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Ship pilot enjoys new lease on life
Saying goodbye to benign cysts
Varicose vein insurance puzzle solved

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Thank You Gizelle!

We were very pleased to receive your letter of appreciation after weight loss surgery. Keep up the good work!

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The added benefits of a little exercise...

A recent study found 68 percent of bariatric patients became physically active in the year after surgery. They lost an average of 13.2 more pounds than inactive patients, suffered less depression and anxiety, and enjoyed better health overall.

Varicose Vein Info

WomensHealth.gov offers objective, high quality varicose vein Q&A for men and women http://tinyurl.com/76ymxc

VNUS closure before
It was a busy summer here at Prime Surgicare, but filled with satisfaction. We met many new patients who we were able to help. Thank you to one of our bariatric patients, Stephen Naples, for generously sharing his story about undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), a minimally invasive weight loss solution.

As we all look back on 2010, we do so with the hope that we did everything in our power to stay healthy, ward off disease, and look and feel our best. While never easy, committing to living a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise and a close partnership with your doctor will make an incredible difference in your ability to avoid illness and chronic disease.

Thank you for your kind words and support as we continue to build our practice. We are active on Facebook and Twitter and regularly post health and wellness tips on our Prime Surgicare blog. We hope you'll connect with us. Have a joyous and healthy holiday season from all of us at Prime Surgicare!

Best regards,
Dr. Seun Sowemimo
Prime Surgicare

Cargo ship pilot enjoys new outlook and new life

"The most important advice I can offer about weight loss surgery--don't worry about what people think or say.

Do what is right for you and don't look back--move forward."

After years of struggling with his weight, Stephen Naples of Ocean County researched weight loss surgery, talked with his family, and consulted with Dr. Sowemimo from Prime Surgicare after viewing his bariatric weight loss webinars at www.PrimeSurgicare.com.

"We discussed Steve's lifestyle and weight loss goals in detail. Ultimately, he elected to undergo minimally invasive vertical sleeve gastrectomy as a bariatric weight loss solution because, as a seaman, he could not attend frequent follow-up visits necessary for the gastric band procedure," Dr. Sowemimo explains.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a less invasive weight loss procedure that removes up to 80 percent of the stomach leaving only a small tube (called a sleeve) that will serve as the new (and smaller) stomach.

"Before and after surgery, I met with Karen Scott, RD, Prime Surgicare, about what foods were right for me to eat immediately after surgery and when I began eating regular food again," Stephen, age 52, explains. "I learned that losing weight is not just about eating less--it's about living and eating healthfully every day." Steve also says the meetings with Karen and Dr. Seun reinforced he had a solid support team behind him and could be successful in the long term. Just nine weeks after surgery, he has lost more than 50 pounds.

To read Steve's full story, click here.

Banish benign cysts during an office visit!

Sebaceous Cyst

No one wants to discover a lump or bump under the skin. When this happens, we immediately think the worst (cancer) only to discover (most of the time) that the bump or lump is a harmless cyst or benign tumor.

Sebaceous cysts and lipomas can increase in size over time and serve as an unsightly physical nuisance. The good news is that many cysts located on or just under the skin can often be removed during a simple office visit--no hospital required! This minimally invasive surgical procedure is usually performed under mild anesthesia and you can return to your daily routine, cyst free, the next day, in many cases.

Consult with your doctor any time you notice a growth, bump, or lump on your body. Once you have received a benign diagnosis, you can have the annoying growth removed quickly and easily, with surprisingly little discomfort.

To read more about benign cysts, click here.

Please pass the water

Drinking two glasses of water before meals has been proven to help you lose weight

Navigating insurance coverage for your varicose vein treatment

Patients living with painful swelling from venous reflux disease (varicose veins) know all too well that the condition is more than just a cosmetic issue. Varicose veins can lead to swelling of the lower limbs, skin inflammations and leg ulcers. The condition is also progressive and symptoms will worsen over time, if left untreated.

Unfortunately, many health insurers see this disease differently. In some circumstances, insurance companies may deny coverage by claiming treatment is an "elective cosmetic procedure". The core determinant of the medical necessity for treatment of varicose veins starts with a diagnosis of superficial venous reflux disease, confirmed after an office consultation and ultrasound evaluation by a vein surgeon specialist.

To learn more, click here to read our recent report, featured on the Prime Surgicare blog.


Dr. Oluseun Sowemimo (Dr. Seun), Prime Surgicare, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained, general and laparoscopic surgeon specializing in varicose vein, bariatric, and general surgery in central New Jersey. His practice is located at the Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus, CentraState Medical Center, Freehold, where he is also a member of the hospital staff. For a consultation or medical appointment, please call Jessica at (732) 637- 6370.