Fall 2016 
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Fall 2016 Editor: Benjamin Jonasch
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Innovative Methodologies for Market Research
Junicon's Innovation Process
Our Growing Global Team
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In this issue of Information to Insight, we talk about Junicon's Innovative Market Research Methodologies, our Customer-Focused Innovation process, our support for the Hope International Development Agency, and also introduce new members of our global team. For more information, please contact us at  info@junicon.net .

The Junicon Team
Junicon's Innovative Methodologies for Market Research 

Traditional market research techniques such as focus groups, qualitative telephone interviews and online surveys are still at the core of many of the projects that Junicon completes.
However, there are many new market research methodologies and techniques that our team is using to get the best results for our clients. Often these are new technologies that we apply to more traditional research methods.
In this article we want to introduce some of these more innovative research methods to our clients:
Webcam-based Online Group Discussions and Interviews: Junicon can organize virtual group discussions and 1-1 interviews with clinical experts. During these online/telephone discussions we use webcams to capture the facial expressions of the participants. This approach is recommended for research with participants in remote locations and for projects with limited budgets (reduced travel costs).
Online Communities and Collaboration Tools: We collaborate with the leading providers of software for online discussion boards and similar collaboration tools where our respondents can interact and share ideas and feelings in multi-day or weekly studies. The participants can participate from a wide range of communication devices and are flexible in terms of when they want to participate.
Mobile Ethnography and Mobile Market Research: Respondents are asked to record their thoughts, feelings, and decisions on a regular basis through guided journaling, shooting photo/video from their smartphone, responding to prompts, and other mobile research methods. Respondents can participate from their mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) on their own schedule. Often, mobile market research can enable more cost effective research compared to traditional telephone interviews while providing a similar degree of detail and depth.
Big Data Analytics: Our team of data experts use big data analytics to enhance the reach and depth of the research results for our clients. Our collection of data across multiple clinical environments can be used for predictive and behavioral analytics. Often big data analysis is used in combination with traditional qualitative and quantitative market research techniques.
Observational Research: Junicon has the capability to organize observations of live surgical/medical cases in hospitals or private-practices. This approach is usually combined with follow-up interviews with the clinical stakeholders.
Device Design & Usability Testing Research:  Developing truly innovative medical devices involves the collaboration of marketing and design teams to explore unmet needs and to develop and test new design concepts. Moreover, regulatory bodies have become more demanding in their requests for the validation of new product designs from a usability standpoint. Junicon routinely supports medical device manufacturers and design experts with the implementation of design testing and formative research in the US, Europe, and Japan.  With our viewing facility in the Tokyo area and access to external facilities worldwide, we are helping our clients get a real sense of how users interact with new devices.
In case you would like to know more about our innovative research methodologies you can contact us at info@junicon.net.


Junicon's Customer-Focused Innovation Process

During the last years Junicon has been building its own Innovation Consulting Practice that enables our clients to speed up their innovation timelines while being more tightly focused around customer needs. The Junicon Customer-Focused Innovation Process is based on a 4 step process. From the initial Reflection and Analysis to the final Validation we will support you to develop the solutions, products and services that meet your customers' changing needs.



Our experienced global team of Innovation Experts has a diverse background (healthcare, science, engineering, psychology, and market research) and is able to support our clients in the challenging and critically important field of innovation.

Our team will support you from A-Z, from the initial unmet need discovery to the final product development and validation. 


Contact us at innovation@junicon.net to learn more about how we can support you to innovate around your customer needs.

Seeds of Innovation: The Pamulaan Centre for Indigenous People's Education

Junicon was proud to sponsor the tuition of several students at the The Pamulaan Centre for Indigenous People's Education again this year. 

The Pamulaan Centre is a university program within the University of Southeastern Philippines offering degrees in Agricultural Technology, Elementary Education, Anthropology, and Peace Education .  

This is a program that Junicon has supported for several years through HOPE International - together with HOPE's water and sanitation projects in SE Asia and Africa.  There are over 100 indigenous tribes in the Philippines, but many are struggling to maintain their languages and customs due to their impoverished conditions.  Tribal leaders agreed that education is a major need for their children - so the Pamulaan Centre was established to allow their children to obtain a college education.  After graduation, a ll graduates are expected to put their degrees to work for two years to tackle challenges in their communities. Two Junicon partners, Stephan and Michael, attended the graduation ceremony of students that Junicon sponsored and were struck by the special bonds that the students had formed - which will no doubt stay with them throughout their lives and careers regardless of any adversities they may face.  

HOPE International and their local partner are working to expand the Pamulaan Centre program and there are still several students that need sponsors to cover their tuition and boarding. 

If you would also like to play a part in helping indigenous children from impoverished areas obtain a higher education, then please write to HOPE at info@hope.or.jp
Junicon's Growing Global Team

Our growing business enables new roles for existing team members and opportunities to expand our team.
Todd E. Luethjohann             
Joins Junicon's US Office 

Todd is originally from Michigan but has resided in sunny Tucson Az for the past 25 years. Todd brings 20+ years of experience working in the healthcare insurance, pharmacy benefits management (PBM) call center and acute/hospital settings.

His past work includes leading the end-to-end development of new healthcare product initiatives, including market needs assessments, competitive analysis, product ideations, VOC collection, feature definitions, product requirements, and cost benefit analysis.  Some areas impacted included risk management programs, pain management, opioid management,  and data warehousing/infrastructure projects. 
Todd is also a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, and as a result has expertise in statistical analysis, Statistical Process Control methodologies, as well as collecting qualitative Voice of the Customer data in order to define customer's expectations and perceptions. His experience also includes designing and use of numerous data warehouses.
Hiroyuki ("Hiro") Hata           
Joins Junicon's Japan Office 

Hiro joined the Junicon team in July 2016. 
Prior to joining Junicon, he held positions in medical sales and promotion at a pharma company in Japan.  He has also worked as a pharma consultant in the UK and more recently as a senior branding / marketing associate at a device company in Japan.  

While he has only been with Junicon for about 3 months, Hiro has already completed numerous studies covering oncology, autoimmune disorders, and neuropathic conditions.  He is also supporting with the launch of a new service area in Japan (stay tuned!). Hiro has an MBA from a university in the UK and he is a licensed pharmacist.  He is also an avid runner - which will no doubt come in handy in helping us chase after new and exciting work. 
Renyuan Dong           
Joins Junicon's Japan Office 

Renyuan (pronounced "neen-en") joined the Junicon team in December 2015.  He hails from Shanghai, China, but has been living and working in Japan for nearly 3 years.  Renyuan previously worked in an area of consulting for an online healthcare panel company in Tokyo.  As such, he has very good aptitude for quantitative research design and analysis and he has helped boost the expertise of Junicon Japan in that area. 

Renyuan has also coordinated qualitative research for small-scale studies covering both Japan and China - further expanding our expertise in China.  Renyuan has a passion for learning and doesn't hesitate to pour himself into the study of new product and therapy areas.  We are proud to have him with us and we look forward to his continued growth at Junicon. 
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