EDItion Fall 2016

A Message from the President

Greetings to our Clients and Industry Partners -

Summer is now behind us and fall is in the air, always an exciting time; rooting for your favorite teams on the football field, temperatures beginning to cool, and leaves are starting to turn. This is an especially exciting fall for me personally as Nanci and I  celebrated the arrival of our first grandchild, a girl, in September. We're also excited about the launch of our new corporate website. Be sure to take a look at www.ediltd.com. While you're there check out the Ode to EDI, written by Barney Burroughs as a tribute to our 30th Anniversary.
2016 is a milestone year for EDI! We are excited to enter our forth decade working together with you as we celebrated our 30th anniversary on September 19th. As our founder , I have spent some time recently reminiscing and reflecting on these past three decades. For starters, I was much younger and a whole lot less gray back then (and perhaps a few pounds lighter as well). It has been very rewarding as we have watched our associates marry, start and raise families, and grow professionally over the years. We have endured and survived 3 major recessions and come out stronger each time for it. We have gone from the excitement of our first fax machine and 286 PC to the ubiquity of today's smart phones and tablets. We've witnessed the advent of the World Wide Web and watched Amazon, Google, Uber and other companies disrupt industries. It has been a wild ride so far.
Most importantly we have cultivated and enjoy ed many friendships with clients and industry allies we encountered along the way. We have created job s, opportunities , and helped our associates achieve their dreams. We have strived to always live up to our " Count on Us" values. Over the past 30 years, we had a whole lot of fun and we have the pictures to prove it. Take a look at our 30th Anniversary Photo Album - you may see some familiar faces. 
We are busy working on our organization and developing our next generation of leaders as we look forward to serving you and continuing our relationship for the next 30 years and beyond. We can't wait to share the journey with you. However, without you, our valued clients we wouldn't be here and for that I am extraordinarily grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Don Kinser, PE, CPHIMS
President and CEO of  EDI, Ltd.

Smart Buildings of the Future
By: Mark McComb

The term "Smart Building" is used quite frequently to describe a facility that is energy "conscious" and can adapt to the changing needs of the occupants as well as the changing availability of the required energy to operate the building. By definition, a truly intelligent building should be able to vary its state or action in response to fluctuating situations, changing requirements, and past experience. This is the future of smart buildings, and it relates to much more than just utility usage. As future technology is incorporated into the building systems - enhanced usage, flexible areas, and greater collaboration will be available to the occupants of the various spaces. Smart Buildings of the future will incorporate an awareness of various situations and be able to adjust the environment, functionality, and services related to the following major areas:
  • Space Usage
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Physical Security
  • Building Systems
Smart Buildings of the future will be exciting places to work as they adjust to the needs and uses of the occupants and provide unique means of accomplishing our day-to-day tasks.

Space Usage
Buildings are designed to provide various spaces for the occupants to utilize based on different needs such as workplaces, gathering locations, relaxation areas, learning sites, rehabilitation spaces, collaboration sites, research and development/lab areas, warehouse/storage, procedure rooms, factory space, retail environments, etc. A smart building will be able to evaluate the needs of the occupants and adjust its configuration to easily support various utilizations moment-by-moment, as well as incorporate more permanent changes based on utilization trends. Flexible and modular spaces will allow facilities to change the configuration of various spaces as needs change (such as changing huddle rooms into offices or storage spaces).


Data Center Outages - Three Decades of Lessons Learned
By: Jeremy Gilbertson and Rich Jordan

EDI has been in business for 30 years and in that time, we have seen just a bout  everything in the data center world. Any data center expert worth their salt has been in the middle of an outage scenario, but for me, one particular experience will always stand out. The quality of day that a data center operator experiences can be affected by a multitude of factors. However, the appearance of TV news vans in the data center parking lot can negatively impact that quality by several orders of magnitude. 

Imagine reporting to one of your sites, to respond to an outage, and the first people you meet in the parking lot are the TV vans for major network affiliates. I survived that day and many others that proceeded and followed. Survived and learned. The good news is that you probably won't have to experie nce navigating those parking lot interviews on your way into the office. My experience as a data center facility manager with responsibility for a portfolio of almost thirty critical facilities and a staff of over 11 chief engineers has yielded some fantastic lessons-learned that I'd like to share with you. Hopefully, you can apply one of these takeaways to an existing challenge or problem.

Lessons Learned: The Big Move
By: Andy Parsons

No matter how hard you plan, the days leading up to a big office or patient move are filled with stress, anxiety and anticipation. Will the move be a success or an utter failure? You've done all you can to prepare. It's time.
Recently, EDI worked with St. Mary's Medical Center in Grand Junction to build out the remaining four shell floors of their Century Tower. In July, the final two floors were completed and ready for patients. EDI worked with St. Mary's to plan a successful transition. Two of our associates, Mark McComb and Andy Parsons were on-site to observe and handle any issues that arose on the big move-in day. Here are a few of the things that they observed during this successful patient move:

Organizational Changes
By Mark McComb

This summer has brought some exciting changes to EDI's organizational structure to help us prepare for the next 30 years supporting our clients and providing a place for our employees to grow their careers. 

Craig Burnley has been promoted to a Project Manager. Craig has been a devoted employee for over five years and we are excited about his new role within the company. Craig has been an invaluable asset and his promotion to Project Manager was well deserved! 

