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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Presidents Address

Hello and welcome. 
I hope this newsletter brings you up to date on the many exciting events and opportunities happening in our state.  Please take a few moments to browse through the information within.

We sincerely hope that you will be joining us for a portion or all of our convention being held  in just a few weeks.

 The Convention dates are October 27-29, 2017. This is the premier education opportunity for our chapter members and all AMTA member and non-member massage therapists in the area.  We have invested many hours of work, planning and financial backing into this event requested by our members.   The education will be top notch, and the vendors awesome and well stocked.  Please come join us for this fun and educational experience. There will be incredible networking opportunities. The vendor hall is FREE and open to the public.  Perhaps your family or patients are looking for that special something for their favorite therapist.

We are most excited to have the NATIONAL PRESIDENT, DOLLY WALLACE.  Please come meet this very special lady. She will be joining us to help celebrate in our award ceremony for: 
Hall of Fame 
Presidents Award
Volunteer of the Year
Chapter Meritorious

Some of the other news articles relate to:
* The recent passing of a human trafficking bill.  We hope this bill will help support and keep the community safe.
   Look for details inside.
* A closer look at  NPI numbers
*The recent National Convention in      Pasadena California
* Straw pole coming your way via constant  contact  YOUR RESPONSE REQUIRED  please see article inside.
*and more for your reading pleasure.

I would also like to invite you to join us for the annual election and membership meeting on March 18, 2018.
The Elected positions open will be President, 1 board member, Secretary, and Delegate
Please watch your email for date and time.  

Thank you for your support and membership, 

Michaele Colizza
AMTA RI chapter president

Claudia Botthof
Greetings from the AMTA-RI library!


The library offers DVDs, Videos and books to rent for free for all AMTA-RI members. The library is conveniently located in West Warwick, RI across from the Christmas Tree shop at Unique Fitness & Massage Therapy. Call for an appointment before stopping by. 
The selections of DVDs, videos and books have a wide range of subjects from energy healing, to all kinds of different massage therapy modalities. There are also DVDs/books about Anatomy, Kinesiology and stretching. 
Please, feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or requests for video nights. 

Claudia Botthof
AMTA-RI librarian

Unique Fitness & Massage Therapy
 263 Quaker Lane
West Warwick, RI 02893
B: (401) 615-2355
Text: (401) 749-0176

Government Relations

Government Relations 
The Government Relations team is keeping it's eyes and ears open for anything that may impact our profession. Our National Government Relations office keeps us abreast of legislation that is happening at both the local level and across the country. If you are interested in keeping abreast of legislation regarding massage therapy locally and nationally you may do so on the American Massage Therapy Association web site. Follow this web address https://www.amtamassage.org/regulation/index.html to learn more. You are also welcome to contact the American Massage Therapy Association Rhode Island Chapter Government Relations team through me (Joanne Lozy) at JLozy123@gmail.com. 
Your Government Relations team wishes you a safe, healthy and prosperous year. 
Debbie Kilty, Frank Rapone, Michaele Colizza, Kim Cook, Angela Perry-Place, Pat Bachus, Cassie Rawcliffe and Joanne Lozy

                 Government Relations

At the March Elections meeting this year I announced I would be stepping down as Chair of Government Relations at the end of the year. Cassie Rawcliffe advised me she would like to step into the Chair position. I have been working with Cassie to help her learn the different aspects of the position.

We encountered a political event this past July with the Department of Health's announcement they would be updating their Rules and Regulation for massage therapy.

This was a good initiation for Cassie and I'm pleased to say she handled it very well. I feel I will be leaving the Chair position and my fellow massage therapists in good hands. 

It has been my pleasure to serve you.
Although I will no longer be the Government Relations Chair I will still be active in serving the AMTA RI Board and Committees .

Anyone wishing to volunteer in any capacity please be sure to contact anyone of the people listed on the AMTA RI Chapter website http://ri.wp.amtamassage.org . This or the AMTA RI Facebook page are great locations to find out what's going on locally and nationally for massage therapists. 

Joanne Lozy, LMT 
Government Relations Chair 
AMTA RI Chapter

The Government Relations team is always looking for people interested in 
joining the team. If you want to learn more please contact me at JLozy123@gmail. com or 401 497 2111.

