Alumni of the Month:

Words and Memories from Stephen G. Waters 
5th Headmaster

Steve Waters was the fifth headmaster here at St. Andrew's from 1970 through 1991.  He and his wife, Jane, were beloved on campus and devoted their years to creating an atmosphere of love and education for all at St. Andrew's. They often hosted kids in the Rectory as well as on weekends away with their family in their New Hampshire home. Under Steve's guidance the school started the Learning Services Department, that to this day shines high above others. Steve started the co-ed program welcoming the first girls on campus in 1981. Steve also oversaw the building of Bill's House the new boys dorm. In support of the faculty, the school established a retirement plan through TIAA-CREF, and now m any retired teachers are living comfortably in their golden years because of his guidance. For struggling families, he introduced the tuition payment plan. Steve also brought the fun of the annual Ed Barrett Pie Race and Senior Mountain Day to campus. Both of these were traditions from his own boarding high school program at Northfield Mount Hermon and they remain as mainstays of our fall events. Jane's contribution to the campus was her gift of music and helping students with theater productions. Who will ever forget the Middle School's version of Sweeney Todd? Steve and Jane now live near Concord, NH and are active in their parish, choir and on school committees. You can drop them a line to say hello at

The 70's

In 1970, enrollment was around five to six dozen students. Some tuitions were funded by the State, some by Episcopal Churches' charitable outreach, some parents were barely paying anything at all. Finding adequate funding for the daily operation was a regular challenge.

The campus was sparse without the efforts made to be beautiful and efficient. It met the needs of its time with lawns mowed when necessary, repairs and painting maintaining functionality. The complete lack of air conditioning was keenly felt when we arrived. Oil burners kept the winter's cold at bay, though bitter temperatures could freeze a pipe here and there. When the snow fell the roar of Big Bertha, the large Dodge truck-tractor, could be heard across campus as driveways and walkways were plowed.

The kitchen too, was basic in its appliances as was the food prepared for the school community. Some goods from the farm were still used, remembering a time when much of the school's food came from there. Round tables allowed for conversation during meals. After breakfast, students gathered in the Chapel in an effort to set the "tone for the day". Competition for the inadequate number of cushions could be fierce; the wooden pews were never comfortable. Yet, the Chapel had a beauty of its own and was a historic landmark dating to the beginning of St. Andrew's.

The St. Andrew's School community was indeed a family for many of these young boys. Faculty and staff went beyond their basic duties to provide warmth, caring, and love that had been missing in their lives. It is this special environment of true caring that set the school apart - and which has continued to this day.
David Shaw '86

David Shaw '86 has always worked and lived with passion. He is now making a difference in Nashville and in Country Music. If you haven't listened to his new artist, Stephanie Quayle, you are missing out. David travels the country helping these young singers get their big break. Back at St. Andrew's, David is always a favorite speaker at Student Career Day. He takes the time to help our budding artists by giving them 'homework' and having them send him songs to critique. We hope his schedule allows him to come back on April 3 for Career day.......Hey, bring Stephanie with you!

I worked at Columbia Records doing radio promotion and marketing nationally for 15 years. My biggest role was to get concentrated radio airplay for all of our artists, at all of the radio genres. I worked hand in hand with superstar artists Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Barbra Streisand, etc and helped establish, build and break open the careers for artists like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, John Mayer, John Legend, etc. The past 12 years my focus has been on building independent labels down in Nashville, TN. It's an extremely competitive business with a ton of pressure, but it is my passion. I believe everyone should have a mission statement and define what they stand for. My mission is to fight for the underdog dreamers who believe they can accomplish anything. With passion true grit, sheer will and determination defy the odds and win. There are so many talented artists that deserve a shot. I love to discover fresh, new talent and play a part in breaking their careers wide open.

Currently I am helping to establish a new label called Rebel Engine and our marquis artist is Stephanie Quayle. Stephanie is by far the hardest working talent I have ever worked with and 2019 is going to be her year, so look out!

We just launched a #FarFromUgly empowerment campaign utilizing Stephanie's music video for "Ugly." The campaign will be supporting the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women, which is a national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women. See the press release below for extensive information.

Stephanie's video for "Ugly" exclusively premiered on CMT, CMT Music, and on Friday. Here is the link to the video

On November 13, Stephanie was inducted into CMT's Next Women Of Country Class of 2019

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, December 1 
Villanova vs. LaSalle at the Palestra in Philadelphia at 3:00.  Let's watch our own Cole Swider '18 and Cian Sullivan '16 go head to head!  
I have 3 free tickets for the first alumni that make a donation to St. Andrew's and put in the tagline Donation to SAS basketball.
These are Cian Sullivan's tickets and you will be joining me!

Saturday, December 1 
Philly Get-Together after the game at  Slainte  at 6:00.

Join us and St. Andrew's will treat for the appetizers and first drink!

Sunday December 2
Get-Together in NYC Sunday Brunch at Al Mar at 1:00.
Reservations needed.
Please let me know if you can attend.
Tuesday, December 4
Alumni Meeting and Holiday Get-together at 7:00 in the  St. Andrew's Ross Boardroom

Come for the fun and plan the Whiskey Tasting and Arts Night
Tuesday, December 11
Holiday Vespers at 7:00. 
Join us to celebrate the season in the McCulloch Center for the Arts

Tuesday, February 12 
Alumni Meeting at 7:00 in the 
St. Andrew's Ross Boardroom

Meeting and Get-Together
Saturday, March 9 
Alumni Art Show and 
Whiskey Tasting
Gardiner Dining Hall
Wednesday, April 3 Alumni and Senior Career Day Gardiner Dining Hall
Thursday, May 30 Alumni and Senior Pinning Chapin Chapel

From the Alumni Office

On Tuesday, November 27 we will celebrate Saint's Giving Tuesday.

