Community Food Rescue: Feed More, Waste Less
Together We Can Feed More and Waste Less
We know it's fall when the temperature drops, the leaves change color, and holiday party planning is underway. Learn where you can donate your catered party leftovers. Who are the unsung heroes that provide groceries and hot meals to people experiencing hunger? Volunteer food runners are CFR's critical link in the food recovery chain--join us. When recovered food can't be eaten, it can be digested! Read on for all the details.

Make Your Special Event Even More Special 
Tray of unsold food ready for donation
High Point Caterers donated unserved food after a Manna Food Center fundraiser event.
Community Food Rescue provides an easy way to share unused catered food with people in need of food assistance
Planning a special event for your business, organization, or family? You can make a real difference in Montgomery County when hiring a caterer. 

When selecting a caterer for your next event, let them know that ending hunger and not wasting food are important to you and your organization.  Specify in your proposal that they use Community Food Rescue to donate any surplus food to a food assistance organization.


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Unsung Heroes: Food Assistance Providers
New Creation Church food distribution
New Creation Church provides 900 people with a full array of groceries twice a month and holds a special Thanksgiving turkey distribution.
Part 1
Who are the unsung heroes in our community that receive and redistribute recovered food to those who experience hunger? Food assistance organizations range in capacity to help their neighbors: from a literal closet of canned goods provided as needed, to freshly-cooked meals, to a full array of groceries including local fresh produce, meat, dairy, and packaged goods. 

Last summer I visited many of the growing network of Community Food Rescue (CFR) food assistance organizations to see their operations, learn about the people they serve, and help them get the most out of CFR's resources.

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Liberty Grove makes soup
Liberty Grove UMC attracts those who are homeless, elderly, or lonely, for a nourishing hot meal and community twice a month.
Part 2
While no one chooses to be in need of supplemental food, people who receive food are grateful that these houses of worship, schools, non-profit organizations, and county facilities are here to serve.

Providing rescued food to food assistance organizations stretches their budget and offers local fresh produce and other nourishing food. Read more about these unsung heroes who offer good food, dignity, and companionship along with groceries and meals.

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Volunteer Food Runners Deliver!
Volunteer food runner
Volunteer food runner Bill (red cap) receives a donation from Red Wiggler Community Farm.
CFR is recruiting new volunteer food runners
Volunteers are the life-blood of Community Food Rescue. We literally couldn't provide donated food to serve our community without them. We're recruiting new volunteers now to keep up with the donations we're receiving, particularly from our local farms that have an abundance to donate during this harvest season. Join Us!

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When Food is Inedible, Biodigest It!
Jessica loads 1400 lbs. of produce into the BIOGAS digester.
Finding the right mix of produce, temperature, agitation, and heat for the perfect slurry and then drying it without scorching.
How do you compost 1,400 lbs. of  inedible produce in 24 hours? 
"I n ever thought I would be so excited about 'poop' from a machine!" exclaims executive director Jessica Weiss about growingSOUL's new BIOGAS food digester. The non-profit growingSOUL triages and redistributes 10,000 pounds of food per month in Montgomery County from Cooseman's Produce, a large distributer located in Jessup, Maryland.  For food that can no longer be eaten, the digester reduces produce to a dried "digestate" that can be used to feed animals or as a soil amendment.

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