September 5, 2017
  Charting a Course for Excellence in A&S  
Dear Colleagues,

In my address last week, “Forging a Preeminent Liberal Arts College, Together,” I shared some highlights from our exceptional community. I wanted to take the opportunity once again to congratulate all of our students, faculty, and staff on your success over the last year. You can see highlights here .

We are a “community of learners,” a designation that best describes the tradition of liberal education of which we in Arts & Sciences are a part. Cicero’s idea of artes liberales has certainly expanded since 44 BCE, but it continues to stand in for the extension of “freedom.” Liberalis is not a political designation but one befitting a “free” mind. Expansion of access to ideas and resources is precisely my delight in the term “liberal arts.” “Learners” points to all students, faculty, and staff in A&S.

During my address, I updated you on Concept 30 (C30), our strategic planning process. The Executive Board has been hard at work this summer digesting your feedback on values, mission, and goals for C30. They are excited to share their work with you in the coming weeks. Even if you are planning to attend the faculty meeting on September 14, we have scheduled town halls and Cellar Chats throughout this semester. I encourage you to attend and to share your feedback.

In addition to bringing the planning process for C30 to a close, I have identified two other major priorities for the Dean’s Office this year. First, we will work with departments to make progress on career profiles by the end of the spring semester. Secondly, I want to work directly with you to further our discussions regarding the development of by-laws for Arts & Sciences.

As you dig into your work this year, this newsletter is one part of a multifaceted effort to keep our lines of communication open. In every newsletter, we will answer a pressing question, so please send them our way. Y ou can follow me on Twitter to see A&S news as well as highlights from our community of learners. If you have a question for the Dean's Office, you can send it to our inbox , where it will be routed to the appropriate staff member for a prompt response.

Finally, in Good to Great , James Collins talks about how organizations move from average to distinctive. Greatness is togetherness. As Collins puts it, in great organizations, individuals look out of a window to see whom we might praise, while we hold a mirror to ourselves to see what we might do better. Arts & Sciences at the University of Richmond is poised for greatness, and you are the reason. Let’s dream big, learn through our failures, and move forward, together.

Patrice Rankine
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Mark Your Calendars

Sept. 14, 4 p.m.
Faculty Meeting
Brown-Alley Room

Oct. 6
Tenure and Promotion portfolios are due


Concept 30 Corner

The Executive Board will present a draft of their work at the Sept. 14 faculty meeting, or join us for a town hall on Sept. 27.


Question of the Month

A faculty member emailed to inquire about sabbatical leave for academic year 2018–19. Applications are due on Sept. 8.

New Staff, New Roles
Sheila Carapico, Senior Program Coordinator
for Interdisciplinary Studies
Bethany Perry, Assistant to the Dean
Kirsten Petrocelli, Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives
Nicole Sackley, Program Coordinator for Humanities in A&S
Eric Yellin, Interim Associate Dean
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