Volume 11, Issue 1, Fall 2016       

Our Mission    
  To encourage and empower Maine students who need additional support as they transition from high school to college and to connect them to the academic, personal, and financial resources they need for success in and beyond community college.
Maine Connections Academy: Our Newest Partner School
Maine Connections Academy is partnering with Early College for ME and is our first
participating school to be fully online. We work with over 80 publicly funded schools
all around Maine.
Corey Kilton                     
Evynn Betters        
Nickie Fowlie             
Triple Talent at SMCC

Corey Kilton  (Freeport, 2015), Evynn Betters  (Portland, 2015), and Nickie Fowlie (MCST/Camden Hills, 2015) are second-year students at Southern Maine Community College majoring in early childhood education, liberal studies, and fire science, respectively. Corey and Nickie are following a parent's footsteps: Corey's mother majored in early childhood education; Nickie's father is a firefighter. Both students made Dean's List their freshman year. Evynn and Nickie are first in their family to go to college. For all three students, college is different from high school. To Corey, "college is more about the education than the friends." Says Evynn, "You go to college because you want to, not because it's required. There is more freedom and more responsibility." Nickie agrees. "You have to work twice as hard on homework as in high school," yet she likes the independence and likes best "my classes and that I get to live in a fire station!" Her course on fire protection systems was particularly timely. She was at the station when a call came in about a problem with just such a system. "Because we'd talked about it in class, I knew exactly what to do!" Once she completes her associate degree, she plans to earn a degree in paramedicine and work full time for a fire station. Corey and Evynn plan to transfer for their bachelor's degrees. All are grateful for ECforME support. Says Evynn, "[ECforME] helped financially, which helped overall, especially stress-wise!"
Matt at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Service This!

Matthew Wintle  (Bonny Eagle, 2015)
will graduate in May 2017 from Washington County Community College with an  associate degree in mechanical technology, specializing  in passenger vehicle service. Matt became interested in passenger vehicles at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center, part of his high school program. There he earned his commercial driver's license with Class A and B endorsements. 
    For college, Matt is glad he chose WCCC. "The college, the program, and the teachers are a great fit for me," he says and credits ECforME with "helping me stay on track with my college classes." Though not an "official" member of the Student Senate, Matt is always helping out with college events, says Mary-Ann Urquhart, his ECforME Regional Director. After graduation, Matt wants to work in some aspect of the automotive field, preferably near his hometown of Hollis.
Eyes on the Prize
Xandria Santos (Waterville, 2015) was selected for Early College for ME "because of her bright, curious nature, and her desire to achieve her dreams," said her high school guidance counselor, Angela Frame. "Xandria knew she wanted to go to college, and we knew she was capable of being successful." Now at Kennebec Valley Community College , Xandria is taking the required liberal studies courses in preparation for medical assisting next fall.
    She chose KVCC because it was both affordable and offered the program she wanted. She likes her instructors' flexibility and how they challenge her. For her, success in college means managing time and getting help as needed. Lisa Black, Director of TRiO at KVCC, describes Xandria as "an amazing student: driven, talented, personable, and conscientious. Particularly impressive is her ability to work through obstacles despite an incredibly busy work and school schedule."
    Xandria credits ECforME with helping students prepare for and understand college "so that when they start college," she says, "it will not be so scary."
Following Her Dream

Taya Damboise (Caribou, 2015) knew in high school that she wanted to work with small children. She began dreaming of having a daycare center at her home and began accumulating things she'll need. She's staying ahead of her classwork at Northern Maine Community College and observing at day care centers during college vacations.
    Taya is a stellar student. She earned an A for her dual enrollment (college) course in high school. Throughout her freshman year and a summer course at NMCC, she maintained a 4.0 GPA. She has been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for the two-year college. 
    Time management, Taya believes, has been critical to her success. She appreciates Early College for ME because "it made me more familiar with NMCC, and if I needed help for anything, [ECforME] was there." She appreciates NMCC because "I am able to learn more about my passion, caring for children." In May she'll graduate with her associate degree in early childhood education, the first step toward following her dream.
"Sparky" and Jordanna, October Fire Prevention Week
Sparky and the Spark Plug

Jordanna Sprague (Mattanawcook, 2016) is a first-year fire science student at Eastern Maine Community College . She earned her Pro Board Firefighter I & II certification through the Penobscot County Fire Academy and is in EMCC's live-in program for the Hermon Fire Department. She came to EMCC especially for the live-in program. Her college department chair, Chris Beaumont, calls her "a spark plug! She's always involved in class discussion and first to lend a hand when there is work to do. Jordanna understands the drive and determination it will take to become a career firefighter."
    A first-generation college student, Jordanna began college in high school. Her free course through Early College for ME, combined with the fire science and EMT credits she earned at Region III Technical Center, gave her 10.5 college credits before starting at EMCC. She already knew about college expectations, course deadlines, and why not to procrastinate. Says Hope Holyoke, ECforME Regional Director, "In high school, Jordanna did what she had to to get by. Her goal now is to make Dean's List, and she's on track to do it!"
Compute and Connect

