Four Months - Five Firsts
                          November 2016                                     

The last four months culminated in five "Firsts" for our Bumpeh Chiefdom partner, the Center for Community Empowerment & Transformation. Sherbro Foundation is happy to do our part with fundraising and consulting to help make these Firsts happen. We work hard, sometimes for years, and finally it comes together. Thanks to all you faithful donors who stepped up when needed. You can claim your role in these Firsts, too. We're ending the year in a good place, and ready to expand much-needed work in 2017.
First Doubling of Girls Scholarships
 from 150 to 300 Students
We met our goal! In July we pledged to double the number of 2016-17 girls’ scholarships from 150 to 300 to keep girls from dropping out. You responded and 300 girls now have their school fees paid for the full year. Happy girls & parents from five schools joined principals to receive the scholarships in October.
We met our goal
First Printing Service Supports Computer Center Education Programs
The September opening of the new Printing Service means no more 8-hour round trips to the capital to print anything!  No wonder they're applauding - cheaper, faster service that will also fund nonprofit classes, like Computer Training & Adult Literacy. Made possible by an Ann Arbor Rotary Club grant.   
Printing Service Funds Education
First Computer Training Class --  Joining the 21st Century
October 24 was a Red Letter Day -- the first computer training class held in the new Computer Center. A dream five years ago for a town that never had a computer (and still no electricity), today the transformation of a war torn building is complete and the first evening class underway. One student declared, "We're joining the 21st century."
New Center Hosts its First Adult Class for Mothers, Local Traders
Adult Literacy classes resumed in a new home, the Computer Center. Women eagerly awaited a chance to learn again and improve their lives. Some start with learning the ABC's. Others prep for entrance exams for further vocational training.
First "Baby Orchard" Celebrates a Life Well Lived: Mike Diliberti
From Peace Corps teacher to World Bank manager to Friends of Sierra Leone president, Mike Diliberti gave his all for Sierra Leone. To celebrate his life, we planted our first "Baby Orchard." Orchard fruit sales will send a new generation of children to school.   
Growing Fruit Orchards for Peanuts
How do you start an Orchard Program to fund village development and education when all you have is your own land and water? Grow your own fruit trees from seed. Grow them by the tens of thousands - at nominal cost.
Growing Fruit Orchards
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