Fall 2017

What's Next Life Coaching with Penny Rackley

November LifeInspired:
Moving Forward - 
 Releasing  the Past

We all have regrets and disappointments, but it's hard to move on to a better life when we're focused on old history. 

If you're ready to seek and live out some new opportunities, then join me for a 
 free group coaching session on
Tuesday, November 7th at 4:30pm at Inspire Yoga Denton and Friday, November 10th at 12pm 
at Inspire Yoga Highland Village

We'll begin releasing the past and choosing our next steps with 
intelligence and confidence.

And you don't have to talk! This is an introspective time for private thought.
I'll bring the notes, and you're 
welcome to invite a friend.

See you there! 

Highland Village studio
1401 Shoal Creek | Suite 268
Highland Village, Texas 75077

Denton studio
321 W. Hickory, Suite 104
Denton, TX 76201

Regarding the article below, like Mom, I love to give food gifts (mostly because I like to try new recipes, but shouldn't eat all the experiments). One of my favorite things to make and give is her incredibly juicy Fresh Apple Cake.  It doesn't have sugary frosting, it's full of apples (duh), and the recipe makes one huge cake or can be split to make two smaller ones, should you be in the mood to share. ;D

Happy, Happy Fall!
- Penny

Above and Beyond

I think if you're going to do one extra thing this month, above and beyond the usual chores, it should be to really and truly surprise the socks off of someone. Someone who needs a lift. Maybe even someone you don't know.  

It's a sneaky, felicitous experience. Paying it forward, kind of, but more as a delicious practical joke with no losers, only happy winners.

Yes, life will grind on, there'll be work at work and work at home, you'll have to clean, make dinner, clean again.  But this little pet project, this will be fun. 

My mother does surprise giving often. Here in my kitchen I just found four of the most artful egg and bacon muffins, delivered when none of us were around. The only tipoff was an at-the-time-seemingly-random pro/con question about green onions. 

Portable, microwaveable, high-protein breakfasts! I'm telling you, we're all thrilled. This week's mornings are MADE. And there was no "look at me and all the wearying, hard work I did for you", no implied owing-back. Just a sweet gift.

Artful muffin-making might require more effort than most of us are willing to undertake, but what CAN we do? What kind of surprises do you LIKE to give, and who could use them the most?

Are you...

...a good writer? The teacher/minister/office assistant in your life could probably use a heart-felt but anonymous thank you to keep them feeling motivated and appreciated.

...a green thumb? Choose and stealth-deliver a specially-chosen plant, along with instructions on how to maintain its perkiness.

...an avid photographer or scrapbooker? Craft a personalized picture book online and have it delivered to the grandparents, no special holiday or occasion required. Include dorky recital photos!

You get the idea. What's your unique gift, and how can you give it in a way that expresses love and appreciation, without expectation of repayment?  Plan it out, and execute without hesitation. (Waiting for the right time means it'll never happen.) 

Why do this? Why work for no credit, no payment, no praise? To get out of your own head for a little while. Set your problems aside and focus on someone else. To be nice, to feel good, that's why. It feels good to make people happy. Try it, I dare you. ;)