Joanne Lozy LMT
Government Relations Chair

Board Transparency

AMTA-RI volunteers are sometimes asked about transparency, strategic and annual planning in our chapter.
The concept of transparency in business is sometimes misunderstood. Transparency does not mean that everyone gets to know every detail or piece of information related to a decision. Sometimes the decision-making process might include information that is confidential or might negatively impact the success of a program, if released prematurely. 

For AMTA chapters, transparency means that members get to know who makes the decisions and how those decisions are related to the administration of programs and services for members. And, our board will try to explain the basic reason for a decision. Because AMTA is one association, your AMTA - RI Board also makes these decisions in alignment and consultation with the national association. 

Planning - either annual planning or strategic planning - is a "road map" for the future of an organization or a particular program or service. Your AMTA RI-Board engages in strategic planning that supports the mission and goals of AMTA and engages in annual planning on how we deliver programs and services to AMTA members in Rhode Island. 

When considering the direction of a particular service we first make sure our decisions are in alignment with AMTA national bylaws, policies and procedures. Then, we consider the value a program may or may not bring to our members, and of course any financial impact. 

 For planning to be successful we need to know what you would like most from your chapter experience, especially related to education, networking and community. Please don't hesitate to contact your board members and share your thoughts and ideas!

Massage at CODAC

Friday June 16, 2017 was the day that I first provided chair massage to several people at CODAC. Friday August 4 was the fourth time. Each time has been a different experience yet each time I feel that I have made connections with people who are at a crossroads in their lives and are trying to get their lives back on a healthy, positive track. I come away from CODAC with a sense that in some small way I am helping people in recovery to reconnect with their minds & bodies after spending years of numbing themselves with substance abuse.

But last May when I first got the email from Deb Luhrs about volunteering for this my initial reaction was, "I just can't fit one more thing into my life right now." I pressed delete. But there was this persistent little voice inside my head that kept reminding me that being able to work with this population was the exact reason why I went into massage therapy. The opportunity to take part in this ground breaking local study got the best of me. I retrieved Deb's contact & volunteered. In reality it has had minimal impact on my schedule. Once every 3 weeks from 8AM to 10AM I go to CODAC to give chair massage to some very interesting people. I only have to cross 1 massage off my appointment book every 3 rd week. Absolutely no big deal!

Everything has moved along so seamlessly since contacting Deb with a "yes". We met with the staff of CODAC who welcomed us with open arms & provided a locked closet to leave a massage chair in. They provide the supplies. Deb came up with a very brief feedback sheet for measuring the effects of stress levels, mood & anxiety before & after the massage. All I have to do is get myself there. And the best part is spending time with some very interesting people who are blown away by the positive effects of a 12 minute massage! It is something they look forward to every Friday.

I am so grateful that I did not let this opportunity pass by. As far as I know this is the only program in RI that is providing massage as a part of a recovery program. I am honored to be a part of it.

- Betty Harrison, LMT, AMTA Member

 If you are interested in participating, we need one more person for Newport and three for E. Providence locations. Please call, email or text your interest. 

Deb Luhrs, LMT, 401-849-1050, deb.luhrs@massagetherapyri.com

CVOP, HOD, and the AMTA National Convention

Here I sit, reflecting on another exhilarating AMTA National Convention. Actually, having only been home for a week, I would say I haven't really stopped thinking about my time there. 

I would like to thank the Board for choosing me to attend this year's Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP). This was my second time attending, and I think it was extremely helpful to have a second opportunity to take in the program with more seasoned eyes. Attending last year, I was mostly focused on understanding the organization and on what was expected of me as a volunteer. I began to truly understand how the AMTA operates on a national level and in other chapters. I started defining for myself how I would best be able to serve our chapter. This is what the program is designed for. 

This year, in addition to strengthening these concepts, CVOP felt like much more of a think tank. A place to share ideas amongst chapter volunteers from other states, expanding our resources and learning from each other. I listened to fellow attendees describe programs and events they have implemented in their own chapters that have been successful in supporting their membership and volunteers. 

 The great ideas were just swirling around the room! Topics included networking/social events, member outreach/evaluations, education, budgeting, and volunteer recruitment. I look forward to taking some time to look over my notes and jump onto the online hub to bring some of these new ideas to our board. 

