and your input helps. Thank you!

Fall 2023 End of Season Survey

What's Up DOC?

This is a new section we're introducting where YOU as JI Club members get to ask our DOC (Director of Coaching) an anonymous question. Click HERE to submit a future question.

This month's Question:

At what age do teams typically shift from the back defender doing throw-ins to a different/closer player so that the opposing team’s defense doesn’t have time to get set? This might allow throw-ins to be quicker?

DOC's Answer:

There is no special rule within our club as to who throws the ball in. We focus on having the outside defenders do this as it gets more players into the attack and allows the players you typically want to get on the ball (center mids, wide forwards, wide midfielders) in the attacking third in positions to receive and go to goal. We do make sure that central players stay away from taking these as by trying to take the throw in they (a central player) put the team in a numbers down situation in their respective areas of the field. When attacking you always want to create numbers up situations (simply put, numbers up means more of our players attacking than their players defending).

As players get older more time will be spent on “gamesmanship” and something like this will be addressed in more depth. Gamesmanship in this sport refers to things such as how long or quickly to do something and when/where/why, how slowly to do something and when/where/why/how, and even things like how to “kill” off the game (which simply put means how to see out the game in order to keep a current result (things like dribbling towards the corner flag etc)). Jr Irish directors (Nick Swaim Director of Coaching and Mis’ Mrak Academy Director) are working this winter with a leading professional soccer mind to tailor a specific curriculum that fits our club and its players.

Like everything else in life there is no one cookie cutter way and we are working hard to continuously improve our club and everyone’s experience within it. We are working on things that highlight our current players' positive qualities and also to help focus on our deficiencies.

This is a process that takes time as we must first know our current players skill sets and tendencies (data collection) in order to continue to build on what they do well and improve what the deficiencies are across the whole club (process of creating and tailoring a very specific curriculum to our players). This is a very exciting time to be a part of Jr Irish and we are looking forward to this process and implementation. 

Jr. Irish Academy Overview/Reminders:

Our Academy Program’s primary focus is on Team Development. Soccer is NOT an individual sport and to train that way would be incredibly counterproductive. We offer age appropriate training dedicated to:

  • Communication (verbal, non-verbal, visual, awareness)
  • Decision Making (Game Insight)
  • Execution (the physical action of the decision made)

During competition, we primarily play in a non-result-oriented league and tournaments, with the proper level of competition, which provides players the opportunity to experience all positions to learn the game through the principles of play and not just learn a specific position. Rotating through multiple positions provides players a holistic approach to their development.

Learning the game and beginning to make their own decisions is our motto meaning we want our players to play the game the right way and have success. We focus on proper training mentality and making sure every activity is as close to the game as possible.

Our program is very fluid and we float players from team to team to insure they are in the best soccer environment possible. Everyone trains at the same time and play dates for games so all Academy teams attend together. Teams are defined by age and ability. We expect players to participate in all practices each week during the Fall and Spring Seasons, and all trainings during the Winter Training Program. Over the course of the year, your child will participate in at least 75 hours of training, and play upwards of 25 games!

All of this information and more is outlined on our website.

Check it out today to get more informaiton on your child's age-group.

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