Daniel DeLong (Wiscasset, 2015) has helped family and friends with computer issues since middle school. He's now in his second-year in network security/computer forensics at Central Maine Community College, where  he works eight hours a week as an IT work-study intern. His job connects his class learning to the real world of IT and puts real-world experience on his resume. He's on track to have his associate degree in May 2017.
    Dan has been tenacious in overcoming obstacles. Math is challenging for him, and he completed much of high school in an alternative program. Transitioning to college was difficult, and Dan found it hard at first to connect with other students. He did connect through video games. "It takes making an effort to get to know new people," he says, adding, "If you have no one to talk to, you will have a terrible time." Dan likes CMCC. "Everyone is nice: teachers, students, and staff." His advice to new students? "Managing a work-study job, classes, study time, and free time can be challenging. Take it slow, breathe, and don't be scared to ask questions. The teacher's job is to help you learn."
Determination and Grit

Jennifer McGuire (Kennebunk, 2015) graduates in May in liberal studies from York County Community College. Jen is "one of the most organized, driven, and hardest working individuals I've ever met," says Cait McGurty, ECforME Regional Director.  For Jen, "Meeting Cait was a life saver. She showed me how to take college courses in high school, helped me decide on my college career, showed me how to apply to college and what to expect from college. Being a first-gen college student, I was clueless."
    Jen has maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA, made President's List last spring, and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for the two-year college. Enrolled full time at YCCC, she's also working full time and paying for college on her own. She realized that she could start at YCCC for "a fraction of the cost" of a four-year college. Next, she plans to transfer for a bachelor's degree in psychology, then continue for a master's degree in art therapy.
    She likes the independence of college. "If you want to pass anything," she says, "studying is key. Go to class! Study hard! Make at least one friend in class." And, she adds, "Be prepared for a strict syllabus and academic rules. There usually aren't any exceptions."
*Honors Two or More Semesters
Phi Theta Kappa
Honor Society for the Two-Year College
Taya Damboise* (Caribou'15) Early Childhood Education NM
Sarah Engel* (Marshwood'15) Business Administration YC
Daniel Levesque (Noble'15) Digital Media YC
Jennifer McGuire (Kennebunk'15) Liberal Studies YC
Katelynn Perkins* (Presque Isle'14) Early Childhood Education NM
Alvin Tardif* (SJVTC/Wisdom'15) Precision Metals Manufacturing NM

High Honors
Bayley Caouette* (Buckfield'14) General Studies CM
Patrick Dexler* (Lisbon'15) Management Information Systems CM
Nicholaus Fortin* (LRTC/Leavitt'14) Criminal Justice CM
Kimberly Hofferberth (Winthrop'14) Business Administration-Management CM
Brooke Leger* (LRTC/Lewiston'14) Accounting CM
Jacob Levesque* (SJVTC/Madawaska'14) Mechanical Tech-Passenger Vehicle Services WC
Christopher Poisson* (LRTC/Edward Little'14) Building Construction Tech CM
Codey Prock* (MCST/Medomak Valley'15) Precision Machining Tech CM
Rhys Simpson* (Mt. Blue'15) Automotive Tech CM
Rebecca-Lynn Tuttle* (Telstar'15) General Studies CM
Dakota Verrill* (Telstar'14) Graphic Communications CM