If you've been waiting for the right time to give to St. Andrew's, #GivingTuesday is just around the corner! Help us meet our 50 donor goal by November 27 and support our students and this learning community. We need you! Let's see which class can get the most donations. Be watching Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the daily tally on November 27 to see if your class is in the lead! Donate here and you can get an early start. We will count all gifts for your class. Like my mom always said..."do it now while you are thinking about it."

As always, I am thankful for all of you. I love getting your phone calls, hearing about your life events and seeing you on campus. Please come by and have lunch, meet our wonderful students and attend events. You are always welcome to come home.

Alumni Association News

Angels' Share Whiskey Tasting and Arts Night is March 9. David Coop '01 and Erin Ryan Buchanan '99 are working together to bring alumni and past faculty artists back to campus for a great show to help the artists and St. Andrew's. If you would like to submit your artwork to be in the show please email them. If any alumni have any items for the auction for that night, please contact Mike Oelbaum '93 . All proceeds will go to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. This event was a huge success last year and we are looking for many more alumni that would like to help make this event stupendous again. If you have suggestions let Mike or Dave know.

Holiday Get Together and Meeting is December 4 at 7:00 PM  Come and enjoy some appetizers, refreshments and beer and wine and help plan the Angel's Share Whiskey Tasting and Arts Night.  

Alumni News

Patrick Kiely '00 is now VP of Golf and Custom at Vineyard Vines.  

Eric Mack '00 married Mandy Braga in October surrounded by friends and family to celebrate their union as a couple.  It was a beautiful ceremony and we send them all the best!

Loren Provenzano '01 married the love of his life in a beautiful ceremony on Block Island in September.  We wish them every happiness.

Johnny Wells '06 married his wonderful love, Stephanie DiCesare in October. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Ethan Bourque '06 has been a member of the St. Joseph Bay Burn Team since his first year with Department of Environmental Protection and is excited to see that his team's hard work is being noticed. In the below email excerpt, the Burn Team and Ethan have been chosen as recipients of the 2018 OneDEP Star Awards - Living our Values Award. Clearly following the Chapin Tradition!  Congratulations, Ethan!
Dear St. Joseph Bay Burn Team,
As you know, the values we display are what allows us to be successful in achieving our mission at DEP. It is my honor to congratulate you all on being chosen as recipients of the 2018 OneDEP Star Awards - Living our Values Award. The OneDEP Star Awards - Living Our Values recognizes and honors employees, like all of you, who demonstrate a strong and consistent commitment to the DEP mission, while personally aligning and modeling DEP's core values.
The Living Our Values award ceremony will be held at the Douglas Building in Tallahassee on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. Following the ceremony, please join us for the OneDEP Hollywood Block Party. All of us in Tallahassee will come together to celebrate the accomplishments of you and your OneDEP Star Awards colleagues with food, friends and fun.

Robert and Hayley Coutts McLean '07  have moved to Brooklyn, NY. Hayley is studying at the  International Culinary Center . Can't wait for you to come back and cook for us!

Erin Lang '11 has been promoted to a  Assistant Field Hockey Coach and Men and Womens Basketball Events Manager at Plymouth State University.

Alex Cuddeback '11 and his wife Nila welcomed their new baby, Charlotte Patricia, into the world. Congratulations!

Cade Jones-Pearson '12 started as an Internal Audit Intern at The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company.

Ellie Rosen '12
 is starting a new position as Manager of School Partnerships at One Goal.

Morgan Silva '15 started as a Pilates Instructor at Studio 47 Pilates and as a Teaching Assistant at Roger Williams University.

Bonzie Colson '14 stopped by campus to use the new shooting machine. He had his first professional game with the Canton Charge and knocked it out of the park with 23 points!

Joe Carty '14 enters the coaching arena at Western New England University. Joe's first recruiting stop was back at his home gym....St. Andrew's!  Good luck Joe!

Roni Dinz '16 and Taff Wadda '16 played soccer against each other at Boston College. Taff plays for University of North Carolina and Roni plays for Wheaton College. Many of our faculty, alumni and students went to support them!

Don't forget to let us know your news!  We want to hear from you!

The Bad Boys of the 60's
Jeff Carlsten '62, Bill Harris '68, Ed Sherman '67, Bill Leahy '65, Merritt Baw '64, Craig Hull '64, Bill Kosche '62, John Henderson '63, Tom Manson '66, Paull Shulver '65, Dave Coombs '63 & Cliff Harris '68
Kneeling L-R Wayne Smith '69, Jerry Rhodes '66, Steve Caruolo '69, Larry Gooding '66, Roddy Jordan '63, Charlie Knowles '67, Jeff Crooker '67 and Joe Monahan '61
 Also Don Rhodes '67 was there.

Thanks to Charlie Knowles and Roddy Jordan for being so faithful and always organizing this.  

If you would like to organize a get together for your class, please let me know!

The Bad Boys Annual Reunion!

Alumni Visit Pictures

John Chmura '98 KM and Pal
Hayley and Rob McLean '07

Tommy Hunt "14 looking for new recruits with John O'Shea

Eric Mack '00 marries Mandy Braga!  

Jen Masse '87 and her son Tyler as he starts school at St. Andrew's

Joe Carty '14 checking out recruits

Owen Greene '18
Taff Wadda '16 vs. Roni Diniz '16 Alumni, Students and Faculty Gathered to cheer them on!
Alumni . students and faculty support Taft Wadda and Roni Diniz

Coach Hart and Roni Diniz 

Around campus and the world!