 As this year's focus of the convention was self-care, there were many discussions on volunteer burnout. The concept of "episodic volunteering" was one I found to be of particular importance. Being specific about the task being asked of a volunteer, both in duties and time commitment. As I am the volunteer coordinator for our RI Massage Therapy Convention, this is a concept I hope to keep at the forefront of my mind.
As a first year delegate, this was my first time attending a meeting of the House of Delegates. This was so exciting! A mock recommendation was carried out so that those of us who were new could observe how the whole process would unfold. This was very helpful. We then heard and considered a proposed position statement: "Massage Therapy Can Provide Significant Benefit as a Component of Integrative Health Care." Following debate and a brief caucus, the position statement was approved. We also discussed a recommendation made by the Indiana Chapter: "Allowance of Dues received from National for Student Membership Classification." This was approved to be considered by the National Board of Directors. 

This was the final year for the House of Delegates, as it will now transition to the Assembly of Delegates. In preparation of this transition, we were then taken through an example of what an Assembly meeting will entail. I look forward to gaining more perspective of my new role over the next year so that I am prepared for the first Assembly meeting and hopefully many more to come. 

Convention itself was of course full of spirit, and full of fruits of knowledge ripe for the picking! Between opening and closing sessions with inspirational speakers, a vendor hall packed with products, ideas, and solutions for the working massage therapist, and classes taught by some of the industry's most admired, one leaves with a sense of great motivation. 

 This year I took classes in subjects including diabetes, pregnancy, neck conditions, and rotational forces. I tried to vary instructors so I could get a sense of teaching styles. Again, as a volunteer for our RI Massage Therapy Convention committee, and an aspiring teacher myself, this is information I can bring back to our chapter as we plan our own educational offerings.
There are many exciting changes coming down the road as our industry continues to grow and evolve. I so appreciate the opportunity to attend CVOP, the House of Delegates meeting, and the National Convention to continue my education and understanding. 

Thank you, my fellow members, for choosing me to be your delegate. It is my goal to serve our chapter for many years to come and to serve as a mentor for future volunteers. I will gratefully pay forward the experience gained through these programs to further aide our board, volunteers, and members.

Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros

In This Issue
Board of Directors:
Michaele Colizza

Regina Cobb
Board Member

Alda Cordeiro
Board Member

Debbie Kilty

Roy Kenji Omori
Financial Administrator
Welcome New Members!
New members: 

R. Jess Dettmann
Jaclyn Clarke
Jennifer Graham
Jaime Calise
Dermot Hayes
Sheldon Townsend
James Cardany
Molly Obrien
Serge N. McKhann
Ericka Merritt Gardner
Maureen Murphy
Isamarie Perez
Kimberly Koerner
Michele Lapierre
Nicole Perreault
Erika Norberg
Roger Johnson
Gennadiy Krichevskiy
Cynthia Wynegar
Ariel Roman
Dennis Dichiaro
Nicole Allen
Avia Silas
Jennifer Moniz
Renee Katz
Kimberly McCabe
Dee Close
Diana Costa-Steinetz
John Riese Jr.

Total RI Members: 514

Joanne Lozy
Awards Committee Chairperson
Gov. Relations Chairperson
Past President
Convention Planning Committee

Regina Cobb MSW, LCMT
Board Member
Crisis Massage Team Co-Coordinator

Roy Kenji Omori
Financial Administrator

Jennifer Wilkicki
Membership Chairperson
2nd Alternate Delegate
Volunteer Coordinator
Convention Planning Committee

Claudia Botthof

Deb Kilty

Kim Cook
Website Chair
Convention Planning Committee

Frank Rapone
Crisis Massage Team  Co-Coordinator

Alda Cordeiro
Board Member
Education Chairperson
RI Convention Planning Committee Co-Chair

Lou Ann Botsford
Sports Massage Chairperson

Angela Perry-Place
Twitter Administrator/Social Media Chair
RI Convention Planning Committee member

Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros
Jr. Delegate
RI Convention Planning Committee member
Membership Committee: Senior members contact

Ellen Field
Newsletter Editor
Sr. Delegate

Sean Duffy
2nd to Sports

Michelle Souza
1st Alternate Delegate

Marlo Lawrence
Membership Committee: New member contact

Upcoming Meeting Dates

All AMTA-RI Chapter Board Meetings are
open to the public.

The following is a list of dates and times of upcoming board meetings:

November 14, 2017
January 3, 2018
February 7, 2018

Times and dates are subject to change.
Please contact our Secretary
Deb Kilty
at 401-339-1041 or via email
at debbiekilty@yahoo.com
prior to any meeting for
confirmation on date, time and location.

