Fall Newsletter 2015
Welcome back to school everyone!
In a recent study, researchers at Indiana University wondered how conversational language directed at a young child differs from language heard through storybook read-aloud sessions.  Researchers already knew that reading to children and regular engagement in positive child-directed talk are both positively associated with language skills, IQ and school readiness. After comparing words in 100 randomly chosen popular storybooks with words spoken in 4,432 individual parent-child conversations, they found that the storybooks contained 70 percent more unique words than the conversations. Researchers reasoned that everyday conversations with young children are often repetitive and limited to the here and now. Books have no such constraints opening new domains for discovery and bringing new words into play.
Language skills at entry to kindergarten are a predictor of reading success later in school. Not only do children learn to identify things in storybooks such as a planet, a boomerang, an aardvark, they also learn about emotions, consequences, problem solving, perseverance and their own place in the world. Raising A Reader books are designed to take children outside the everyday language of here and now, expand their world and build their language skills. During read-aloud sessions, let our books launch a conversation and watch your child's language skills blossom. 

What's Happening...
Red Bags start rotation for 2,300 children from Aspen to Parachute in the month of October.
Over the next several months students will receive four beautiful books each week to share with their families and return to school.
On the day the child is scheduled to bring home their Red Bag for the first time, each teacher plans a launch event to build excitement and to ignite a love of books in each child.
For example, one teacher created a Red Bag treasure hunt using letters as clues which lead to a huge unopened mystery box. The children tried to guess what was inside... their Red Bags!
Parent are encouraged to attend these evening sessions to share experiences and expand their understanding of language development and reading readiness. The schools notify parents of fall literacy events.  Last year 1300 parents attended more than 50 parent sessions. 
We have ongoing Outreach Programs for at-risk children who do not attend preschool.  Weekly sessions are held in 6 different neighborhoods from Basalt to Rifle. Each week children share an activity, parents discuss literacy development progress at home and each child leaves with a Red Bag.   If you would like to know more about this or know someone who would benefit, please be in touch!
A huge thank you to our donors, teachers, students and parents for making this program and the future of our children a successful one.

Heads up everyone!
TEACHERS:  Set your launch date and build excitement around books, life and adventure.

 Let the book  launch 
Language skills build reading readiness. 
RAR Coordinator Book Recommendation 
and Activity Suggestion

Helps Develop:  Coordination and self regulation.
Activity: After reading the book, act out the different ways the boy in the story becomes as quick as a cricket. 
Talk about how our bodies can move in big and small ways, fast and slow, loud and quiet.
Ask the children: 
How do you like to move? 
What feels good to you?
What animal would you like to pretend to be?

          Danika Davis, Program Coordinator

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The  quality  of time parents spend with their child has a greater impact on brain development and learning than 

So go ahead take a moment, turn off the television, put down your phone, choose a quiet space and cuddle up with your child and book! 

Count down to Red Bag Launch!

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