Kiana Acevedo* (Portland'15) Early Childhood Education SM
Dakota Allen* (Waterville'14) Liberal Studies KV
Marisa Allen* (Waterville'14) Liberal Studies KV
Brooke Anderson* (Bonny Eagle'14) Liberal Studies SM
Nicholas Bazinet* (Bangor'14) Criminal Justice EM
Joshua Beaudoin* (Sanford'14) Automotive Tech SM
Samantha Beaulieu* (Portland'14) General Studies SM
Ryanne Berry (Scarborough'15) Criminal Justice SM
Brandon Bickford (Messalonskee'14) Energy Services-Technology KV
Michelle Birmingham* (Katahdin'15) Early Childhood Education EM
Kim Blanchette (SJVTC/Wisdom'14) Early Childhood Education WC
Catherine Bonner* (York'14) Liberal Studies SM
Chelsey Boulay* (Spruce Mountain'14) Culinary Arts SM
Ethan Bradstreet* (Central Aroostook'15) Diesel Hydraulics Tech NM
Carina Cameron* (Noble'14) Liberal Studies SM
D'Arcy Carter (Freeport'15) Liberal Studies SM
Brandon Coates (Lawrence'15) Precision Machining Tech KV
Tyler Cookson (Calais'15) Welding Tech WC
Connor Craig* (Lisbon'15) Liberal Studies SM
Haley Cuddy* (Forest Hills'15) Liberal Studies SM
Caleb Cullen* (Katahdin'15) Emergency Medical Services NM
Isaac deMontigny* (SJVTC/Wisdom'15) Automotive Tech NM
Travis Doughty* (UTC/Old Town'14) Fine Woodwork-Cabinet Making EM
Zachary Douin (Messalonskee'15) Energy Services-Technology KV
Brandon Drew* (Katahdin'15) Liberal Studies EM
Nicolas Dunn* (LRTC/Lewiston'15) Pre-Engineering SM
Sean Dyer* (Lewiston'14) Criminal Justice SM
Meghan Ellingwood* (Old Town'15) Liberal Studies EM
Aaron Erickson* (Gorham'14) Criminal Justice SM
Paige Ford* (Biddeford'15) Liberal Studies YC
Fallon Francazio* (Brewer'14) Liberal Studies EM
Nicki Fowlie* (MCST/Camden Hills'15) Fire Science Tech SM
Alexandra Glantz* (Windham'15) Liberal Studies SM
Caleb Gordon* (Caribou'14) Electrical Construction-Maintenance NM
Emma Hennessy* (UTC/Orono'15) Liberal Studies EM
Stevie Hilton (Noble'14) Digital Media YC
Jocelyn Hoyt* (Forest Hills'14) Business Administration-Marketing-Management KV
Stephen Hoyt* (Mt. Ararat'14) Construction Tech-Residential-Commercial SM
Hannah Hubbard* (Skowhegan'14) Early Childhood Education EM
Tyler Hurlburt* (Woodland'14) Mechanical Tech-Passenger Vehicle Services WC
Amanda Huston* (Mattanawcook Academy'14) Business Management EM
Rylee Jackson (Skowhegan'15) Business Administration-Marketing-Management KV
Jonathan Jensen (CATC/Home-Schooled'14) Energy Services-Technology KV
Randi Jipson (Windham'15) Business Administration SM
Corey Kilton* (Freeport'15) Early Childhood Education SM
Tyler Knight* (Windham'14) General Studies CM
Nicholas Labun* (Messalonskee'15) Building Construction Tech EM
Staycen Lamarre* (Mt. Ararat'15) Liberal Studies SM
Abigail LaPlante* (Cony'14) Communications-New Media SM
Nicole Latulippe* (Edward Little'14) General Studies CM
Jesse Leclerc (Brewer'15) Hospitality-Tourism Management EM
Jaime Lemery* (Old Town'15) Liberal Studies EM
Kylee Loucks* (Lawrence'15) Liberal Studies KV
Jaycie MacArthur* (Woodland'15) Business Management WC
Kayli Malenfant* (Presque Isle'14) Liberal Studies NM
Matthew Martin (CATC/Erskine Academy'14) Energy Services-Technology KV
Michelle Martin* (Lisbon'15) Liberal Studies SM
Scott McCrossin* (Caribou'15) Precision Machining Tech CM
Kayla McLeish* (UTC/Hermon'15) Medical Radiography Tech EM
Ramon Michaud* (CATC/Hall-Dale'14) Computer Tech SM
Allison Mitchell* (Skowhegan'15) Liberal Studies KV
Gabriel Morin* (UTC/Old Town'14) Fine Woodwork-Cabinet Making EM
Shallon Nadeau* (South Portland'15) Liberal Studies SM
Jeremy Nason (SJVTC/Madawaska'15) Diesel, Truck-Heavy Equipment EM
Nicole O'Donnell* (TCTC/Home-Schooled'15) Liberal Studies EM
Marianne Ouellette* (LRTC/Lewiston'15) Early Childhood Education CM
Collin Patterson* (Caribou'14) Automotive Body Repair NM
Denasia Peavey (Winslow'15) Education-Early Childhood Education KV
Mitchell Pelletier* (SJVTC/Fort Kent'15) Diesel Hydraulics Tech NM
Noah Pelletier* (Edward Little'14) Medical Assisting CM
Ashley Poland* (Boothbay'14) Early Childhood Education EM
Tristan Quick* (Lawrence'15) Computer Electronics NM
Desiraie Rediker* (Fort Fairfield'14) Liberal Studies NM
Chelsea Roderick (Mt. Abram'15) General Science-Health Occupations KV
Casey Rouleau (MCST/Camden Hills'15) Pipe Welding EM
Dustin Roy* (SJVTC/Fort Kent'15) Diesel Hydraulics Tech NM
William Sargent (Narraguagus'15) Powersport Equipment-Small Engine Technician WC
Katelyn Seavey* (Sanford'14) Liberal Studies YC
Ezra Shepherd* (Lawrence'14) Biological Sciences KV
Sierra Smedberg* (Lawrence'15) Liberal Studies KV
Mariah Smith (UTC/Bangor'15) Medical Radiography Tech EM
Colton Spear* (MCST/Medomak Valley'15) Diesel, Truck-Heavy Equipment EM
Rebecca Stacey-Outten* (Edward Little'15) General Studies CM
Cassandra Stone* (CATC/Erskine Academy'14) General Science-Health Occupations KV
Ashley Watters* (South Portland'14) Liberal Studies SM

We wish all our students continued success!
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