Brian and Vito have searched far and wide in their expedition to unearth the great treasure known as Warrior Gyms. Their efforts have been proven strong. Their discovery has surfaced a place of joy, strength, fun, laughter and ambition to find a Warrior within every person, including their Tribe riding beside them on this journey. They are ready to unveil their findings...Warrior Gyms' debut is November 18th at 3:00p . Don’t forget that all Evo members with a current membership receive 20% off all services at Warrior Gyms. May our vision be a gift to you as well.

Join us Thanksgiving morning at 8:30a for our annual Turkey Burn Charity Workout! 
Bring your friends and family members to this outdoor (weather permitting) workout benefiting Autism Speaks of the Greater Delaware Valley . We always have a great time while rev-ing up our metabolism for a day of feasting! Thanksgiving is all about family and friends, so why not spend an hour with your fitness family! Can’t make the workout but you would still like to make a donation anyway? Sure! Just stop in or give us a call!
Periodization Training
A coach’s job is to teach, inspire, motivate and basically help those in need to do their best to achieve their goals. Another responsibility as coach is to continue to learn and be inspired so that we can be our best for others. 
This fall, at the end of a very long Dragon Boat season, I had the opportunity to travel to Toronto to meet and learn from one of Dragon Boating’s most experienced Dragon Boat coaches in the World, Jim Farintosh. His teams have won countless gold medals and World Championships. Over a period of 2 days, he shared with us his methods of preparing his athletes for a successful racing season. Now, in the off season, is the time to repair and rebuild his athletes. They will move through a series of workouts that will change as they get closer to the time when they can get back on the water and start racing again.
Coach Farintosh’s method is very similar to what we do here at Evolution Fitness during our semi private training. The method of moving an athlete through a program that changes over a designated time period to build endurance and flexibility, then strength and then power, this is called periodization. No matter what you are training for or even if you are just training for a healthy life, following the schedule of periodized work outs will help your body move to the next level of fitness.
At Evolution Fitness during your semi private sessions, you will get just that. Based on the score of your Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a program will be developed that will move you through 10 distinct phases. The initial phases will help you increase your muscular endurance, stabilize your core and increase your flexibility. You will then progress into Strength building phases. Here you will rely on the endurance, core stabilization and flexibility you gained in the initial phases and build strength by increasing the weight and decreasing the repetitions. Finally, in the last few phases, you will enhance and maximize your strength and power gains. When you are about to finish Phase 10 you will schedule another FMS to assess your progress and prepare to move you into the first phase again but this time at a higher level.
Welcome to the world Leo Joseph Lobitz !
Shelby & her husband, Ben, welcomed Leo into the world on October 20th! 

Shelby & Leo are doing great and cannot wait to stop in for a visit...
and a workout! 
Shopping & Morning Workout!
Join Danielle & Maureen at the Athleta at The Promenade in Marlton for shopping and a FREE class! A private shopping party will be held from 9-10a, just in time to shop for the holidays. The class will be held from 10-11a. Athleta will have raffles & coupons ($10 off of a purchase of $75 or more will be provided.

Even though Athleta is a women's activewear store, men are welcome to join the class and shop for the special ladies in their life! The shop party is the perfect time to shop for wives, girlfriends, moms and any other special lady in their life, just in time for the holidays... women can even pick out what they want online, reserve it (using the reserve in store feature on our website), and the men can pick it up without worrying about sizes & colors! Athleta would like a head count so please register using this link - Register Here .
In October, Team EvoFit participated in our THIRD Goliathon, a tiered obstacle race.

Join us for our next a fun filled Saturday, June 2nd and give back at the same time! Win Win!
We have just sent off our 3rd Box! The 4th box is waiting for you to clean out your closets to make room for new sneaks! MORE Foundation Group this year has distributed one million tree seeds to rural farmers in Honduras and began the for the Capital of Ghana, Accra. A NOT so simple project: One million Kids get one million trees two feet tall to plant in the greater Accra area of 66 square miles. This would shade 20% of the ground within the capital (Accra)…a very hot place near the equator. The One Million Trees Project in the greater Accra area will save hundreds of millions in air-conditioning costs alone. All this is accomplished with used athletic shoes generously collected by you.  Please keep the sneaks coming!  
Did you know that EvoFit has a Farm Co-Op with Dutch Meadows Farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania? We have been ordering organic, non-GMO, grass fed, pasture raised and/or raw products from the farm and boy is it delicious! Every two weeks, you will receive an email with the current offerings, select your items and submit your order by noon on Sunday to Brian’s email. Like magic, a truck full of goodness appears on Tuesday. The farm offers change per season but they have everything …eggs, yogurt, beef, chicken, soap, raw cheese and bacon, yes bacon!
Sunday, November 26th is the next order which will arrive November 28th.      
Want in? Ask to be put on the list today!