New EDI Team Members

Brandan Gillespie
A recent graduate of Vanderbilt University, Brandan is joining the EDI team as a Consultant. Brandan completed coursework in program and project management, technical writing, technology strategy, engineering economy, applied behavior science and minored in sociology and engineering management.

Originally from Queens, New York, Brandan is excited to call Atlanta his new home! In his spare time, Brandan enjoys playing/watching sports, finding new restaurants to eat at and entertaining friends. He is excited to join EDI for its personal, intimate relationships built with both clients and coworkers! 

Brandan can be reached at:  bgallespi@ediltd.com  or 678.213.3581

Project Updates

We are honored to be working with several repeat clients on their exciting new projects!

Northside Hospital:
Northside Hospital recently hired EDI to provide IT Relocation & Activation Planning for their end-user computers and printers that will be moved into their new replacement hospital in Canton, GA. Our scope includes 4 phases: Assessment of existing inventory, Planning and Documentation of device locations for the new hospital, Activation & Move Planning, and On-site project management during the activation and move. Our services will help Northside Hospital maximize the number of computers and printers that can be reused at the new hospital, resulting in a cost savings due to less purchasing. Our formal planning and on-site management will also help provide a smooth transition and ensure minimum device issues on day-one for the end-users at the new hospital. 

Duke Health:
Duke Health is a new client for EDI. Duke hired EDI to provide Technology Project Management & Consulting services for their new Bed Tower Project. Part of our responsibilities on this project include overseeing all IT resources (A/E team, client in-house IT, end-users, contractors, vendors) associated with the project to control timely response to:  IT design reviews, open issues, procurement status, equipment deliveries, and timeliness of onsite installations. We are also providing a Current State IT Assessment, IT Gap Analysis, attending project meetings, and ensuring the IT portion of this project stays on schedule and within budget.

Data Center Transformation Project (Client Undisclosed):
EDI has been hired by one of our healthcare clients to advise & consult on their Data Center Transformation project. Our client plans to move their on premise data center to a colocation Facility. EDI has been hired to lead our client through this multi-step process. Specifically, our services include the following: Map an accurate inventory of the IT systems supported by the data center; IT Growth Modeling; Consolidation Planning, EMR impact analysis; Data Center relocation planning and budgeting; Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning; Colocation RFP Administration & Evaluation; Move Management; Data Center Operations Planning.

CalSTRS (California State Teachers' Retirement System):
CalSTRS recently completed Phase 1 of the Multimedia Communication Upgrade project. The MCU project is a $5,000,000 audiovisual upgrade project of their boardroom, studio/control room, committee rooms, training facility, conference rooms, and other common space areas. The project incorporated updates to the video system to support 4K, audio/video/web conferencing, new training capabilities, updates to the microphone systems, and new displays/projection technology. Phase 1 included the update to their boardroom, committee rooms, and control room. They recently had their first board meeting in September using the new system designed by EDI, Ltd. The meeting was an excellent success as you can see in the link to the recording: CalSTRS September Meeting. If you select the video link of the Regular Board Meeting, Item Number 1-5 and jump to 23:18 you will hear Ashish Jain, CTO discuss the success of Phase 1 and thanking the team which included CalSTRS personnel, JLL (Project Management), AVI/SPL (Contractor) and EDI (Design). Also, you can see the control room at 24:50 on the video. So far the project has been a great success.


What does EDI do? Well...let us tell you. We would love to host a lunch-n-learn for your organization. EDI offers lunch-n-learns on the following topics: Audio-Visual Systems Future Trends, Healthcare Technology - Today & Tomorrow, Nursing and Patient-Friendly Technology Design, Technology in Education, Top 10 Technology Coordination Issues, and Design/Build vs Design/Bid/Build - What's Best for You? Learn more about these topics here. Please contact Carl Emery to schedule your lunch-n-learn today!

Not only do we offer training, but we stay abreast of the latest technology to bring our clients and projects the best designs based on potential vendors, their products and services.

Here is a listing of the training or presentations that we have received this summer:  middleware, wireless and turnkey collaboration systems, projectors, speakers, cable tv and RTLS systems, wireless technologies, fiber, cable trays and server racks, cabling, conduit and RF connectivity, DC connectivity, video surveillance, BMS, security, vision and access control connectivity requirements, DAS and converged networks, synchronized clocks, and firestopping.
We want to thank the vendors that took their time to meet with us and tell us more about their services and products. 

Are you interested in presenting your latest and greatest technology systems and products to our team members? Please contact Shirley Wren to schedule a lunch-n-learn for our staff.

Upcoming Events
Be sure to check out the details for one of the following industry conferences. Maybe we'll see you there!

EDI Office Happenings

One of the greatest things about working at EDI is the culture. Once hired, our employees are happy to work hard for a company that aids in their professional development, challenges them to do their best and recognizes them for their hard work. 

The following employees are celebrating an anniversary with EDI this fall (notice how long they've been with the company which will attest to the corporate culture that was mentioned above):
  • Don Kinser (30 years)
  • Mark McComb (4 years)
  • Craig Burnley (5 years)
  • Jan Stuchlik (24 years)
  • Jerry McDonell (26 years)
  • Jeremy Gilbertson (5 years)
  • Blake Harrison (9 years)
  • Brian Murphey (16 years)
  • Paul Remke (5 years)
  • Shirley Wren (9 years) 
  • Barbara Gray (1 year)

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