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November 2016

Commodore Jimmy Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
In September, we had the best North American Championship we have had in 10 years-- the market crash of 2008 left a dark cloud over our fleet, but no more!

Our Annual 12MYC Dinner was sold out, attended by more than one hundred sailors, family and friends who enjoyed cocktails and dinner at David Ray's Clarke Cooke House. After dinner, New Zealand (KZ-3) owner Gunther Buerman shared how he put together his 12 and his talented, dedicated team. In my opinion, Gunther has put together one of the best 12mR racing programs since the Jubilee.

Dennis Williams accepts Ted Turner Trophy from Commodore James Gubelmann Next, the 2016 Ted Turner Trophy was awarded to Dennis Williams for his contributions to the Class both on and off the water. In the past 8 years, Dennis has brilliantly campaigned Victory '83 (K-22), restored Defender (US-33) so that she may rejoin the fleet and purchased US-61 to preserve rare and hard-to-find 12mR parts.

Thank you Dennis for all that you have done to support our fleet, Ted Turner is proud of your accomplishments!

We saw extremely competitive racing at the North Americans this year, with 8 races sailed over 3 days in 14-18 knots of breeze. The winners in both the Modern and Traditional fleets could only  be determined after the final race was scored. Harry Graves made great efforts to return Team Lionheart Lionheart (K-18) to Newport just in time for the Championship. Newly returned to racing, he graciously decided to "race-up" one division ( Lionheart is a Modern, but raced this regatta with the Gran Prix group) so that his yacht would not impede the highly competitive Moderns in the last races of their season. Racing a Modern boat in the Gran Prix fleet is extremely challenging, but she got faster and faster and more competitive with each race. "That is one fast boat", said veteran Duby Joslin. Welcome back to your fleet Harry!

Concurrently with our North Americans, 12s were racing at the Les Voiles de St. Tropez in the Mediterranean. France I (F-1) owner, Bruno Bich sent along the photo below of France I (F-1), Chancegger (F-4) and Sovereign (K-12), letting us know that F-1 and F-4 are already committed and he hopes that K-12 will come along to Newport in 2019 as well. The Baltic Fleet has also expressed great interest in our developing plans for the next 3 years.

France I_ Sovereign and Chancegger
France I, Sovereign & Chancegger
American Eagle_ Weatherly and Columbia
American Eagle, Weatherly & Columbia

As awareness increases, excitement is building-- sailors from near and far are already gearing up to converge here in Newport at the 2019 12mR World Championship!

James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport
Message from the Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard
Peter Gerard 
Fall has finally come to New England, and the Newport 12 Metre fleet members are headed to their sheds. 2016 was good year, and the 2106 NA's saw nine boats on the line.

2017 is already looking good. In addition to Lionheart (who showed up for the first time in a number of years), we are expecting Nefertiti back on the starting line. According to the Victory 83 team, Defender could be making its debut this coming spring. In addition, it is very possible that Freedom (US 30) will be back in the racing fleet. And finally, Easterner is in the middle of a refit, and could well make it to the starting line some time in 2017.

If all this works out as planned, we could be looking at a 12 to 13 boat 2017 North American Championship. Not bad for the first year of the ROAD TO THE 2019 WORLDS. And as we move down that ROAD, there are a number of 12s that are available for purchase or charter. These include Challenge 12 and Enterprise. If you have interest, please contact us.

Have a great winter and a happy holiday season.
The 12 Metre Americas Fleet-- PAG
Lock Up Your Mothers, Hide the Booze...   by Paul Buttrose
Australia II Tribute Song 
Click the Kangaroo to hear Australia II Tribute Song
When owners and crew of 12 Metres gather at regattas or the 12 Metre Yacht Club at the Clarke Cooke House, it does not take long for a story to surface about America's Cup campaigns. Hardly surprising considering a number of veterans from those campaigns circa 1970-87 are still sailing 12s.

As with most sports- it's all about the people. Stories are less about tacking duels off Brenton Reef and more about the characters involved in designing, building and sailing the 12s. Shore-side supporters, particularly those from 'Down Under' who made it to Newport in 1983 add even more color to an already colorful story. Similarly, the 2001 World Championship held in conjunction with the 150th 'Jubilee' off Cowes attracted thirty-six Twelve Metres and at least several hundred of those same characters.