Check in the next newsletter or on our website for future meeting dates.

Membership Benefits

AMTA Offers the Strongest Benefits in the Profession!

From education to award-winning publications to broad liability insurance, AMTA membership gives you the tools you need to grow and thrive in the massage therapy profession.

In fact, 100 percent of your membership dues are invested back into you in the form of benefits and advocacy for the profession.Professional Membership

Questions? Call 1-877-905-0577 during business hours or email us.

New Member Benefit!
AMTA is proud to team up with industry leading practice management software, ClinicSense. ClinicSense offers massage therapists everything they need to manage their practice, including SOAP notes, online scheduling, online intake forms, invoices, gift certificates and more. Best of all, AMTA members save 25% on monthly fees for life!

Annual Bus Trip to NYC
RIAMTA members, family and friends are invited to join us on our annual bus trip to New York City on Sunday, December 10, 2017.
There will be two pick-up locations in RI: First Pickup is at 7am at the Warwick, Park & Ride on Route 117 (across the street from AAA).  Second pickup is at 7:20 at the Hope Valley Park & Ride (Exit 3 off Rte. 95N). 
We will arrive in NYC at approximately 11 am.  We will depart NYC at 7pm (approximate arrival in RI at 10:30pm).  Arrival and departure in NYC will be in the vicinity of Rockefeller Center.
Bus tickets are $45.00 per person.  All registrations and payments must be received by November 25, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Jennifer Wilkicki


Dear member, 

Very shortly, you will be receiving a vitally important constant contact. 
We want to see where the majority of our members stand on the idea of ELECTRONIC VOTING.

It will be a simple poll with 1-3 questions maximum.  
There will be a RSVP date 
Only 1 vote per eligible voting member.  

There are specific policies and timelines we must adhere to in order to make this type of change.

Please, your input is going to help make the decision as to what happens next in our chapter.

Michaele Colizza

Opioid Crisis
Recently, in an effort to thwart the growing tide of opioid addiction in the country, the Attorneys General of 37 States plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have added their names to a letter sent to Marilyn Tavenner, the president/CEO of America's Health Insurance Plan (AHIP). The initiative is to encourage insurance companies to better cover alternative modalities as the first line of defense against pain. This project was initiated by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. The American Massage Therapy Association worked closely with Attorney General Morrisey. You may read about it by connecting to http://www.ago.wv.gov/Pages/default.aspx
Rhode Island is one of the 37 States that attached it's name to the letter. The Government Relations team is mobilizing to address how this will affect our state and our profession. We currently have sent a letter to Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin thanking him for supporting the initiative. We will keep you apprised as we learn more.

Being a Delegate
So, what does it mean to be a delegate? I had no idea when I was elected! Last year, my first year, was a very unusual year because there had been no submission of position papers. As a result, there wasn't an official vote on anything. Instead, we broke into small groups to discuss what the HOD (House of Delegates) should be....so, I still had not idea!

This year, I was the Senior Delegate and there was nothing for me to teach Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros because I had no idea of what to expect.

We were sent position papers which we were supposed to read, understand and be able to discuss - which both of us were quite prepared for. 

The HOD, was an incredible experience! It is very official, like a congress. We all had electronic handheld voter machines on which to cast our votes.
The Position Statement was introduced, the motion to accept it was made, there was lots of discussion, and then we voted. We voted in the affirmative to take the position that: "Massage Therapy Can Provide Significant Benefit as a Component of Integrative Health Care".

Next year, the HOD will become the AOD (Assembly of Delegates). The focus will change from deciding what the AMTA's position will be to asking the AMTA to please look into and research various potential position statements. The AOD will decide what will be the most important issues for the AMTA to research and to think about.

I am very grateful that I was elected to be a delegate to the HOD. It was an incredible experience, an amazing look at how the AMTA looks into issues, studies position statements, and decides what is important. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to both learn more about and contribute to our profession.

Ellie Field

Human Trafficking
Governor Gina Raymond signed a bill regarding human trafficking on 7/19/2017.
The Bill is titled: An Act Relating Criminal Offenses - Uniform Act on the Prevention of an dRemedies for Human Trafficking (Creates the "Uniform Act on the Prevention and Remedies for Human Trafficking") which would establish penalties and remedies for human trafficking.

