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Hello Fall!  There's something so refreshing about the crisp air, the smell of campfires, and the sound of Friday night football games. 
Autumn is a perfect time to reflect on the joys of the year and to celebrate the people in our lives that we treasure. This time of year brings hope, excitement, and renewal.
So many wonderful things are happening at the Child & Family Guidance Center this time of year. Please take a few minutes to catch up with us.
With Gratitude,
Brenda Hayward
Executive Director
Child & Family Guidance Center of Texoma

Happy Halloween from CFGC! 

From our family to yours, Happy Halloween! 

Dr. Judy Cook & Dr. Daisy Blagg
Texoma Community Professionals Attend CFGC's Annual Fall Seminar 

On October 19th, CFGC hosted its 2018 Fall Seminar featuring speakers Dr. Judy Cook and Dr. Daisy Blagg. Attendees learned from Dr. Cook the complex issue of childhood trauma and the role it plays in developing our self-worth. Dr. Blagg shared how mental health providers can partner with schools to better navigate through special education services to increase positive outcomes for students.

Our presenters have served children and teens in private practice, inpatient settings, and in the school system. They are accomplished practitioners and speakers with over 50 years of experience between them.

CFGC would like to extend a huge thank you to TMC Behavioral Health for their generous sponsorship of the seminar, the incredible speakers, and to all who attended. 

9-Year-Old Donates "Sensory Slime" for CFGC 

Early this fall, CFGC received a very special gift from a very big-hearted and entrepreneurial  9-year-old. Zaryiah Franklin not only made all of the sensory slime herself, she wanted to give it to someone who would truly benefit from it. 

If you've walked down a toy aisle or spent time with a child in the last few years, chances are, you've probably heard of the "slime" craze. For those who are unfamiliar, slime is exactly what it sounds like. It can be made with common household products and the types, combinations, colors, and scents are endless. 

Zaryiah recognized the potential for slime to go beyond a fun home project to a sensory tactile tool for children, so she decided to make several kinds of slime and donate it to CFGC -- complete with special tubs donning her very own logo!  By encouraging the use of all of a child's senses through sensory play, you can support cognitive growth, language development, gross and fine motor skills and much more.

Thank you, Zaryiah!

New Mental Health Resource Gains Momentum!

Grayson County Commissioner's Court approved a Proclamation for Here for Texas at the Tuesday, October 30th meeting.  This action increases the awareness of a new online resource for anyone seeking mental health and substance abuse services in Texas, most especially in our community.  A big thanks to the Grant Halliburton Foundation for the creation and development of the website and to the Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team for their promotional efforts in our community. 

HereForTexas.com  is a new website for mental health resources.  If you're a provider of mental health services you belong in this database. It's a vital new resource that will help people find you, and it's free. Just go to  HereForTexas.com  and click on Provider Login to get started. 
You can sign up at either website and your information will be listed on BOTH websites. PROVIDER LISTING IS FREE.

Special Delivery from Ruiz Cares Blankets 4 Kids

This month, Jeanne Ulcak & Rebeckah Flanagan from Ruiz Foods delivered over 180 soft handmade fleece blankets to CFGC's Operation Warm Fuzzy Program. Each blanket is made with love and care by Ruiz Foods employees through their Ruiz Cares Blankets 4 Kids program.

Every child selects their very own blanket at the end of their first therapy session. Their eyes light up when they see the bright, beautiful blankets and realize they can have one of their very own. The blankets offer more than warmth; they represent the symbolic bond that develops between the therapist and client throughout the therapy process.

We extend heartfelt thanks to Ruiz Foods and their employees who volunteered to make the beautiful blankets for our children.

Science Says Talking to Yourself Can Be 
Motivating You,  If You Let It

What does your inner dialogue sound like? Do you notice it? It's that small voice inside your head. Do you usually ignore it? It can be hard to notice, but it dramatically impacts how you live daily, articulating your thoughts and shaping every experience you have. By taking control of that voice you can better control your life-and change the messages holding you back.

Acknowledge your inner voice.
First, acknowledge the presence of the inner dialogue. This way, you are in a better position to address it. This dialogue can be difficult to notice because it's ever-present. It can seem like an all-knowing voice of reason and it's likely one that you've never thought to question. However, what sounds like intuition can sometimes just be your internally non-motivated self projecting its feelings. In reality, that voice will not always make the best decision for you. 

Presco is on a Mission to Give Back!

Presco leaders, David Chisum, Tammy Watkins and Don Denges presented a big check to Brenda Hayward to help CFGC provide critically needed mental health services to uninsured and underinsured Texoma children and families.  

Celebrating 75 years, Presco is on a year long mission helping not only CFGC but several other nonprofits provide much needed services to our community. Presco employees raise a portion of the funds with a match from the corporation.  Giving back is ingrained in Presco's business model...it's what they do and who they are.  

We are greatly blessed by their generosity. Thank you Presco!!!

Thank You to all of our Sponsors, Board, Guests and Supporters who helped make the 7th Annual Starfish Benefit the most successful one yet!
2018 Starfish Benefit Highlight Video
2018 Starfish Benefit Highlight Video

Click here  to see pictures from the Benefit
Click here to see a list of our 2018 Sponsors

Mark your calendars for the 8th Annual Starfish Benefit
on September 14, 2019!

Happy Thoughts!

"In every change, in every falling leaf, there is some pain and some beauty. And that's the way new leaves grow."


We wish to extend sincere appreciation to every volunteer, donor, advocate, and referral and collaborative partner for your help and support. 
We could not do this vitally important work without you. 
CFGC Board of Directors & Staff