In 2019 the 12 Metre World Championship is scheduled to be held in Newport, hosted by the New York Yacht Club in conjunction with a regatta celebrating the Club's 175th Anniversary. As plans for that celebration get underway in New York and Newport, another plan is being hatched 10,500 miles away in Melbourne, Australia...  read more. 
Lionheart Returns to Race in Newport, by Harry H. Graves

Recently, Lionheart (K-18) owner, Harry Graves' yeoman efforts resulted in the welcome return of his K-18 to racing at the 2016 12mR North American Championship. His inspiring perseverance, "against all odds" is indicative of the momentum gathering in anticipation of the 2019 World Championship in Newport. Commodore Gubelmann asked Harry to share his recent "journey" with us...

Harry H. Graves First and foremost, a big hearty "thank you" to the Newport 12 Metre fleet for their welcome, kindness, and support of Team Lionheart (K18) as we returned to competition in Newport for the 2016 North American Championship after a decade hiatus. Special mention goes to Jimmy Gubelmann, Commodore of the 12MYC who consistently paved the way for our early participation at whatever level would be possible. In addition, a great thank you to Dennis Williams, Victory 83 (K-22) owner who had the foresight to invite me for a day of racing at the 2015 North Americans-- that "set the hook" for our 2016 participation.

Lionheart _K-18_ racing at 2016 12mR North American Championship
Having raced in the glorious "once in a lifetime" America's Cup Jubilee in Cowes, Team Lionheart (K18) recognizes that the 2019 12 Metre World Championship at New York Yacht Club's 175th anniversary celebration in Newport has all the markings of another "once in a lifetime" event. To work back into form, it was deemed important to participate in the 2016 North Americans as a first step and then work toward more competition in the next 3 years leading to The Worlds. While this seemed like a simple enough objective, there were many moments where it really would have been much easier to take the easy route and wait until next year. However, we persevered and against all odds did manage to participate in all races of the Championship and really enjoyed it all. The thrill of racing 12mR America's Cup boats in Newport is truly exciting, historic, and competitive and it is a great honor to be a part of it! We had the added challenge of re-positioning the boat from Greenwich... read more 
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2016 12 Metre Yacht Club Annual Dinner
2016 12MYC Annual Dinner 
Also see event photos published in November issue of QUEST magazine!

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"Metrefest 2017" Update by Jamie Hilton
Jamie Hilton
Save The Date:
Metrefest will be held in conjunction with the 2017 New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta from June 9 - 11.

As we have much in common with our fellow International Rule boat sailors, we are planning social events and docking that will bring us all together in Newport next summer while racing at New York Yacht Club's 163rd Annual Regatta.

We currently anticipate a strong turnout of 6mRs and 2.4mRs to join our growing fleet of 12s and I have recently learned of interest among a number of Canadian 8mR teams as well.

While logistics and details are still being refined, we will continue to provide updates in the months ahead. Please contact me if you are able to volunteer to assist us with the organization of these events. --JH
Wire Sheets by Stephen Lirakis 
Gerry Driscoll _center__ Steve Lirakis _left_ onboard Intrepid_ 1978
Gerry Driscoll & Steve Lirakis, Intrepid, 1978
In 1978, 2-time defender Intrepid (US-22) was owned by Baron Bich. Gerry Driscoll was keen to charter her, provided that he could raise the funds for a campaign; his sights set on a 3-peat. Meanwhile, he sailed Intrepid as a trial horse to France III. (In 100 starts, France III reached the first mark ahead of Intrepid only once.)

As crew boss, I had more than 30 sailors try out for crew
photos: (c) Paul J. Mello, Outside Images
spots over two summers. I was also responsible for the maintenance and tuning of the rig.At this time rigging was made with galvanized wire, which was hard on everything including the winch drums and crew. And in order to economize, I tried to make the runner tails last as long as possible, they typically lasted just 4 (sailing) days. On one occasion, during day 5 or 6 of use on a set, and just after a tack... read more.
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