Together We Can Feed More and Waste Less

Announcing  our first Community Food Rescue Week--seven days of fun, hands-on activities to inspire; CFR is now cooking recovered food; the ancient practice of gleaning fulfills modern needs. Read on for more. 
Celebrate Community Food Rescue Week


Mark Your Calendars Oct.13-20th

Join Manna Food Center's Community Food Rescue network for the first-ever Montgomery County Community Food Rescue Week. Come to fun, hands-on, and informational events throughout the week and celebrate food recovery.  Be inspired and learn what we can all do to tackle food waste and hunger in the county.
There's something for everyone: composting, gleaning, cooking, trivia night, happy hour, and our week's highlight: the No Waste, Big Taste Cooking Competition.  Chefs will create a two-course meal from mystery recovered food items, which will be judged by a panel of local celebrities and members of the Community Food Rescue network.

Most events are free and open to the public but space is limited, pregistration is recommended.

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What's Cookin'?
Chef Jen from Marriott International and KindWorks volunteers prepare meals using rescued food
CFR now cooks with rescued food. Thanks to a wonderful partnership with the Silver Spring United Methodist Church, Manna Food Center manages its newly-refurbished commercial kitchen as the churches' mission-driven service to the community.

The kitchen provides an expanded opportunity for Community Food Rescue to turn fresh produce some of which is bruised, wilted, misshapen, surplus or otherwise is unsold, along with pantry staples and meat into cooked meals.

So far, we've held five cooking sessions and delivered about 500 prepared meals such as penne with butternut squash sauce, blackened salmon with rice, Jambalaya, pasta with Bolognese sauce, fresh corn and cucumber salad, and peach cobbler to shelters. 

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 Gleaning: Biblical Origins, Modern Day Practice


Gleaners separate sweet potato leaves from vines
 "Now when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very corners of your field, nor shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest."
This passage from Leviticus 19:9 refers to the ancient practice of gleaning food after the harvest leaving food in the field for those in need. This ancient practice in spirit and deed are just as relevant today.

In keeping with Community Food Rescue's feed more and waste less, we've partnered with University of Maryland Extension, Montgomery County Master Gardeners, and the Montgomery County Food Council to glean food that is not economically viable for commercial harvest.

This year, thanks to generous gleaning opportunities from Red Wiggler Community Farm , Butler's Orchard , and Farm at Home , we've gleaned 248 lbs. strawberries, 338 lbs. blueberries, and 32 lbs. sweet potato vines. The gleaned fresh produce was donated to Washington Grove and Sally K. Ride Elementary Schools and CFR network members.

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