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FALL 2016 |   Author and Philosopher M arietta McCarty

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READER COMMENT  |   A Better World

"Marietta, I hope this finds you well & happy - I know you are usually both. Keep up the good work - you make the world better exponentially with all you do - helping people find peace and happiness in just one meeting, one song, all your hard-earned wisdom." 

-  Kathy Tone, Wiesbaden, Germany

UPCOMING EVENTS  |   Meet with Marietta
Marietta travels to ocean towns in Virginia and North Carolina for upcoming events on a wide array of topics-the craft of writing and mysteries of publishing, rethinking essential ideas, and her staple "The Art of Conversation." She sets out on October 27 to deliver the keynote talk for the "Daytime Lecture Series," part of the Educational Program at Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach. Register now for her session with child philosophers at the Crozet Library on Saturday, October 29. And take a look at the March events along North Carolina's Crystal Coast as well as the brochure for Summer Workshops in Charlottesville for adults using Little Big Minds as the template.

October 27: The Daytime Lecture Series with Marietta McCarty, 10 a.m., Princess Anne Country Club, Virginia Beach, Va. Info.

October 29: Children Think and Talk about Big Ideas with Marietta McCarty, 10 a.m., Crozet, Library, Crozet, Va. Registration required. Info.

COMING IN 2017  |  Save the Dates

March 8, 2017: "Writing a Book and Publishing It - Sweet and Difficult," presented by the Carteret Writers Group, noon, Golden Corral, Morehead City, N.C. Free and open to the public. Info.

March 8, 2017: "The Arts of Clear Thinking and Rethinking," at St. Francis by the Sea, 5:30 p.m., Salter Path, N.C. Free and open to all. Info.

March 9, 2017: "A Conversation about the Art of Conversation," 3-5 p.m., Bogues Banks Library, Pine Knoll Shores, N.C. Info.

July 13-18, 2017: Summer Workshops with Marietta McCCarty, Charlottesville, Va. Info.

NEW ON WEBSITE   |   Past Events Showcase

Check out the photos in the new Showcase on Marietta's website, and journey with Marietta for appearances at the Clinton Library, Yale, the University of Virginia, Xavier University, children's classrooms, bookstores, radio and television studios.... Go to website.

BLOGS | From The Philosopher's Desk
Thank you to the Khan Family. You've shown the world a compelling generosity of spirit and redefined the meaning of patriotism. You've made the US look good and inspired many of its citizens toward active caring. Yes, we can remain positive and hopeful, reach higher and participate actively during election days-in our own lives, within the circumstances that every day brings. The post A Positive Election Plan from the Khan Family appeared first on Marietta McCarty. ...»

The Cooper stone masons, oblivious of my pecking at the laptop, helped me immeasurably. Their painstaking precision with several levels positioned just so, pieces of slate cut exactly to complement its stone neighbors, a piece here and there ever-so-slightly shifted after careful observation from all angles-a writing workshop just for me! As the simple, beautiful patio took shape, the writer peeking out the window found her groove as well. The post Sparking Writer Creativity appeared first on Marietta McCarty. ...»

PAST EVENTS  |   Recent Gatherings
Among Marietta's recent gatherings with philosophers were stops at a fitness center to discuss "The Meaning of Home..." at Jack Jouett Middle School to meet with 7th and 8th graders in the AVID program and listen to their thoughts on good communication, asking important questions, developing listening skills along with the capacity for gratitude... around Philosopher's Tables in McLean, Va., to feast on Greek food and simple pleasures and in Charlottesville for many different groups of dining thinkers and laughers.


If you are interested in Marietta McCarty speaking at your event, contact us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR |  Marietta McCarty
Marietta McCarty is the author of bestseller  Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids , Nautilus Award winner  How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas That Matter Most, and  The Philosopher's Table: How to Start Your Philosophy Dinner Club-Monthly Conversation, Music, and Recipes.

Marietta enjoyed lively philosophy circles among her college students at Piedmont Virginia Community College for twenty-eight years before setting off on her career as an author. Her books lead her into new circles of fledgling philosophers of all ages-on playgrounds, in dining rooms, through back doors into kitchens, through front doors into libraries and restaurants, at b usiness meetings and after-work parties.