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Quatris Health | Fall 2017 Newsletter
Is Hosting right for your practice?

The number of practices switching from in-house data servers to hosted environments has increased in recent years. Practices are moving their software and data to off-site secure data centers. The benefits include secured internet connectivity and state of the art security protecting their database of health records.

Thinking of making the switch but not sure when or how to make the move? Here are some critical milestones that can help indicate when it makes sense to move to a hosting environment:

  • Is a major upgrade in your future?
  • Does your server OS need upgrading?
  • Is your system running slowly?
  • Does your server need replacing?
  • Do you need more digital storage space?

Quatris Hosting allows you to focus on your practice while we focus on managing your software and servers. Our team of IT professionals will manage all the technical requirements of the Centricity specifications. This service includes five areas of "Life Support" for critical IT systems:

  1. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  2. Security
    • Monitored 24/4/365 by certified network engineers
    • Closed-circuit surveillance of secure entry points
    • Secure and remote monitoring and administration
  3. Connectivity
    • Full connectivity in every area: storage and server performance
    • Meets industry gold standard of 99.99% availability
  4. Fire Suppression
    • Equipped with laser-based fire detection system
    • Uses waterless fire suppressant agent, harmless to equipment
  5. Climate controlled environment

Our hosting option is offered for a monthly fee. This includes server installation, maintenance, and upgrades without any interruptions or extra fees.

Contact info@quatris.com to see if our Hosting solution is right for you.

Fall CHUG starts TODAY in New Orleans, October 26-28

The Centricity Healthcare Users Group is held by users, for users to expand their Centricity knowledge. CHUG is a great opportunity to exchange best practices with other healthcare leaders. This group also offers educational tracks, CME credit, and product roadmap sessions.

This year Quatris employees with be attending, presenting, and exhibiting in New Orleans. If you plan to attend, make sure to stop by the Quatris exhibit (Kiosk #6) and learn more about the Centricity add-on products we are featuring. We are also planning an informal get-together this evening, Thursday, October 26th from 8:00-10:00 pm at the Queen and Cresent Hotel. If you are interested in attending please email your contact information to info@quatris.com.

If you are interested in learning more about the CHUG conference, click here.

Quatris Complementary Add-on Products

For years Quatris customers have relied on our ability to help fine-tune Centricity to fit your specific needs. Our add-on products help to address your needs and help practices run smoothly. All products listed below will be featured at the Quatris exhibit during CHUG.


  • Eliminates the need for manual payment handling and stand-alone credit card systems
  • A one-time swipe collects co-pay and additional charges, securely storing information via Payment Solutions partners
  • No information is stored on local CPS servers

Fee Schedule Loader:

  • Easily update, copy or create new fee schedules
  • Update fees, allowed and/or RVU amounts, with just a click
  • Flag any discrepancies, manage accounts receivable, and forecast cash flow more accurately

Ideal Image:

  • Automatically transform a huge variety of document types into Centricity compatible files
  • Quickly access, organize and locate ALL of your patient files
  • Use any organizational structure the practice prefers, including non-patient specific documents

Mobility and Mobility PLUS:

  • Provides convenient mobile access to schedules and patient information
  • The perfect companion and interface with Centricity Practice Solution
  • Mobility PLUS includes Remote Charge Capture and Rounding functionality

Patient Flow Tracker:

  • Easily update and view real-time summaries of patient locations and status, along with individual room status
  • Reporting metrics are available to help determine potential areas to increase efficiency and utilize resources

For more information about any of the products or to schedule a demo, contact Janine Job at (404) 207-1292 or jjob@quatris.com.

MIPS Quality Consulting

The last 90-day period of 2017 will end December 31. As you get ready for 2018, remember that Quatris is here to help you meet your MIPS/Quality reporting goals. Our MIPS/ Quality Consulting program is designed to help with your reporting needs. Since its launch in early August, many of our customers have used this program to avoid penalties and maximize their government incentives.

For more information contact Mike Keller at mkeller@quatris.com or (817) 916-0222

Quatris Webinars

As a Quatris customer we encourage you to attend our complimentary webinars. Held a few times a month, they serve as an introductory and educational resource about Centricity, and the add-on products we offer.

If you are unable to attend but are interested in the topic, consider registering anyway! A recorded link will be sent to you automatically. You can also find links to other recorded webinars on the Quatris website via the Message Center.

We also are looking to hear from you on possible topics for future webinars. Please email your ideas to info@quatris.com.

Tips from the Team
Enrique Delgado
EMR Support Specialist

Question: Is there a report in Centricity that will tell me users who have accessed a patient’s chart and any action that was carried out while in the chart during a specific time frame?

Answer: Yes, there is a patient specific audit report, the Chart Access Report.

Charts > Locate patient's chart > Print > Select Clinical Lists folder > Select Chart Access Report > Enter date range in the date fields > Click on binoculars to select all users > Select the ALL location of care > Select the first name on the list > Hold down the shift key and arrow down to select all of the names > OK > Preview or Print report

Tom Kearney
Senior PM Support Specialist

Question: If I delete or merge a patient record accidentally can I retrieve the deleted data or undo the merge?

Answer: Once you delete or merge a patient record in Centricity the information cannot be retrieved. Centricity will not allow a user to delete a record if there is any financial information, EMR documents, or orders assigned/attached to the patient record. If the patient is merged with another account, the account is marked as “Obsolete” and all information associated with that patient is then assigned to the other account. The basic demographic information will still be available from the original account. In the case of accidental merge, we recommend creating a new patient account noting all the affected accounts and charts, what took place, and where to find the information.

Deleting and merging any information in Centricity is something that should be taken seriously. Only a select few users should have access to these types of tasks. There are safe guards in place that will not allow you to delete records that are referenced in other parts of Centricity.

When trying to delete a record, a message will appear asking you to click delete again. Then another message will appear asking if you are sure. The messages vary on what you are trying to delete, but the system does require more than one click to delete an item.

Siohvan Smith
EMR Application Engineer Consultant

Question: What are "Set up links" and how do I set them up?

Answer: Set-up links can be helpful when accessing any online source such as WebMD, Google, Truven patient education handouts, etc. Think of it as a short cut to access frequently used sites directly from Centricity. Follow these simple steps to set up your Set-up Links:

Click Set Up Links > Click Nav Link > Fill in the name of the link you wish to connect > Type in link URL and click OK > Now you can access the link by clicking directly on the URL you set up.

To find out more about this feature, contact Quatris Support at support@quatris.com or (817) 282-0300.

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