Alda Cordeiro, Chapter Meritorious award winner, and Dolly Wallace, AMTA President

AMTA National Convention 2017 - Pasadena, CA
It was my privilege and honor once again to attend the AMTA National Convention this year as a representative from the Rhode Island Chapter. This year was the largest convention in American Massage Therapy Association history. Each year it continues to grow as membership in our association also continues to grow, AMTA membership is now nearing 79,000 members! 

Prior to the official kickoff of the 2017 Convention RI chapter representatives attended both Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP) and Chapter Leadership Training. Both are valuable training and motivational programs offered on-site at the convention. 

Chapter Leadership Training is open to all chapter board members, chairs and volunteers attending convention with no additional cost. The trainings offer differ from year to year and always coincide with changes that may be happening in the association either on a chapter or national level or both. This year trainings revolved around Developing and Sustaining chapter boards and Budget presentations. Both topics were well received by those in attendance and gave chapter leaders tools to bring back to their respective chapters to help manage changes in board structures, new election processes, new budget presentation processes, how to manage transitions within your board, how to develop a strong and effective team for your board and chair persons. 

Convention kicked off with the opening session with speaker Shaun T, who I have to admit I hadn't heard of prior to this. Shaun T. is a world renown fitness expert and his opening session speech was so fun and uplifting. Once again, this year I was able to live stream the entire opening session via Facebook! So that friends and colleagues back at home who couldn't attend convention this would have a chance to see all that was happening with AMTA! It's very rewarding to be able to share the experiences as they are happening! 

In AMTA's Business Meeting portion of the Opening Session, Executive Director Bill Brown spoke strongly of AMTA as the nonprofit advantage in the profession. And, he announced that the association is working to protect massage therapists' right to continue to use the term "trigger point" freely and without restriction. 

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the only national association in the profession defending the right of massage therapists everywhere to continue to use the term "trigger point" without restriction, by contesting an  attempt by a company to trademark the term. So if you haven't had a chance to see the "Engage" email that was sent to all AMTA member therapists and sign the petition do so immediately! With our numbers at nearly 79,000 we are a strong voice in the massage community!! 

There was also an announcement that AMTA believes educating and creating a better understanding between all employers and massage therapists will result in better work options for massage therapists. AMTA is committed to working with all employers to strengthen workplace options for the massage therapy profession, including Massage Envy, the nation's largest employer of massage therapists. 

Starting October 1, self-care continuing education courses will be available on AMTA's website for FREE to all massage therapists. The self-care and injury prevention program is created to Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards (OSHA is the federal government agency that oversees workplace safety). 
The next days were filled with attending classes and networking opportunities. Our chapter representatives had the opportunity to reconnect with David Lobenstein one of our top presenters from the 2016 Rhode Island Massage Therapy Convention and to meet one of this years' presenters, Doug Nelson the newly elected president of the Massage Therapy Association! 

At the closing session of the convention motivational speaker Shawn Achor delivered an amazing talk on "The Happiness Advantage: Inspiring Positive Change". I would highly recommend searching out and watching Mr. Achor's "Ted Talk" on this subject. I've already put into motion at least one of the lessons on how to increase happiness in my life and lives of my family. 

Each year upon returning from the National convention I'm exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. Wanting to put into action new techniques learned in the classes that I've taken to help in my clients' overall wellness and new lessons learned in the leadership trainings to benefit my local chapter and it's members. 

The Rhode Island Massage Therapy Convention Committee is working extremely hard to bring you another amazing convention closer to home for those that were not able to travel to California! October 27-29, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI, classes are filling up fast. If you haven't registered yet what are you 
waiting for!!! Log into the RI chapter website for more information. http://ri.wp.amtamassage.org/

Keep on the lookout for information regarding the 2018 National Convention! Next year it's back on the east coast in Washington, DC! That's driving distance you all!

- Deb Kilty

NPI Number? Why?

You may have heard about this "NPI" number and wondered, "What is it and why should I get one." NPI stands for National Provider Identifier. The NPI number identifies you as a health care provider. There are two types of NPI numbers, 1. for individuals such as doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. 2. Corporations, hospitals or individuals that are incorporated or have an LLC. The list goes on, essentially anyone who provides a health care service and bills to a third party, insurance, medicare or medicaid is required to have an NPI. Perhaps you are thinking "This doesn't include me, I don't bill through insurance. I don't do this, and why should I obtain an NPI or even care?" 

As the health care system changes, massage therapy is being recognized and used to help people in many more capacities. Massage therapists are now being found in cancer clinics, elder care, hospice and general health clinics across the country. As you realize, ours is a unique profession. We touch people in a different and positive way. No longer are we a profession considered synonymous with luxury and relaxation. Although relaxation massage is a much needed part of what we can provide to our fellow travelers in this crazy unpredictable life. However, we've seen profound benefits in what we do. As the health care system struggles to understand what and how the touch service we provide actually helps people, new research is being provided daily to back up the benefits of our trained professional touch. And yet we still encounter those that don't understand. 

We still hear stories and receive comments that make us want to tear our hair out. Not just from individuals, but from government personnel both local and state. Fortunately we continue to moved forward. Many good therapist now work and volunteer in important health and governmental positions. Our profession continues to grow and gain the legitimization and recognition it deserves. 

So, you're still not convinced how all this effects you. Well maybe at this time in your life it doesn't, but having an NPI helps the health care system realize just how many massage therapists there are out there. This is one more step in helping them realize how vital and needed our services are. 

Right now we are lucky we still have the luxury of deciding whether we want to be in private practice, accepting private pay only or join the brave few who have plunged into the waters of insurance reimbursement. This open ended option, insurance/no insurance is a plus and one could only hope it remains. 

Still not convinced you should apply for an NPI. Let me give you something else to think about, perhaps it will help sway you toward obtaining an NPI. I propose to you, a scenario: One beautiful blustery fall day one of your regular long time clients walks in the door and says "I slipped on some wet leaves walking into work a few days ago and jammed my shoulder. I know you can help me. My doctor wanted to prescribe PT. I told the Dr. my massage therapist can also help with my recovery and he gave me a script for massage too. Can you bill my workers comp?" Flattered, you now have to decide: 1. Do I have the skills to help her/him? 2. Do I send my client/paycheck off to someone else? Perhaps you are ok with that. Maybe you even know another massage therapist that has an NPI and bills workers compensation. 3. Do you even know where to start if you do decide to honor your clients request and bill workers compensation? 

The first step to being ready for this possible scenario is having an NPI number already in place. It doesn't cost you anything but the time to register for it. If you don't ever use it, that's okay. It was free. The second steps to navigating the insurance system can be learned on the AMTA website. https://www.amtamassage.org/career_guidance/type/2 . 

There are also links on the AMTA website to connect you to NPI and NPPES where you can sign up to receive a number, OR you could come to the Rhode Island Massage Therapy Convention, Friday evening October 27th, where Karlo Berger has generously offered to assist MT's in registering on Friday evening. Deb Luhrs and Sue Vandal with be there to help you on Saturday afternoon.
So I say to you "Stand up and be counted!" Having an NPI is a way to show our presence. WE are a positive influence to our community, health care system, State and the world.
Joanne Lozy, LMT


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RI at the National Convention!!
Dermot Hayes, Kenji Omori, Michaele Colizza, Deb Kilty, Dolly Wallace - AMTA President, Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros, Alda Cordeiro

Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros at CVOP

Your RI Delegation at the AMTA National Convention
Michele Colizza, Alda Cordeiro, Debbie Kilty, Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros, Ellie Field, 
 Kenji Omori


 I have an electric "Stacy Built" table I would like to sell
for $754. It is all one piece, does not fold. I do not have photos to post, I am in West Kington (near URI) anyone is welcome to
come look at it, ride it up and down. It is so much better for you as a therapist and your body mechanics as well as changing
Please call:  Helen at 401-789-8910

For Rent: A large room within a suite (Massage/bodywork only space-quiet) available for a massage therapist in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, just 2 minutes off of Rt. 4. Room may be decorated and furnished as desired. Suite is decorated; has bathroom, kitchenette, waiting area. Candidates are: mature, self- motivated, clean, ethical and respectful to join this well established practice. Rent negotiable for proper candidate, all utilities will be included. Leave a message and I will get back to you to answer any questions, 401-294-3838.

Clinic Space to Share in Coventry 
A holistic acupuncture & wellness clinic has space in a busy medical building to share with a massage therapist. 
Contact Chris - 401-219-6446 

Skin Care Studio seeking a female LMT to share in Providence RI, Located on the East Side. Studio is available to share 2-3 days a week. Perfect for someone who has a clientele and looking to build their business. Location has ample parking and has easy access from the highway. Further details available when you text or call 401-954-5367.   

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